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Blonde Coastal Brown Bear

An Award Winning and Published 30" x 20" HD Matte Metal for $405.00 delivered to your door.

In July of 2021, I went on a Backcountry Journey's trip called "Unchartered Territory".

This was on a private property few know about in southern Alaska to photograph Coastal Brown Bears in THEIR environment. It was a tough but rewarding experience.

When we arrived the scenery was magnificent!

7-19-21 @ 4 23 54 PM - Uncharted Territory7-19-21 @ 4 23 54 PM - Uncharted Territory 7-19-21 @ 8 42 58 PM - Alaska7-19-21 @ 8 42 58 PM - Alaska Our tents were already set up in a bear safe formation with an electric wire around in case any bear got curious.


Being in THEIR environment was VERY humbling. We followed bear safety rules the entire 5 days there. The first day we found bear tracks in on the beach! No one had a handy ruler but these were quite intimidating for sure. How would you react to seeing these enormous footprints!?!

7-19-21 @ 6 48 48 PM - Bear Prints7-19-21 @ 6 48 48 PM - Bear Prints

After hiking a mile or so on wet sand, we ventured out into a large Sedge Grass river delta and into ankle deep saturated mud! That's where these bears were gorging on the sedge grass. They were nothing more than curious about these humans with all our cameras and tripods.

Once out into that sedge grass field we encountered several Brown Bears over the next few days, including this Mama Bear with her only cub. She's on the lookout for any aggressive male bears that would kill her cub just to mate with her and spread his genes!

7-21-21 @ 9 51 52 AM -- Moma seeing if any Boars are near7-21-21 @ 9 51 52 AM -- Moma seeing if any Boars are near

But my favorite was this Blondie!

7-19-21 @ 9 22 40 PM - Blonde Coastal Brown Bear7-19-21 @ 9 22 40 PM - Blonde Coastal Brown Bear

Blondie spotted our group and just went back to eating as much sedge grass him or her could. And this Blonde Coastal Brown Bear never bothered us and we never got closer than 100 yards away in our group of about 15 people. Safety and respect first! 

This Award Winning and Published featured image is in my solo exhibit in the Bernardsville Library until the end of September, 2023 and also hangs in a home in Livingston, MT as a 30" x 24" HD Matte Metal my customer calls Stunning!

It, as with every image, can be made into any size as long as the Aspect Ratio stays the same - Height by Width. 30" x 20" is what is on display and the 3x2 ratio could be:

10" x 8" that costs 


(David Anderson Ward) https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2023/9/blonde_coastal_brown_bear Thu, 14 Sep 2023 01:16:37 GMT
Great Blue Heron https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2023/9/great-blue-heron Great Blue Heron - 30x20Great Blue Heron - 30x20 2023-8-8 - UCP - BotW - August Week# 2- Great Blue Heron2023-8-8 - UCP - BotW - August Week# 2- Great Blue Heron Great Blue Heron - and a Perfect Reflection

Award Winning 30" x 20" HD Matte Metal for $405.00 delivered!


I've hiked on the towpath in Princeton that is between the D&R Canal and Lake Carnegie many times since 2020. I often see one of the four Great Blue Heron that 'live' there. Sometimes none. That's nature. And there may be more Great Blue Herons there; but I've never seen more than four in one day. This does not mean I'm correct, either. It's my best guess.

On this morning in November I saw this Heron snagging a fish on the far side of the D&R Canal. I carefully got a shot of it snaring that poor fish.

Great Blue Heron caught a PerchGreat Blue Heron caught a Perch Consider this: Great Blue Herons weigh only 4 to 6 pounds because they have hollow bones! Eating a 1-2 pound fish whole in one gulp is like you or I eating a quarter or even more of our body weight in one gulp of a living fish!

Amazing biology!

I then waited bit. It then stood up and I was able to capture this image - one of my favorites of Great Blue Herons because of the great reflection.

It then just flew off with that massive wingspan avoiding the tree limbs - how, I do not know. Once again, amazing!

It, as with every image on this website, is available in other sizes as long as the Aspect Ratio (height by length) stays the same.

15" x 10" costs $138.00 delivered to your door!

23" x 15" costs $265.00 delivered to your door!

45" x 30" costs $890.00 delivered to your door!

At the 45" x 30" size it would be incredible in the right space!

