NY Skyline

July 07, 2021

In 2020, I often traveled (as safe as possible) to Liberty Park, Jersey City, Weehawken, Hoboken, and Brooklyn to take images of the NYC skyline - easily one of the top cities anywhere to shoot images of.

These 4 images in my solo exhibit for the Edison Art Society in the Edison Municipal Building's 3rd floor gallery are the first images one sees upon entering this gallery EAS has set up for everyone to enjoy year-round. Lower Manhattan from Brooklyn PilonsLower Manhattan from Brooklyn Pilons The first image on display is "Lower Manhattan, over the Brooklyn Pilons" shot from the Brooklyn Waterfront on 10/18/20 at 8:18 PM.

I decided on a 30 second image to smooth out the water to get the gentle reflections of these impressive buildings downtown. The pilons from the past create interesting leading lines; and this was shot at f/22 which created the light bursts while providing great depth of field.

This is on display as a 32" x 18" HD Matte Metal for only $385.00.

This is available any size - from as small as 16" x 9" up to 60" x 33.75" - which would be incredible on any large wall.

HD Matte Metal? This is a Dye Sublimation print - the highest quality available - heat transferred onto Chromaluxe Aluminum - the finest aluminum for photos. I get the matte finish to eliminate all reflections and reduce glare compared with any framed print with glass. There is no comparison and I can even get quality custom wood frames designed specifically for metal at a very reasonable cost. Everyone who has purchased one has been blown away, as have I. Nothing else compares.

Two Suns - Lower Manhattan SunriseTwo Suns - Lower Manhattan Sunrise This image is entitled "Two Suns?!?" as a 32" x 18" HD Matte Metal piece for $385.00.

This image is a completely unique image not available anywhere else as no one else was on this pier that morning. 

Obviously, we do not have two suns - and this is NOT a Photoshop trick, either!

My friend and and I set up on a residential pier in Jersey City to shoot the sun rising over lower Manhattan in late December, 2020. As we waited for the sun to get above the buildings, it started reflecting off buildings in front of us in Manhattan and behind us in Jersey City. It was amazing as the reflections changed constantly, and it was a wild, short lived, but vivid experience. 

Then this 'sun' appeared just to the left of One World Center, then faded back. OK, what just happened?!

A few minutes later, it came up between several buildings to the south - but that's impossible for it to move that fast on the horizon without rising any higher. What was happening? Then this second 'sun' faded back, too.

Then only a few minutes later, both suns came roaring out between these buildings - literally blowing me away.

Truth told, the Sun on the left is a very strong reflection off a highly reflective building sitting at a perfect angle on that one morning - and the one on the right is the actual Sun - we do have only One Sun. This lasted for maybe a minute - and then it was gone. Once the sun rose above the buildings it was blinding bright and we were done shooting - there anyway.

This phenomenon happens maybe twice a year since the sun comes up at a different spot on the horizon every day and only this one building is reflective enough to create the illusion of a second sun; and be at just the correct angle maybe twice every year. This was absolutely incredible - and I was 'lucky' enough to just happen to be there on that morning at that angle. 

On your wall this will certainly start some interesting conversations! Two Suns - how is that even possible?! Midtown ManhattanMidtown Manhattan This is a 60" x 18" Panorama created by taking 6 images - all at 30 seconds long - and having Photoshop stitch them together. Taking individual 30 second images correctly so Photoshop could do this successfully is the key; and knowing my camera and Photoshop CAN do this well enabled me to complete my vision.

These reflections are not visible to the human eye with the rough waters in the Hudson River.

But 30 seconds smooths out the water and lets the reflections appear - hence the name "Midtown Manhattan Reflections".

The detail in this is incredible - it's 110,000 pixels per square inch!

It is available for only $695.00.

Displaying this unique 5' long image would be incredible anywhere.

And I can provide each image in this panorama, too; at 30" x 20" or 32" x 18". 


And this panorama can be done at 30" x 8", too.

Full Cold Moon & Candy Cane Empire State BuildingFull Cold Moon & Candy Cane Empire State Building

"Full Moon over the Candy Cane Empire State Building".

This is a 21" x 32" HD Matte Metal for $440.00.

This was taken from a pier in Hoboken on 12/29/21 as we knew the Empire State Building would be lit up like a Candy Cane for the Holidays (the Empire State Building posts what color it will be every day). As the moon rose it got colder and colder on the Hudson River waterfront and by the time it got to this spot directly overhead - I could barely feel my fingers. So I captured this image and we left. Good thing the car was close by!

These are just 4 of the images in my NYC-2020 Gallery on this website. Any image in this or any of my other galleries would make a stunning piece for any home or office, especially on HD Matte Metal - which is by far the superior way to enlarge images with great details and zero reflections!


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