July 08, 2021

Themed Display - AlaskaThemed Display - Alaska In June 2019 I went to Anchorage, AK to go on a 5 day photo shoot in Kenai Fjords National Park.

'Marine Wildlife of Kenai Fjords' was the title of this tour and WOW did it ever live up to it's name.

My website page has many of these images - - and I have a  12 minute video slideshow - with music - on YouTube

We spent the first two mornings in a large lagoon in one of the many fjords in this amazing national park with about 2 dozen resident Orcas feeding on salmon. While none breached - which was totally their choice as we had nothing to say about it - they put on a nice show for us. It's the transient Orcas that feed on mammals.

We saw Sea Otters, Bald Eagles, Humpback Whales, Stellar Sea Lions, Harbor Seals, Orcas, Gulls, Kittiwakes, Cormorants and Puffins and much more, often all at once. It was almost overwhelming at times as no one ever sees this much wildlife anywhere in New Jersey. Everyone should see this beautiful national park in person. But view do because it's remote and has no roads to drive through or boardwalks to walk on. Only 370,000 people visit annually - compared with the 5 Million people who visit Zion National Park.

We also sailed right up to two massive glacier walls at Holgate and Aialik Glaciers. This made everyone breathless both days as there is no way to describe the feeling of being in the presence of a 300' or 500' glacial wall of 10,000 year old ice that carved the fjord we just cruised into. And when chunks the size of small houses calved off - it just blew everyone away. At Holgate Glacier there was a 150' tall waterfall spewing out thousands of gallons a minute from under the glacier. No one had ever seen anything like this.

And the landscape of these Fjords is just incredible, too.

Kenai Fjords - Aialik GlacierKenai Fjords - Aialik Glacier This is 'Aialik Glacier Wall' - 300' tall at the center. The large black rock at the bottom is glacial till - rock picked up as the glacier moves along. 

This is an 8 image panorama shot handheld on a moving 45 boat in the rain. I just had to try and capture this as there was no way to get it all in one shot. Photoshop did wonders stitching this together but getting even, level photos really helped a lot.

Nothing can compare you for seeing this in person. It's a feeling of complete wonderment - and cold - that's breathtaking.

This is a 60" x 12" panorama enlarged on HD Matte Metal for incredible detail and zero reflections. There are track lights about 2' away along with ceiling light fixtures - yet there are NO reflections.

This HD Matte Metal really is amazing in person and would be unique on any wall in any home or office!

This on display as a 60" x 12" HD Matte Metal for $655.00 delivered.

This is also available at 30" x 6" or 45" x 9".

Turnagain Arm from Birdview PointTurnagain Arm from Birdview Point This is 'Bird Point at Turnagain Arm' - a 60" x 16" HD Matte Metal Panorama. The details in this are incredible (90,000 pixels per square inch!); and again, there are ZERO reflections. The layers of foliage in the foreground with the detail retained in the mountains across Turnagain Arm make this almost 3D and are amazing to see in person. 

We stopped at this picturesque spot on our early morning drive from Anchorage to Seward before our first afternoon boat trip in Resurrection Bay. The sun was attempting to get above the mountain on the left but we could not wait for it.

This is 5 images stitched together. Each image that make up this panorama are also available as a 30" x 20" or 32" x 18" pieces, too. The middle image is especially nice as an individual image. It's on my website in the Kenai Fjords gallery.

This is on display as a 60" x 16" HD Matte Metal for $895.00. It's also available at 30" x 8" and 45" x 12".

Two Horned PuffinsTwo Horned Puffins

'Two Horned Puffins' trying to make a decision as to who should fly out next to get some lunch. These adorable, football shaped birds mate for life and fly 50 mph with wings beating 400 times a minute.

A definite challenge to capture in flight.

This is a 20" x 30" HD Matte Metal in which these Puffins seem to be in 3D.

This HD Matte Metal solution is without question THE superior way to enlarge any wildlife image - especially birds. No framed print could ever compare in detail, 3D effect, or ZERO reflections.

This is also available in other sizes from 8" x 12" all the way up to 48" x 60" - which would be incredible in the right situation.  At 24" x 30" this is very impressive to see in person and costs $595.00 delivered.


On Knik GlacierOn Knik Glacier

Called 'On Knik Glacier', this image was taken on my doors OFF helicopter trip to, over, and onto Knik Glacier in Palmer, AK; about an hour NE from Anchorage.

Our pilot was a former Navy helicopter pilot who had done two tours in Afghanistan and now flies in Alaska in the summer and Hawaii in the winter - nice. He expertly handled the winds coming off the mountains flanking the glacier and landed the helicopter safely after the 3rd try on this heavily fissured surface - how, I am not quite sure, but he did it expertly and safely.

Once we landed, he immediately put Cramp On Treads on my boots and off I went like a kid in a candy shop. Standing on 300' deep ice 10,000 years old surrounded by 3,000' to 5,000' tall mountains was very humbling and amazing for sure. Indescribable, actually.

When I saw this composition I knew I had to try and capture it. But I also saw the only way to capture this would be to straddle this turquoise blue stream on the surface of the glacier - so that's exactly what I did. This is a handheld image straddling over the creek - there was no time to use a tripod - and the details in the Matte Acrylic are incredible throughout - all the way back to the distant mountains. Seeing this Matte Acrylic in person, up close, is amazing.

This is a 20" x 30" Matte Acrylic for $795.00 delivered. has some unique and amazing landscape images of this very special place.

The video/slideshow on YouTube is 12 minutes with 4 songs - at



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