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(David Anderson Ward) D&R Canal Great Blue Heron Heron Kingston Lake Carnegie Princeton Reflection Towpath. https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2023/9/great-blue-heron Thu, 07 Sep 2023 00:33:24 GMT
Ophelia Resting https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2023/9/ophelia-resting David Ward - Ophelia RestingDavid Ward - Ophelia Resting 2023-8-16 - UCP Best of Week #2 August - Ophelia Resting2023-8-16 - UCP Best of Week #2 August - Ophelia Resting An Award Winning 24" x 19" HD Matte Metal for just $165.00 delivered right to your door!

Alpaca are gaining popularity as a very gentle, intelligent, and friendly animal.

Alpacas are the perfect small livestock that do not require a lot of land. They have soft padded feet and will not tear up the earth. They love to graze by only biting off the tops of grasses and not pulling them all out. They are clean, friendly and curious animals, too. They grow to about 150 pounds at maturity making them easier to care for then much larger farm animals. And their 'poop' is an ideal compost that can be used immediately, too! They are quiet (they only hum!) and are intelligent, they learn quickly, and appreciate a routine. While they can spit, it's usually only between each other over food or if they feel threatened.

This image is of a five day old young girl named Ophelia - born at Hidden Springs Lavender and Alpaca Farm in Montgomery, NJ. She was running and jumping in the big girls' outdoor pen when I was there last and had just laid down to rest inside when I made this image of her!

Hidden Springs is run by really wonderful people and it's open weekends only.

7-20-23 @ 7 25 27 PM - Ophelia Running7-20-23 @ 7 25 27 PM - Ophelia Running 7-17-23 @ 6 04 05 PM - Ophelia7-17-23 @ 6 04 05 PM - Ophelia 6-23-21 @ 3 25 36 PM - Bee on Lavender6-23-21 @ 3 25 36 PM - Bee on Lavender 6-23-21 @ 3 15 46 PM - Lavender6-23-21 @ 3 15 46 PM - Lavender 6-23-21 @ 3 18 33 PM - Lavender Fields6-23-21 @ 3 18 33 PM - Lavender Fields Three Alpaca - Quintus, Joyous and OpheliaThree Alpaca - Quintus, Joyous and Ophelia 3 Chestnut furred Alpaca - Quintus - a 7 week old young man - Sweet Magnolia, and Ophelia - a 5 day old little girl full of pep and joy!

I named this award winning image Ophelia Resting and it will be on display as a 15" x 12" HD Matte Metal with zero reflections in their farm store by next weekend.

Ophelia was running around that outdoor pen with such unbridled joy in every step. We should all keep that joy all our lives!

I buy my Sandalwood natural deodorant there (love it!) and I have their Alpaca gloves and ski cap that are just fantastic. It's easily the best ski cap I've ever had!

It's a great place to visit, especially with children; and their Farm To Table dinners are wonderful.

This image, as with every image, is available in other sizes and prices as long as the Aspect Ratio stays the same (Height by Width Ratio).

10" x 8" costs $95.00 delivered!

18" x 14" costs $215.00 delivered!

30" x 24" costs $465.00 delivered!

45" x 35" costs $1,020.00 delivered!

At this size it would be incredible in person and kids would love it!

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(David Anderson Ward) Alpaca Hidden Springs Hiddn Springs Lavender and Alpace Farm Montgomery Ophelia Ophelia Resting https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2023/9/ophelia-resting Sun, 03 Sep 2023 01:09:32 GMT
Blue Poppy https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2023/9/blue-poppy David Ward - Himalayan Blue PoppyDavid Ward - Himalayan Blue Poppy 2023-4-8 - UCP BoW - Himalayan Blue Poppy2023-4-8 - UCP BoW - Himalayan Blue Poppy

A Rare Himalayan Blue Poppy

An Award Winning 24" x 14"" HD Matte Metal for $275.00 delivered right to your door!

Once considered a myth, blue-poppies (Meconopsis ‘Lingholm’) are alive and thriving at Longwood Gardens. These spectacular flowers—which are native to the high elevations of the Himalayan Mountains—reside in in their greenhouses where temperatures are kept cool to make the plants comfortable during their flowering season.

Then they force the blue-poppies to flower every year for a stunning display in March. This cultivar, 'Lingholm', produces large flowers that are four-inches in diameter on average.

