Bald Eagle

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Bald Eagle -Bald Eagle -

UCP - Best of the Week - March Week#2 - Bald EagleUCP - Best of the Week - March Week#2 - Bald Eagle Bald Eagle

An Award Winning 30.5" x 19" HD Matte Metal

For only $450.00 delivered anywhere in the USA!

By the the mid-1900's, Bald Eagles almost went extinct because (A) their habitats were being destroyed, (B) from illegal shooting, and (C) from the insecticide DDT making their eggshells too thin to survive.

Once DDT was banned in 1972, Bald Eagles have made an incredible comeback.

There is now at least one Bald Eagle nest in every county in NJ! Success!

In many states there are even more Bald Eagles, like in Alaska!

These truly are majestic birds - hence being our National Symbol - and they are very intelligent, crafty, and opportunistic hunters, often stealing prey from other birds. Whatever it takes!

And their eyesight is incredible - humans have a flicker fusion rate of about 30-60 beats a second - that's when we see flash cards as continuous motion. An Eagle's flicker fusion rate is several times higher so they can see fish among all the waves. And their talon grip strength is insanely high - about 300 psi!

Even with a nest in every county in NJ, seeing one in NJ is rare and seeing more than one at a time is very rare. Even at the vaunted Conowingo Dam in Maryland, there may be 50-100 Eagles one day or just a few on other days - it's a hit-or-miss proposition on any particular day there.

So in 2021, I booked a 3 Day workshop with YouTube Guru Mark Smith on the Hood Canal in WA. In June of 2021, I flew to the Pacific NW and spent 3 days with Mark witnessing the most incredible wildlife experience imaginable.

Along one stretch of the Hood Canal, when the tide goes out, a several acre oyster bed is revealed. When the tide recedes that quickly, hundreds of midshipmen fish are caught in this oyster bed.  Every day, 20+ Great Blue Herons line up for what will be very easy hunting, even though they know they will be harassed by the Bald Eagles, especially the Juvenile Eagles. How do they know when the tide will go out since that time changes daily?! We have to use Tide Charts to know when to be there!

Once the oyster bed is revealed, about 20+ Bald Eagles come flying in from both directions and start a surreal feeding frenzy for the next 60-90 minutes. We had a guide spotting Eagles for us. It was tough to keep track of where they were coming in from, so this was a great advantage!

I was able to capture images I never thought I'd get over those 3 days and I learned a lot - like don't even bother shooting when they are flying away from you - unless you want butt shots! It was incredible all 3 days.

If you want to capture amazing images of both Great Blue Herons and Bald Eagles, or even just see this in person, the Hood Canal is the place to be from early May through the middle of June.

This image was created at 30.5" x 19" for $450.00 and a it has a very strong impact. The 3D details of the Bald Eagle against that sky is amazing.

This can also be produced smaller or larger at the following costs - and yes, these can be done ANY size as long as the Aspect Ratio (height x length dimension) is maintained. It can't be cropped!

15.25" x 9.5" for $142.00

22.875" x 14.25" for $265.00

45.75" x 28.50" for $895.00

and for that really special space...

60" x 37.5" for $1,520.00

We can help you get the right size for your unique space.





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