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Photoball - FlowersHibiscis rosa-sinensis 'Erin Rachael'A Bee on a Cone Flower - Elizabeth Kay Environmental Center, Chester, NJHelibore - Hillsborough, NJ - Heliborus orientalisPurple Anemone in Stanley Park, VancouverTropical Day-Flowering Water Lily - Nymphaea 'Director George - Longwood GardensVirginia Spring Beauty - Claytonia VirginicaPeruvian Lily in Monteray - Alstromeeria aureaChalice Vine - Solandra Maxima - Longwood GardensPointed Red TulipsBleeding HeartsAsian Bleeding Hearts in Hillsborough, NJ - Lamprocaprios spectabilisBleeding Heart70+ Year-Old IrisWhite with Red Flames TulipPurple Phaelanopsis OrchidsRow of MagnoliasPurple LilacWhite Tulips with Red StripesYellow Orange Bearded Tulip