Two Suns? Lower Manhatten Sunrise

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Two Suns - NYC SunriseTwo Suns - NYC Sunrise Two Suns? Lower Manhattan Sunrise

32" x 18" HD Metal


On Sunday, 12/13/20, a friend and I went to Jersey City to shoot the sunrise over NYC.

We arrived about a half hour before sunrise.

Lower Manhattan Sunrise SilhouetteLower Manhattan Sunrise SilhouetteA half hour before sunrise NYC was a calm silhouette

As the sun began rising, but before we could actually see it, it started lighting up buildings in NYC and in Jersey City all around us. It was incredible - magical actually - to watch all this happen around us. 

When the sun finally appeared, it seemed to be coming up just north of One World Trade Center. But was it?

Sun ReflectionSun ReflectionA very reflective building just north of One World Trade Center creates the illusion of a second sun

Then it faded and another bright sunburst appeared between several buildings to the south - but much too quickly to be the same sun. But, in fact, this was the 'real' sun.

Sun Bursting ThroughSun Bursting ThroughThe rising sun finally appears!

Then that faded and the one in the north appeared again.

THEN both of them appeared as you see in the top image. 


Who knew?

This phenomenon lasted maybe 30 seconds to a minute, tops. 

Then the sun kept rising until it was too intensely bright to continue shooting.

I'm guessing this does not happen every day because the sun rises in a different spot on the horizon every day. And it's doubtful that any other building in Manhattan is THIS reflective to create this 'second sun' like this. But, the actual sun has to hit this reflective building at just the right angle to create this illusion of a 'second sun', too. So my guess is this happens only here - opposite the Pier Apartments in Jersey City - maybe 2 or 4 or 6 days a year at most. But only if you're up at dawn and are present and aware. We were pretty much by ourselves on this pier except for 2 or 3 joggers who were not aware of this happening; and no one in the Pier Apartments seemed to be looking out either.

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More of my images of the NYC skyline and the Statue of Liberty can be found in my Gallery -


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