The substantial petals are a mesmerizing deep sky blue color. 

When under stress, the plant may show a mauve tint, which this flower has a mauve petal.

Blue Poppies are infrequently cultivated outside their native habitat. Given the right conditions, however, they can thrive in gardens located in the northern regions of the U.S. and Europe.

I good fiend and I visited Longwood Gardens in late March, 2023 to specifically see and photograph these Blue Poppies - and everything else on display there, too.

In person, this display was just wonderful to see. 

This image is a Focus Stacked image. What does this mean? I made TEN F1.2 images (a very large but narrowly focused aperture), on a tripod, from the front to all of the petals. Photoshop easily merged them all into this amazing and detail rich image.

In person this HD Matte Metal looks like a fine art painting!

It is, as with all my images, available in various sizes as long as the Aspect Ratio stays the same (Width by Height) as there is no room to crop it.

14"T x 11"W costs $145.00 delivered!

30T x 24"W costs $465.00 delivered!

45"T x 36"W costs $1,045.00 delivered!

THIS size would be incredible in the right location - like in a lobby or conference room!

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(David Anderson Ward) . Blue Poopy Himalayan Blue Poppy Longwood Gardens Meconopsis Lingholm Rare Himalayan Blue Poopy https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2023/9/blue-poppy Sat, 02 Sep 2023 23:46:08 GMT
Columbine https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2023/8/columbine 6-9-21 @ 10 36 24 AM - Columbine copy26-9-21 @ 10 36 24 AM - Columbine copy2 2023-8-28 - UCP - Best of Week - Columbine2023-8-28 - UCP - Best of Week - Columbine

UCP Magazine Issue August, 2023 - Red Columbine -  PublishedUCP Magazine Issue August, 2023 - Red Columbine - Published Red Columbine - Aquilegia canadensis

This Award Winning and Published 24" x 16" HD Matte Metal costs just $258.00 delivered to your door!


When I arrived at 6:30 AM at Multnomah Falls there were only 4-5 other people there. That was amazing because by 10:30 AM when I got back down it was packed with tourists with their cell phones.

I wanted to hike to the top of the falls; and I did. Magnificent!

Yes, it took me 4 hours, as there were so many photographic opportunities on the way up and down on this 1.2 mile trail with 11 switchbacks to the top!

How I missed this grouping of several Columbine plants at the end of one of the switchbacks on my way up, I do not know.

But I sure did notice them on the way back down.

Columbine flowers are not so easy to shoot as they are pendulous flowers that hang straight down.

So, to be able to photograph them from below was incredible!

It was a great chance to get some cool images. This image is my favorite image!

The Eastern Red Columbine, or Wild Columbine, is a species of flowering plants in the buttercup family Ranunculaceae. It is an herbaceous perennial native to woodland and rocky slopes in eastern North America (yet also present in the Pacific NW!), prized for its red and yellow flowers. It readily hybridizes with other species in the genus Aquilegia.

I chose to get a 24" x 16" HD Matte Metal to coordinate well with the other flower images on display in September (only) in the Bernardsville Library's Community Room.

This 24" x 16" looks like fine art painting in person and would be ideal for any home or office.

As with all my images, it's available in other sizes, too, as long as the height and length ratio (Aspect Ratio) stays the same.

12" x 8" cost $106.00 delivered!

16" x 12" cost $170.00 delivered!

30" x 20" cost $365.00 delivered!

45" x 30" cost $885.00 delivered!

At this 45" x 30" size it would be incredible in the right location!

How can I help you?!



(David Anderson Ward) Columbia River Gorge' Columbine' Columbine from below Multnomah Falls https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2023/8/columbine Sun, 27 Aug 2023 20:48:29 GMT
Orange Rose https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2023/8/orang-rose 6-1-21 @ 2 31 50 PM - Pink & Yellow Rose6-1-21 @ 2 31 50 PM - Pink & Yellow Rose 2023-8-23 - UCP Best of Week #3, August - Strike it Rich - Orange Rose2023-8-23 - UCP Best of Week #3, August - Strike it Rich - Orange Rose "Strike It Rich' Orange Rose"

An Award Winning 21' x 21' HD Matte Metal for $225.00 delivered to your door!

In June of 2022, I visited the Rudolf W. van der Goot Rose Garden in Colonial Park, Somerset, NJ. They have dozens of well cared-for Roses on display every year and their horticultural staff does a fabulous job in this lovely garden.

