July 09, 2021


Themed Walls - Birds!Themed Walls - Birds! BIRDS - There were two themed wall sections in my Edison Solo Exhibit on Birds - 

These four were in the front hallway.

Taking birds photos, especially flying birds, can be both frustrating and very rewarding and the more you do it the better you'll become - like most things in life.

If you want to freeze them in flight, bird photography requires a very fast shutter speed and that speed depends on the species. The bird photography gurus typically have lists of what speed for what species. Really? Memorize lists?

And perched birds rarely stay still for long and often fly away. My advice is to chose the fastest shutter speed possible while keeping the ISO as low as possible. The aperture depends on how far you are from the bird. Wildlife ethics says you should not be close - and I agree - so aperture can typically be wide open. I try to shoot at least 1/1600th of a second but often push it to 1/3200 or even 1/5000 of a second if I can. If the lens and camera can handle it, why not give yourself that advantage?

Regardless, shooting any wildlife, but especially flying birds, is a challenge.

But it's a genuine thrill when you get a good image. At least I think so.

If the birds only knew what these people with these long tubes on their faces were doing!

Puffin in Flight

An award winning 32"W x 18"T 

HD Matte Metal for $425.00.

Puffins seem to be everyone's favorite bird and if you're ever on a tour in the far north, Puffins are on everyone's list to see - or so it seems. Capturing one in flight is another thing entirely, however. Why?

These small football shaped birds with wings that appear entirely too small actually fly at 55 mph with their wings beating 400 times a minute! I watched them repeatedly launch off and return to their cliffs and I quickly noticed they fly in straight lines - unlike barn swallows who dart all over the place! 

Once I figured out their patterns of flight I set my shutter speed to 1/3200th and I was able to capture several Puffin in Flight photos. This is one of my favorite images. Getting these shots was one of the highlight of this amazing trip to Kenai Fjords NP where the abundance of wildlife is incredible.

This displayed image is a 32" x 18" HD Matte Metal and costs $425.00. It is available any size up to 60" long; and can be cropped to almost any ratio that works for your unique situation.

I also have custom wood frames specifically designed for Metal at a very reasonable cost.

Framed or with not, these make wonderful, unique, and original wall art for your home or office.


Pirouetting Duck

An award winning 32"W x 18"T

HD Matte Metal for $425.00 

We are very fortunate to have a small pond behind our home and almost every year we have a young Mallard Duck Couple on the pond. So cute they are. One day while hiking around the pond this beautiful female Mallard Duck gets up on this log and pirouettes for me.

How could I not make this image of this gorgeous duck doing something I'd never seen before? 

This can be produced at any size, as long long as the Aspect Ratio is maintained.

I have another HD Matte Metal of this image at 24" x 16" with a custom wood frame for 

$385.00 with the Frame Included!

Bald Eagle Talons Forward

An award winning $30"W x 24"T

HD Matte Metal for $495.00.

In June, 2021 I was in Seattle, WA for 9 days; and the last 3 days I was in Seabeck, WA along the Hood Canal for a Bald Eagle Workshop with Mark Smith. We observed and 'shot' 20+ Great Blue Herons and 20+ Bald Eagles feasting on the spawning fish caught in the exposed oyster beds as the tide quickly receded. It was an absolute feeding mayhem for over almost two hours each day as these birds had easy pickings. And the lined up photographers, me included, got shots like they can get nowhere else.

It was amazing, incredible and WOW to watch.

My question is - how do all those Herons know what time the tide goes out? Every day they line up 20 strong right at the edge of the oyster beds at just the right time without clocks - amazing. And while they KNOW they will be continuously harassed by the Eagles, especially by the juvenile Eagles, they still line up because the fish are that easy and plentiful to catch.

I guess it's worth it for them because they are there every day without fail.

This is a 30" x 24" HD Matte Metal and amazing to see in person. There is no question that HD Matte Metal (and only from the print lab I use) is far and away THE best way to enlarge any wildlife image, especially birds. The details are incredible - almost 3D - and there are ZERO reflections.

I also have a 7 Image Attack Sequence - with all images tack sharp - it was an amazing 3 days - which makes a very cool 40" x 7" panorama style piece for $310.00 - or as a 60" x 10" for $350.00.

This  would make a very strong statement for sure. Bald Eagle Attack SequenceBald Eagle Attack Sequence

In my solo exhibit in the Edison Municipal Building's 3rd floor gallery there were halogen track lights right above the images, 2' x 4' ceiling lights throughout, and 3 very large barrel vault skylights in this front room. If these were framed prints, or gloss metal or glass acrylic, the reflections from all that close lighting and the skylights would make these images pretty much unviewable.

With my HD Matte Metal you can enjoy the entire image with NO annoying distractions from reflections and excess glare. If these were framed prints, the reflections would obliterate the entire pictures. This way any artwork can be fully appreciated.

Mommy's Home - An Osprey Lands

An award winning and published

32"W x 25"T

HD Matte Metal for $535.00

This image was captured at Sandy Hook National Park in June, 2020. These Osprey have built their enormous nest on top of a chimney on one of the abandoned buildings. The morning I was there they were flying about and I was able to capture Mommy Osprey returning to the nest with something in her talons. 'Junior' is obviously not impressed or even interested.

Might Momma be making the nest even bigger OR is there a fish inside that gaggle of vegetation?

We will never know.

This is a unique image and at 32" x 25" on HD Matte Metal it is spectacular in person.

This image was also chosen as the Image Of The Week in 9 Shore Times newspapers this fall of 2021.

And like all the other images this can be provided in just about any size as long as the Aspect Ratio (Height x Length) is maintained.

Please contact me directly at 908-240-7484 so we can work out all the details.

How can I help you?!



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