Vestrahorn Mountain Aurora

April 21, 2022

Aurora Borealis over the Vesterhorn MountainsAurora Borealis over the Vesterhorn Mountains   2022-7-2 - Best of Week - Vestrahorn Mountain Aurora2022-7-2 - Best of Week - Vestrahorn Mountain Aurora

Vestrahorn Mountain Aurora

32" x 18" HD Matte Metal for $425.00

Aurora Borealis - many people have seeing this on their ' bucket list', yet few actually do get to see it, mainly because it's not so easy.

The Aurora is usually only visible in the far north - Alaska, northern Canada, Iceland, Greenland, Norway, etc - and typically only in the late fall or winter months. And the skies need to be clear, which is often not the case in these frigid locations. Although, when I went camping on an uninhabited island at the top of Quebec in August, 2017. the last night the Aurora filled the entire sky for 2 hours!

It ends up being luck, serendipity, and patience; with some very serious cooperation from nature.

In late October, 2019, 3 friends and I visited Iceland for 10 days. Everyone said before we went that we were going too early. They were very wrong. Yes, the first 5 nights were overcast and very windy - that's Iceland.

After an intense wind storm on the 5th night. the skies cleared, the winds died down, and we saw the Northern Lights 4 NIGHTS IN A ROW! 

It was incredible!

We spent the afternoon of this day shooting the iconic Vestrahorn Mountains and the surrounding area. We already planned to see if the Aurora presented itself again this night, so we ate our sandwiches in the SUV and waited. Of course, we didn't know for sure if the Aurora would appear again that night - that's Luck and Serendipity. Of course, there's an APP for Aurora alerts, but none of us had it.

While we sat in our vehicle until after sundown, we waited, and waited, and waited - Patience! Then, the sky started to light up in the lower left of this image. As the Aurora started dancing and morphing over the mountains, we quickly got out to the beach and set up our tripods and cameras.

How did the Aurora know to dance over the mountains instead of behind them?...?

We quickly set up where the surf was going in and out to try to capture the reflection of the Aurora. It was like a comedy skit with us taking a shot or two (each one a 30 second image), running up the beach to avoid getting soaked, then running back down and shooting 1 or 2 more images, and repeat this several times. Yes, we got a bit wet anyway. But we had a blast even though it was 18 degrees!

We didn't care because there was no wind - it was actually joyous with no wind.

This is actually two images stitched together in post processing. We were too close to the mountains to capture all of the mountains and the Aurora on both sides in one image, so two images were needed to achieve my vision. But I had to know that this would work in advance and how to shoot these 2 images.

These are Two 30 second images at 14mm, f/1.8, and 400 ISO.

Full disclosure: It doesn't look this bright in person. The long exposures reveal all the brightness and detail, but the camera doesn't make stuff up - it just brings it all out.

This is a unique, impossible to duplicated image since no two Auroras are the same.

This image is presented on HD Matte Metal.  Printed using Dye Sublimation - the most advanced printing method available today, and this image took over an hour to print! It was then heat transferred to Chromaluxe Aluminum, the finest aluminum for photos - which are rated not to fade for 65 years! 

I always use their Matte finish so there are ZERO reflections and very minimal glare.

If this was a typical matted and framed print, or printed on gloss metal or gloss acrylic, the reflections would be impossibly distracting - the result with those is literally a high priced mirror.

My HD Matte Metal is vastly superior in every way to present images of any size.

After searching the entire printing industry, I found a company that does consistently excellent work with great customer service. I've drop-shipped metal images all over the country with the confidence they will look great. Everyone has been blown away with their images - for which I am deeply honored and very grateful. Even their hanging system is absolute genius. No other metal lab even comes close!

I am very grateful to have found this photo lab so I can offer everyone this superior solution.

This Aurora image is also available at

15" x 10" for $150.00

Or at 30" x 20" for $405.00

Or even 60" x 40" for $1,660.00

As displayed in 92 East Main St., Somerville, NJ.

If you live anywhere near Somerville, NJ, this 60" x 40" Aurora is worth seeing in person!


Another option - one time only is this Framed Aurora.

This was printed on Hahnemuhle Photo Paper, the mounted on Foam Core, then sprayed with Desert Mosaic to protect it (no glass needed!) and then professionally framed.

Vestrahorn Mountain Aurora FramedVestrahorn Mountain Aurora Framed This image is 26" x 12" framed and looks great, like a museum piece. Cost is $150.00.

This is on display through 7/31/23 in the Bridgewater Library in the Display Case in front.

We can even provide quality wood frames specifically made for metal images at very reasonable prices. Of course, a frame for a 60" x 40" would not be inexpensive due to the size and shipping.

However, once framed, these will become museum pieces.

Let me know how I can be of service


I am honored & grateful to help you choose the right image and the right size for your home or office.




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