Merkja River at Gluggafoss Falls

October 25, 2022

David_Ward_Gluggafoss_Falls'_RiverDavid_Ward_Gluggafoss_Falls'_River 2022-7-1- Best of Week - Gluggafoss Falls River2022-7-1- Best of Week - Gluggafoss Falls River Merkja River at Gluggafoss Falls, Iceland

An Award Winning 32"L x 18"T HD Matte Metal for $385.00

On our 4th day in Iceland (out of the 10 days we were there) we drove north from the coast to a location where we hoped to get an epic sunrise. While it was a beautiful spot, we unfortunately had cloudy, overcast skies (and no sunrise) with unrelenting wind gusts up to 40 mph making for a very disappointing and frigid cold morning.

That's Iceland.

On our way back to our Air B&B in Vik, we saw a sign for Gluggafoss Falls, and we all said, "Why not?".

Most waterfalls in Iceland are mobbed with tourists, even in late October, making photographing them a challenge. Of course, everyone has a right to be there!

Gluggafoss was different. It's not right along the Ring Rd (Route 1) and few people even know about it, apparently. The whole time we were there, we saw maybe 6 other people who came and went.

Gluggafoss Falls has created a gorge which blocked most of the wind making this a wonderful location. It was one of my favorite locations of the trip because of this and just the sheer beauty of it.

This image is an award winning, 30 second image. This long exposure turned this raging river - coming from the upper falls off to the left to the 4 side-by-side lower falls just to right - into smooth pudding. I don't have auto-preview on my camera (a battery drain) but I did look at every image I made there since I knew I'd probably never get back to this location.

When I saw this image, I said, "Oh Yeah"; as I could see it would a very special and unique image.

When I got the HD Matte Metal I was blown away with the surreal details and the serene feeling it gave.

HD Matte Metal is by far the superior way to enlarge images for wall art with the tremendous detail and ZERO reflections.

Framed prints with glass, even 'museum' glass, and gloss metal or gloss acrylic - which every photo lab has as standard - are nothing more than high priced mirrors interrupting your viewing pleasure. That's why we offer HD Matte Metal first and foremost - for your best viewing experience.

On display is a 32" x 18' Image.

Of course, it can be made 15" x 9",  48" x 27", or even up to 60" x 33.75" - just as long as the height-to-width ratio is the same - or it would need to be cropped -  but where?

And yes, my lab can make it ANY size (up to 60") - even in fractions of an inch!

How can I help you? Just give me a call at 908-240-7484

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