Two Horned Puffins

June 25, 2022

Two PuffinsTwo Puffins

Two Horned Puffins

Puffins are incredible medium-sized birds that many people go on tours just to see them.

In Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska there is an area about 35 miles south of Seward called Chiswell Islands. Wildlife there is so abundant it's almost overwhelming.

Humpback Whales, Orca, Sea Birds of several species - including Horned and Tufted Puffins - Stellar Sea Lions, and more. 

We were between a few islands when 4 Humpbacks appeared, surfacing and diving under showing their massive tails, with sea birds floating, flying and singing all around us and Stellar Sea Lions on Rocks nearby bellowing away.  When the onboard naturalist put a hydra-phone into the water so we could hear the Humpbacks communicating it was MINDS BLOWN!

While none of the 4 Humpbacks breached, that was OK. We were in their environment and they will choose what they will do, not us. That's nature.

After that incredible wildlife experience we cruised over to where the naturalist knew there was a rookery of Puffins. Watching these football shaped birds with wings seemingly way too small to fly - yet they do so incredibly well (and blindingly fast) and swim even better - at 50 mph like a cruise missile.

Photographing one in flight was a definite highlight. Once I got one in flight, it was hard to stop. I have more Puffin images in the Iceland Gallery on this website - and I have a 14 minute video slideshow on YouTube - just search davidandersonward and there it will be.

These two gorgeous birds were posing on the cliffs and I was fortunate to see them - they move around constantly. These two were just contemplating flying off to get some more fish - which one went first I do not remember as another Puffin grabbed my attention. It was magical.

There were at least 20 or more Puffins on this cliff flying out, flying in, and doing whatever they do as Puffins. All the while our 45' boat was just hovering in the cove far enough way to not bother them. These were expert tour guides for sure.

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