It's really is amazing when all the Roses are in full bloom there.

When I saw this stunning 'Strike it Rich' rose variety with all it's pastel orange colors, I knew it would be make a very nice image.

I love the two buds appearing from behind, saying, "I'm next!"

This image, created on HD Matte Metal, looks a painting at 21" x 21" or larger.

This image is square so it can made any size from 8" x 8" tp 60" x 60" which would be incredible in the right space.

Contact me directly for your ideal size.




(David Anderson Ward) Colonial Park Orange Rose Rudolf Van der Goot Strike it Rich https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2023/8/orang-rose Mon, 21 Aug 2023 22:22:12 GMT
Glacier Lagoon Sunset https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2023/8/glacier-lagoon-sunset Sunset over Blue GlacierSunset over Blue Glacier 2023-2-1 - UCP - BoW Jan Week#4 - Sunset over Glacier Lagoon2023-2-1 - UCP - BoW Jan Week#4 - Sunset over Glacier Lagoon

'Glacier Lagoon Sunset'

An Award Winning 32" x 11.5" HD Matte Metal for $270.00 Delivered!

Three friends from the Hillsborough Digital Photography Society and I went to Iceland on our own - from 10/20/19 to 10/30/19 - tour guides charge $7,000+ for 4 to 5 days - and it was an incredible experience in every way imaginable..

The second to last afternoon we went to Fjallsarlon Glacier Lagoon and then back to Jokulsarian Glacier Lagoon for the early evening to see if the Aurora would appear once more that evening - and it sure did!

While waiting for it to get dark, we spent some time shooting all the amazing compositions in the lagoon. There are almost endless images to make there! It's fabulous!

As the sun began to set, I set my aperture to F20 at just ISO 350 knowing I had a chance for a  good sunburst - and it did not disappoint!

As I saw this image develop before my eyes, I knew it had potential. 

When it turned the whole sky yellow - WOW!

I had my excellent photo lab create this at 32" x 11.5" to coordinate well with the other 6 images in my Iceland Wall Section in the Bernardsville Library during the month of September, 2023. If you live anywhere nearby, try and make it to see all of my 40 award winning images in person. It will be amazing in person, guaranteed!

This Sunset image can made any size as long as the height x length ratio stays close to the same (Aspect) ratio.

21.5" x 8" (8" is the minimum size on either side) 

costs $145.00 delivered to your door!

27" x 10" costs $210.00 delivered to your door!

45" x 16.5" costs $480.00 delivered to your door!

At 45" size it would be incredible on HD Matte Metal!

How can I help you?!





(David Anderson Ward) glacier lagoon sunset glacier sunset iceland jokulsarian glacier lagoon sunset sunset in iceland https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2023/8/glacier-lagoon-sunset Mon, 21 Aug 2023 20:34:10 GMT
Vestrahorn Mountains at Dawn https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2023/8/vestrahorn-mountains-at-dawn David Ward - Vestrahorn Mountains at SunriseDavid Ward - Vestrahorn Mountains at Sunrise 2023-5-23 - UCP BoW - Vestrahorn Mountains at Sunrise2023-5-23 - UCP BoW - Vestrahorn Mountains at Sunrise  'Vestrahorn Mountains at Dawn'

An Award Winning 32" x 13.5" HD Matte Metal for $355.00 delivered!


On our last full day in Iceland (10/29/21) we stayed in an Air B&B in Hofn on the SE coast.

When we all awoke, we noticed the sky was ablaze in color an hour before dawn. So we hurriedly got out to the Vestrahorn Mountains. Once there we could see that we could safely walk out onto the several acre ice sheet in front of the mountains to capture the rising sun over the ocean. It was so cool watching the sky go from amazing pastel colors to a deep red!

The ice sheet was sitting on top of a black sand beach, so it was totally safe.

Sunrise over Vesterhorn Mounatin IceSunrise over Vesterhorn Mounatin Ice


While shooting the rising sun, I kept turning around and noticed in awe as the Vestrahorn Mountains changed colors as fast as the sun rose! It was incredible to watch all this unfold.

This featured image is 3 horizontal images later combined in Photoshop to create this amazing panorama image at dawn. 

Why 3 images? We were too close to get the whole mountains in one shot.

