July 13, 2021


7 flower images were on display on the 3rd floor gallery that the Edison Art Society has set up in the Edison Municipal Building in the summer of 2021.  

These are all done in HD Matte Metal and each one looks like a painting.

That's what this process does with flower images. It's so cool to see these in person.

These sizes are what looked good for this display but are available any size as long as the ratio stays the same - length and height. And I have many more flower images in my Flower Gallery, Presby Garden Gallery and within several other galleries, too. Any flower image can be enlarged for wall art and the best way to do this is - HD Matte Metal.

And I can also get custom wood frames designed specifically for metal. The prices for these specially designed frames are very reasonable and the quality is excellent every time.

Once any HD Matte Metal is framed they become museum pieces.

Just contact me for any image at any size, framed or not. 

Iris 'Lone Wolf'Iris 'Lone Wolf'

Iris 'Lone Wolf'

Iris x germanica

This beautiful bearded Iris in one of hundreds on display every year in late May and early June at Presby Gardens in Montclair.

This small park along Upper Montclair Avenue has over 10,000 Irises from 1,500 varieties producing well over 100,000 blooms over the course of each season.

If you like Iris, Presby Gardens has to be seen in person.

And their Tree Peonies are amazing, too. They usually bloom in early June.

Tree Peony doesn't mean they are trees. They just have woody stems and don't die back to the soil every year like herbaceous Peony do, They are in a planting in front of the house and some others are out by the sign and all are stunning.

It's worth the drive there to see this small park - one of the largest display of Iris anywhere in the world - and it's right here in New Jersey.

This variety was introduced in 2019 by Schreiner's and grows abundant blooms 37" tall with lavender standards, velvety purple falls, with lavender veining around the beards and a lighter purple border on the falls. It's absolutely stunning to see this Iris in person and the HD Matte Metal presents this amazingly well. If you like lavender and dark purple, this would be a stunning piece for your home or office.

This is a 21" x 21" HD Matte Metal for $320.00.

Virginia Spring BeautyVirginia Spring Beauty Virginia Spring Beauty 

Claytonia virginica

These diminutive flowers are tiny, maybe the size of a nickel. As you walk past these abundant blooms in early spring, they just look like little white dots in among the foliage. But look closely and their true beauty is revealed. Every spring I try to get the best image of these I can. This image of these 3 blooms is one of my favorites to date.

We are fortunate to have a small pond behind our house and these bloom every year on the far side like crazy - which is a good thing as these flowers are a very important early spring pollen sources and they are native to NJ, actually they are native throughout the entire northeast USA.

This is available as a

24" x 16" HD Matte Metal for $276.00.


Red Dahlia & Two BudsRed Dahlia & Two Buds Red Dahlia & 2 Buds

Every year we plant flowering plants and herbs on our deck and this year we purchased a hybrid Dahlia that is blooming like crazy - which is wonderful. This image with the 2 buds emerging shows how abundant this plant is already.

Dahlias are very complex plants with a long history. This is actually a composite flower with central disk florets surrounded by ray florets and each floret is a flower unto itself, not a petal as most horticulturists might think. 

And Dahlias are Octoploids. This means they have 8 sets of homologous chromosomes, whereas most other flowers have two - hence all the species' variations. Nature sure is incredible.

This is displayed as a 24" x 18" HD Matte Metal for $276.00

In person, this Red Dahlia Image looks like a painting.

Phalaenopsis amabilios Orchid ClsuterPhalaenopsis amabilios Orchid Clsuter

White Phalaenopsis Cluster

Phalaenopsis amabilios

This beautiful Orchid Cluster grows in the Duke Farms' Orchid Range. This is a series of traditional style greenhouses built in 1899 and renovated in 2011 to meet LEED Platinum Standards. It's located along the main trail in this incredible 2,700 acre estate in Hillsborough, NJ - which is open to the public and is a model of sustainability - and it's about a 15 minute walk from the parking lot - maybe 20 or more if you stop to admire, rest, or photograph along the way.

Check their website ( for more info about times and special events.

Doris Duke first hybridized Phalaenopsis Doris in 1940.

Over 26,000 orchid species descend from this one species! There are up to 1,400 varieties on display at various times of the year in the Orchid Range. It really is an incredible display.

This White Phalaenopsis Cluster is in the middle house on the right. In this house are several Phalaenopsis Orchids Sprays creating a wonderful setting; along with all the other varieties and plants. 

This image is available as an 18" x 24" HD Matte Metal for $335.00.

The details in this are quite amazing, yet it still looks like a painting.

At this size it looks great, but even larger would be incredible.

Pink PeonyPink Peony Pink Peony

Paeonia suffruticosa

Presby Gardens in Montclair also has a wonderful collection of tree peonies that typically come into full bloom in early June; and I try to time my visits there around this early June bloom period to capture Peony and Iris blooms.

I particularly love this image with the light drops of dew on the petals.

This is on display as a 21" x 19" HD Matte Metal for $310.00.

This would be stunning addition to any home or office.

This one also looks like a painting at first - and the details are amazing.

Magnolia BloomMagnolia Bloom Magnolia Bloom

Magnolia x soulangiana

We are fortunate to have a large Saucer Magnolia tree growing in front of out house; and (almost) every spring it's covered in pink buds that open to these pink/white blooms - and then make an enormous mess when all the petals drop. But that's over quickly and then this becomes a beautiful shade tree until fall.

So right out our bedroom window are hundreds of blooms to choose from every April. Trying to find one that faces the window instead of away from it is always a challenge - and, of course, it's their decision where to face, and certainly not mine. Most will face the sun which is opposite the window.

I've shot individual buds under various light, opening buds, and fully open ones. I even shot one that bloomed in mid July - it's a confused tree this year.

This particular bloom revealed itself perfectly one day this spring and I was able to capture it in perfect light.

Available as a 24" x 16" HD Matte Metal for $276.00

It would be a stunning addition to your wall art collection.

Few people have seen Magnolia blooms displayed like this because most people only see these blooms from the ground looking up! This image will surely generate conversation.

Peach RosePeach Rose

Carina Hybrid Tea Rose

Rosa chinensis Variety

I found this beautiful rose among the dozens of Rose varieties on display at the Rudolf W. van der Goot Rose Garden in Colonial Park, Somerset, NJ.

I call this Peach Rose but I'm sure it has a formal name. I just think the soft Pink, Orange, and Yellow combinations of colors in this Rose are just incredibly beautiful; and I love the 2 buds poking out from behind saying, "I'm Next!".

This image REALLY looks like a painting on the HD Matte Metal and would look tremendous in any home or office.

This is on display in Edison as a 21" x 21" HD Matte Metal and costs $320.00

These 7 images are some of my favorite ones taken recently. And there are hundreds more flowers from all over the world. So if you have a favorite flower there's a good chance I have a picture of one. Once you see these HD Matte Metal Flower Images in person, you'll agree HD Matte Metal is clearly the superior choice to display them.

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