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Photosphere - Knik GlacierOn Knik GlacierDave - Stradling the Aqua StreamDoors OFF Helicopter ON Knik GlacierView from the HeliportKnik River AbstractDall Sheep Mother and LambMountain Waterfall on the way to Knik Glacier34 Dall Sheep on the Mountainside14 Dall Sheep - including 6 Lambs34 Dall Sheep resting on the mountainside - includes 8 LambsDall SheepApproaching Knik GlacierFlying over Knik GlacierLine of Glacial Moraine on Knik Glacier105 - Knik Glacier's furoughed surface104 - Flying over Thin Blue  Pond on Knik GlacierFlying over Knik Glacier's surfaceBlue Pond on Knik Glacier SurfaceBlue Pool on Knik Glacier