Peregrine Falcon

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Peregrine FalconPeregrine FalconPeregrine Falcon - a Stunning Portrait! 'Peregrine Falcon'

Falco peregrinus

32" x 25" HD Metal


Once I found out there was a nesting pair of Peregrine Falcons at the Stateline Overlook off the Palisades Parkway, I made plans to go up there as soon as possible. On July 5th, 2020 I was able to do so.

Peregrine Falcons are the fastest birds there are - actually the fastest animal on the planet! Able to dive at speeds of 180 to 250 mph with deadly agility and accuracy, they capture their prey - other birds - in flight before they even knew what hit them!

But they are only successful 20% of the time. It's not so easy out in the wild.

This falcon pair roost at this location on branches sticking out over the cliffs. One perch has been 'named' the most famous perch in the world. It certainly has been photographed a LOT almost every day of the year.

As I drove down the road into the Overlook parking lot, I noticed three or four photographers along the road. I parked, joined them, and we were all treated to this adult Peregrine out on a branch posing, preening, and waiting for that perfect opportunity to go grab some dinner.

These Peregrines seem to be habituated to humans, knowing no (relatively) clumsy human would dare climb out over the cliffs; and even if one of us was that stupid to try, the falcon could easily fly away. They just don't seem to care that much about all these photographers snapping away, although they give everyone a 'who you lookin' at' eye-full quite often.

I captured this stunning portrait at 1/2000th of a second and at 600 mm even though I was only about 50' to 70' away from this gorgeous Peregrine Falcon. Why 1/2000th of a second?

First there was enough soft daylight to allow me to do so, even at 7 PM, and I wanted to be ready in case it decided to fly away. Of course, it did fly away - and far too quickly for me to capture it doing so. It just dropped down off the cliff in full tuck position in a flash. No one else captured it flying away either. Next time, perhaps!

However, I did capture several other images, including these two...

Peregrine Juveniles FightingPeregrine Juveniles FightingOne Peregrine Juvenile was calmly on this perch when all of sudden it's sibling came swooping in with some attitude.

'Kids will be Kids'

A Peregrine Falcon Juvenile 'attacking' it's sibling.

Peregrine Falcon OverheadPeregrine Falcon OverheadSeeing these amazing, beautiful birds in flight overhead was amazing.

'Peregrine Falcon Flying Overhead'

This stunning Peregrine Falcon Portrait is on display as a 32" x 25" HD Matte Metal for $710.00.

This would make a stunning statement in any home or office.

I personally think Peregrines are the most attractive raptors. Bald Eagles are regal for sure. Ospreys are master hunters. Hawks are simply amazing and beautiful, too. But Peregrine Falcons just have it all together.

As with any image, these are available in various sizes for your specific needs. 

The Peregrine Falcon Portrait, at this cropping, is available from as small as 11.52" x 8" up to 60" x 46.875". There is enough room to alter the cropping, if desired.

Yes, you read that correctly, the lab I use can and will cut the Chromaluxe Aluminum to whatever dimension I request - no problem. And I can get custom wood frames in any dimension, too. This HD Metal, framed or not, is a tremendous solution.

How can I help you? Just give me a call at 908-240-7484!


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