Single Flowers

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Single Flowers

15" x 10" HD Metal

Each Image is $162.00

All 3 Together are $450.00

Bleeding HeartBleeding HeartA single Bleeding Heart

'One Bleeding Heart' - Lamprocapnos spectabilis

In our small front yard we have several blooming perennials. Among them is a gorgeous Bleeding Heart that everyone seems to love. Every year it gets a little bigger and more robust all on it's own - oh the magic of perennials! All we do is lay down a fresh layer of wood chips to blanket the soil. 

Every spring I attempt to get THE image of a bleeding heart in bloom. With a busy background of other plants, that's not so simple. This year I tried capturing small groups of flowers and was able to capture this single bloom with a simple background.

This would make a wonderful Valentine's Day or Mother's Day Gift for that special someone, yes? 

This - and all 3 of these - are available in many other sizes; and each one can also have a custom wood frame.

Whatever you prefer, I am here to help!

Red ColumbineRed ColumbineRed Columbine growing wild along the path to Buttermilk Falls

'Red Columbine' - Aquilegia canadensis

While hiking to Buttermilk Falls this spring (May 15th), a group of small red flowers caught my eye.

Along the path, in amongst a lot of other species of plants, was a vibrant Columbine plant in full bloom.

Trying to find that perfect isolated bloom with a decent background proved to be not so easy; and it was growing under massive forest trees late in the day (5:15 PM), so the lighting was not ideal, either. 

I shot this with my 200-600 mm lens from about 15' away (because that's what was on my camera) at 594 mm!

This image is available in many other sizes - a 30" x 20" would be very cool - and custom wood frames are available at great prices, too.

Red DogwoodRed DogwoodA single Red Dogwood Bloom

'Red Dogwood - Cornus florida var. rubra

While hiking around our neighborhood here in Hillsborough one April afternoon I noticed a Red Dogwood tree growing between a large Pine tree and a building - and it did not look too happy. Yet it was doing it's best to survive. Red Dogwoods are tough plants able to grow in shade or full sun.

There was really no opportunity to shoot the whole tree - a fence, a big pine tree, the building, and a very busy background eliminated that aesthetic possibility. So I zoomed in to capture small groups of blooms. Once again, the lens on my camera at the time was my 200-600 mm and this was shot at 600 mm from about 20' away.

Fortunately, the background behind this one single bloom was very far away and the lens imaged that nicely out of focus and dark for this striking image. This looks more like a cut flower to me, almost like a single Rose in bloom.

Any of these 3 flowers images would make wonderful wall art pieces by themselves.

Having all 3 on a wall as a variation on a Triptych would be incredible in any home, office, or restaurant.

Once again, these are all available in varying sizes, and custom wood frames are available.

Let me know how I can help!



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