Vestrahorn Mountain Sunrise Collage CopyVestrahorn Mountain Sunrise Collage Copy

It was an amazing experience like I've never had before - and probably never will again!

I am forever grateful for this trip with three other friends! It was incredible!

This image is 32" x 13.5" to coordinate well with the other images on display during September, 2023 in the Bernardsville Library's Community Room, but only for those 30 days!

It's available in other sizes that maintain the height to length (Aspect) Ratio.

19" x 8" costs $152.00 delivered to your door!

27" x 11.5" costs $232.00 delivered to your door!

48" x 20" costs $642.00 delivered to your door!

At this size it would be really incredible!

How can I help you!








(David Anderson Ward) black sand hofn ice sheet iceland sunrise vestrahorn mountain sunrise vestrahorn mountains https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2023/8/vestrahorn-mountains-at-dawn Sun, 20 Aug 2023 23:27:06 GMT
Seal Pup & Mom https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2023/8/seal-pup-mom 3-17-23 @ 9 39 49 AM - Seal Pup & Mom3-17-23 @ 9 39 49 AM - Seal Pup & Mom

2023-8-23 - UCP Best of Week #3 August - Seal Pup & Mom2023-8-23 - UCP Best of Week #3 August - Seal Pup & Mom Seal Pup and Mom

Currently installed in a law office in North Jersey

Award Winning 32"W x 17"T HD Matte Metal for $405.00 Delivered!

This also included a 7" x 5" Matte Metal Professional Label!

Several years ago Harbor Seals began migrating from Maine & Nova Scotia  to the Jersey Shore, especially to the west side of Sandy Hook in the bay.

Why not? They discovered the warmer weather here with plenty of fish in the bay to eat. They also have fewer predators here compared to their summer homes!

We were fortunate in early March to find these adorable seals starting to get their spot on the soon-to-be revealed Jetty at low tide.

I love the curious look of the Seal Pup - it's priceless!

And yet the Momma Seal doesn't seem to care at all!

They do their best to command a spot on the jetty with stiff competition from all the other seals. It's quite comical to watch the fighting going on. That's what Seals do.

A few weeks after I made this adorable image, they will migrate back north in what has to be a very treacherous journey in the open ocean with the waiting predators like Sharks and Orcas.

 I guess they feel that Sandy Hook Bay's environment is worth the trip?!

This available in the following sizes, as the Aspect Ratio of height to length needs to be maintained.

A 16" x 8.5" costs $110.00 - including delivery

A 24" x 12.75" costs $195.00 - including delivery

A 48" x 25.5" costs $775.00 - including delivery

Any of these sizes would be amazing in the right situation.

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(David Anderson Ward) Bay Seal Sandy Hook Seal Pup https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2023/8/seal-pup-mom Thu, 17 Aug 2023 23:37:09 GMT
Purple Water Lily https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2023/6/purple-water-lily David Ward - Tropical Day-Flowering Water Lily - Nymphaea 'Director George T. Moore'David Ward - Tropical Day-Flowering Water Lily - Nymphaea 'Director George T. Moore' 2023-6-2 - UCP BoW - Water Lily2023-6-2 - UCP BoW - Water Lily Tropical Day-Flowering Water Lily 

Nymphaea 'Director George T. Moore'

An Award Winning 24" x 20" Image on Canvas for Just $165.00!

OR as a 36" x 29" HD Matte Metal for $535.00 delivered - and it's stunning at this size!

Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA has one of the finest water lily collections anywhere in the world. And since they put a dark dye in the water - which probably also helps with mosquitoes - it creates a nice background for photos, as you can see here.

I particularly liked this deep purple Tropical Day-Flowering variety when I was there and I love the way this image came out. Thank you Jim La Sala for your processing expertise!

On display through 7/31/2023, it's a 24" x 20" Canvas for just $195.00.

On HD Matte Metal it would be amazing and look more like a painting then a photograph! 

At an impressive size of 30" x 24" it would cost $475.00 delivered.

At 15" x 12" it would be $165.00 delivered.

OR, a Stunning 36"W x 29" T for $535.00 delivered OR

drop shipped to anywhere in the USA!

What size might you desire for your home or office?

Contact me directly and I will get the right size for you!





