On Knik Glacier

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On Knik GlacierOn Knik Glacier


30" x 20" Matte Acrylic for $795.00

I was fortunate to be able to go on a 5 day boat tour of Kenai Fjords in mid-June, 2019. What an amazing adventure!

Before that trip, I looked into doing a helicopter tour of a glacier while in Alaska. Since I would be in Alaska anyway - and who knows when I might be back?! So I stayed an extra day and WOW, WOW, WOW!!!

I found Alaska Helicopter Tours who were a professional, first rate operation who even provided transportation from my hotel in Anchorage and back when done. They normally do not do doors-off helicopter tours, but at my request they were happy to do so. Great service.

The doors OFF helicopter flight was INCREDIBLE. Our pilot was exceptional (an Army pilot vet, he did two tours in Afghanistan) who knew exactly how to handle the cross winds off the mountains extremely well, and was a terrific person. He flies in Alaska during the summer and in Hawaii in the winter! How cool is that?!

Flying between the very scenic Chugach Mountains flanking the 3 mile wide Knik River Valley was indescribably beautiful. After we spent some time photographing Dahl Sheep on the mountainside across from the lodge, we then approached the massive, ancient Knik Glacier.

When we got over the glacier (25 miles long and 5 miles wide) it literally took our breath away providing seemingly unending photographic compositions everywhere. Flying in at about 100 mph, I was snapping away everywhere. These images are in my gallery www.davidandersonward.com/knik_glacier.

It took 3 tries to land safely on the heavily carved surface of the glacier; but the helicopter pilot was an experienced pro and was able to set the helicopter down safely. We never felt like we were in danger!

Once landed, he immediately put crampons on our boots for incredible traction on the 10,000 year old ice. I felt like a little kid in a candy shop roaming around on this 300' deep ancient icefield. Mind blown!

When I noticed this impossibly aqua blue pond and rivulet, I immediately saw the potential. But the only way to get the shot would be to straddle the creek leading out of the pond. So I did - why not?!

Fortunately another person on this tour captured me taking the photo below of me straddling the surface creek with the helicopter in the background with NO doors on! I was totally safe at all times.

Before we left the surface for our flight back to the Lodge (which included flying over a forested canyon with a horse bend!), we all had a drink from the aqua blue water on the surface. It was easily THE best water I have ever experienced!

The full visual experience can be viewed on this website - www.davidandersonward.com/knik_glacier and in a video-slideshow on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXafk_i4wjo&t=2s.

This video/slideshow, which also includes images of 'Marine Wildlife of Kenai Fjords', is just 12 minutes long and accompanied by 4 songs. The ideal viewing experience is on a big screen TV using the YouTube APP.

The image at the exhibit is a 30" x 20" matte Acrylic done by one of the the best labs in world for Acrylics. The details are incredible and the image is fully protected by the acrylic finish.

The cost is $795.00 for this stunning, original, one-of-a-kind wall art on Matte Acrylic - which is considered one of the best ways to display large images.

Another option would be to order this on HD Matte Metal. This also provides incredible, almost 3D detail, accurate and vibrant colors; and, the best part, with their incredible matte finish, there are ZERO reflections. In addition, this lab has independent studies proving they will not fade for at least 65 years! Incredible!

The cost in HD Metal would be just $525.00 including shipping. This also includes their ingenious aluminum rail hanging system on back - the best hanging system I've ever seen. 

Any image in this gallery (or any gallery on my site) can be ordered on HD Metal, too; which I highly recommend

We can also provide Custom Wood Frames for any HD Metal Image, regardless of size or aspect ratio. This turns any HD Metal image into a Museum Quality Piece. No glass is ever needed, which maintains the ZERO reflection advantage of HD Metal over traditional framed prints. This is the best way to display images as wall art.

David Anderson Ward Imagery accepts credit cards, checks or cash, whichever makes the most sense for you.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about this image. It is very much appreciated.

Stradling the Pool on Knik GlacierStradling the Pool on Knik Glacier


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