Vestrahorn Aurora

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Aurora Borealis over the Vesterhorn MountainsAurora Borealis over the Vesterhorn Mountains

'Vestrahorn Aurora'

30" x 16" HD Metal

Cost = $358.00

With the Custom Wood Frame = $458.00

This unique, one-of-a-kind image often seems to create awe and wonderment in many people.

It also seems people are not quite sure what they are seeing; even though most people say they want to see the Northern Lights 'someday'. Seeing Northern Lights in person truly is an amazing, almost overwhelming experience.

Disclaimer: While it is NOT this visibly bright in person - all the colors and intensity are there for the camera to capture. The camera doesn't make stuff up - the very long exposure just brings all the colors out. 

My friend and I wanted to try to get the reflections in the surf, so we set up our tripods where the surf had just retreated and took 1 or 2 images (each at 30 seconds long), and then rushed back up the black sand beach so we wouldn't get soaked. When the surf went back out again, we ran down and set up our tripods again, shot a couple more images, then ran back up the beach again. We did this several times as the Aurora kept growing, morphing and dancing across the sky. Oh, and it was 18 degrees that night - but we didn't care as we were having such a blast capturing this in so many ways as it kept changing right before our eyes.

This image is actually two 30 second exposures as we were physically too close to these mountains to capture them entirely in one image and the Aurora on each side of the mountains, even with a 14 mm lens. I then stitched them together in Photoshop to create this two image, one-of-a-kind panorama.

The two images that created this image were taken with a Sigma Art Prime 14 mm F/1.8 lens (a very wide & fast lens).

This fast lens enabled the 30 second exposure with no star trails at 14 mm. The ISO was only 400 because of this amazing (but very heavy) F/1.8 lens.

Seeing Aurora Borealis - even in notable locations like Iceland, Churchill, Manitoba, Fairbanks, Alaska, Greenland, or Norway - is never a sure thing as the skies have to be clear of clouds, which is always iffy in all these locations. In Iceland, the first 4 days we had 20 to 40 mph winds with random sleet and minor snow storms - and no Aurora because it was too overcast. Then the skies cleared, the clouds went away, and the winds died down - and we experienced Aurora displays 5 nights in a row! Shooting this Aurora, even at 18 degrees on the 8th night - but with NO wind - was absolutely joyous.

All the 'experts' told us before we left that we would be too early in the season to see any Aurora displays. We are SO glad they were all wrong. And to have 9 days in a row in Iceland with no rain-outs is almost unheard of! We were vert fortunate.

I hope this provides some understanding of what you're seeing in this image. Taking these images in the presence of this amazing natural phenomenon was overwhelmingly breathtaking; and I am beyond grateful to have been able to witness this live and was SO fortunate to be able to capture it like this. The surf reflections worked!

More Iceland and Aurora Images can be found at 

I also have a 14 Minute video-slideshow on YouTube with a 5 song accompaniment. The ideal experience is to view this on a big screen TV, with the lights turned off and the sound up a bit - and just Enjoy and Zen.

This image is also available in other sizes besides the Framed 30" x 16" HD Metal on display.

This can be enlarged as small as 15" x 8" or as large as 60" x 32" - which would be incredible.

I also have a 24" x 13" print on Hahnemule Metallic paper in a 29" x 18" Custom Frame for just $225.00. This print was professionally mounted on foam-core and sprayed with Moab Desert Varnish. This spray treatment eliminates the need for glass as it protects the print from UV, moisture, and scratches. And there are Zero Reflections with this, too.

Let me know what size make sense for you?!

Four more Vestrahorn Mountain Images. While these are only about 2,917' tall, they are beautiful all times of the day.

All these images are available as wall art, too. 10-27-19 @ 3 59 16 PM - Vesterhorn Mountains - just before sunset10-27-19 @ 3 59 16 PM - Vesterhorn Mountains - just before sunset Vestrahorn Mountains at noon. Shot at 14 mm from quite a distance away.

10-27-19 @ 4 22 28 PM - Vestrahorn Mountain Reflections10-27-19 @ 4 22 28 PM - Vestrahorn Mountain Reflections These mountains are well-known for the beautiful reflections in the surf as it recedes over the black sand beach. 10-29-19 @ 8 34 AM - Vestrahorn Mountain at sunrise10-29-19 @ 8 34 AM - Vestrahorn Mountain at sunrise

Vestrahorn Mountains at 8:34 AM while we were standing on the several square mile ice sheet shooting the sunrise in the opposite direction. This was about 20 minutes after the sun rose behind me. These mountains changed color at least 3-4 times as the sun rose. It was mind blowing and so cool to watch this happen.

This is a 3 image panorama, which would make a stunning 42" x 17.7" HD Metal Wall Art piece. Aurora BeginningsAurora Beginnings The Aurora Borealis starting to develop over the Vestrahorn Mountains. This blue sky is other-worldly.



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