(David Anderson Ward) Longwood Gardens Nymphaea 'Director George T. Moore' Purple Water Lily Tropical Day-Flowering Water Lily https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2023/6/purple-water-lily Sat, 17 Jun 2023 23:44:50 GMT
Bald Eagle https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2023/5/bald-eagle Bald Eagle -Bald Eagle -

UCP - Best of the Week - March Week#2 - Bald EagleUCP - Best of the Week - March Week#2 - Bald Eagle Bald Eagle

An Award Winning 30.5" x 19" HD Matte Metal

For only $450.00 delivered anywhere in the USA!

By the the mid-1900's, Bald Eagles almost went extinct because (A) their habitats were being destroyed, (B) from illegal shooting, and (C) from the insecticide DDT making their eggshells too thin to survive.

Once DDT was banned in 1972, Bald Eagles have made an incredible comeback.

There is now at least one Bald Eagle nest in every county in NJ! Success!

In many states there are even more Bald Eagles, like in Alaska!

These truly are majestic birds - hence being our National Symbol - and they are very intelligent, crafty, and opportunistic hunters, often stealing prey from other birds. Whatever it takes!

And their eyesight is incredible - humans have a flicker fusion rate of about 30-60 beats a second - that's when we see flash cards as continuous motion. An Eagle's flicker fusion rate is several times higher so they can see fish among all the waves. And their talon grip strength is insanely high - about 300 psi!

Even with a nest in every county in NJ, seeing one in NJ is rare and seeing more than one at a time is very rare. Even at the vaunted Conowingo Dam in Maryland, there may be 50-100 Eagles one day or just a few on other days - it's a hit-or-miss proposition on any particular day there.

So in 2021, I booked a 3 Day workshop with YouTube Guru Mark Smith on the Hood Canal in WA. In June of 2021, I flew to the Pacific NW and spent 3 days with Mark witnessing the most incredible wildlife experience imaginable.

Along one stretch of the Hood Canal, when the tide goes out, a several acre oyster bed is revealed. When the tide recedes that quickly, hundreds of midshipmen fish are caught in this oyster bed.  Every day, 20+ Great Blue Herons line up for what will be very easy hunting, even though they know they will be harassed by the Bald Eagles, especially the Juvenile Eagles. How do they know when the tide will go out since that time changes daily?! We have to use Tide Charts to know when to be there!

Once the oyster bed is revealed, about 20+ Bald Eagles come flying in from both directions and start a surreal feeding frenzy for the next 60-90 minutes. We had a guide spotting Eagles for us. It was tough to keep track of where they were coming in from, so this was a great advantage!

I was able to capture images I never thought I'd get over those 3 days and I learned a lot - like don't even bother shooting when they are flying away from you - unless you want butt shots! It was incredible all 3 days.

If you want to capture amazing images of both Great Blue Herons and Bald Eagles, or even just see this in person, the Hood Canal is the place to be from early May through the middle of June.

This image was created at 30.5" x 19" for $450.00 and a it has a very strong impact. The 3D details of the Bald Eagle against that sky is amazing.

This can also be produced smaller or larger at the following costs - and yes, these can be done ANY size as long as the Aspect Ratio (height x length dimension) is maintained. It can't be cropped!

15.25" x 9.5" for $142.00

22.875" x 14.25" for $265.00

45.75" x 28.50" for $895.00

and for that really special space...

60" x 37.5" for $1,520.00

We can help you get the right size for your unique space.




(David Anderson Ward) . Bald Eagle Bald Eagle Flying Bald Eagle Overhead Great Blue Herons Hood Canal Pacific Northwest Seabeck Washington https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2023/5/bald-eagle Wed, 31 May 2023 20:10:36 GMT
Virginia Spring Beauty https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2023/2/virginia-spring-beauty  

David_Ward_Virginia_Spring_BeautyDavid_Ward_Virginia_Spring_Beauty 2022-8-2 - UCP - Best of Week - Virginia Spring Beauty2022-8-2 - UCP - Best of Week - Virginia Spring Beauty

Virginia Spring Beauty

Claytonia virginica

An Award Winning 21" x 16" HD Matte Metal

For $276.00

These diminutive flowers are really tiny, maybe the size of a nickel. As you walk past these abundant blooms in early spring, they just look like little white dots as a groundcover. But if you look closely their true beauty is revealed.

Every spring I try to get the best image of these I can.

This image of 3 Blooms is one of my favorites - so far.

We are fortunate to have a small pond behind our house and these bloom every year on the far side of the pond like crazy - which is a good thing as these flowers are very important early spring pollen sources and they are native to NJ. Actually, they are native throughout the entire northeast USA.

Nature is amazing.

This Image is available as a 24" x 16" HD Matte Metal for $276.00

OR as a 12" x 8" HD Matte Metal for $99.00

OR as an 18" x 12" HD Matte Metal for $178.00

OR as a 36" x 24" HD Matte Metal for $570.00

OR as a 60" x 40" HD Matte Metal for $1,670.00

At this size it would be incredible!

How can I help you with Images for your Home or Office?




(David Anderson Ward) Claytonia virginica Early flowers Hillsborough Hillsborough NJ Tiny Flowers Virginia Spring Beauty https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2023/2/virginia-spring-beauty Sat, 04 Feb 2023 20:28:03 GMT
Pink Peony https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2023/2/pink-peony Pink PeonyPink Peony

2022-10-1 - UCP - Best of Week - Pink Peony2022-10-1 - UCP - Best of Week - Pink Peony Pink Peony

An Award Winning 21" x 19" HD Matte Metal

For $310.00

Presby Gardens in Montclair not only has the largest collection of Irises in America, it also has a great collection of Tree Peonies that usually are in full bloom in early June. I try to time my visits there around this early June bloom period to capture both the Peony and Iris blooms.

Tree Peony does not mean they grow as large as trees. They have woody stems so they just loose their leaves in winter instead of dying back to the ground as herbaceous Peony do. These large woody bushes are absolutely beautiful in front of the house at Presby Gardens.

Waiting until the first week in June means I'll miss the early varieties of Iris, but the Peony are so amazing, that's OK. I may visit twice this year.

I particularly love this Peony image with the light drops of dew on the petals.

More Peony images as well as quite a few Iris images can be found in my Presby Garden Gallery


The Peony Image on HD Matte Metal actually looks more like a painting, too. 

And the details are amazing.

This is available as a 21" x 19" HD Matte Metal for $310.00

OR as a 13.25" x 12" HD Matte Metal for $165.00

OR as a 30" x 27.15" HD Matte Metal for $605.00

OR as a 42" x 38" HD Matte Metal for $1,150.00

This Peony Image would be incredible at that size.
Regardless of the size, it would be a stunning addition to any home or office.

How can I help you?!




(David Anderson Ward) Dew Covered Dew on Peony Montclair NJ Peony Pink Pink Peony Presby Gardens Tree Peony https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2023/2/pink-peony Sat, 04 Feb 2023 20:09:47 GMT
Red Dahlia https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2023/1/red-dahlia David_Ward_Red_DahliaDavid_Ward_Red_Dahlia 2022-11-24- UCP - Best of Week - Red Dahlia & Two Buds2022-11-24- UCP - Best of Week - Red Dahlia & Two Buds Red Dahlia & 2 Buds

An Award Winning 24" x 18"

HD Matte Metal

For $295.00

Every year we plant flowering plants and herbs in large pots on our deck.

In 2021 we purchased a hybrid Dahlia that turned out to bloom like crazy - which is wonderful.
This image with the 2 buds emerging shows how abundant this plant really was.

Dahlias are very complex plants with a long history.

A Dahlia Flower is actually a composite flower with central disk florets surrounded by ray florets and each floret is a flower unto itself, not individual petals as most horticulturists might think. 

And Dahlias are Octoploids. This means they have 8 sets of homologous chromosomes, whereas most other flowers have two - hence all the species' variations. Nature sure is incredible.

In person this images looks like a painting. Get a frame for it - and our framing company has great prices, excellent quality and great service - and it becomes a museum piece!

This image is available as a 24" x 18" HD Matte Metal for $295.00

It's also available as a 12" x 9" for $135.00

Or as an 18" x 13.5" for $222.00

Or as a 30" x 22.5" for $456.00

Or as a 36" x 27" for $640.00

Or, for that special room, as a 48" x 36" for $1,182.00

How can I help you?!





(David Anderson Ward) Composite Flower Dahlia Matte Metal Potted Dahlia Red Dahlia https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2023/1/red-dahlia Sat, 21 Jan 2023 16:27:38 GMT
Great Blue Heron https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2023/1/great-blue-heron Great Blue HeronGreat Blue Heron

2022-7-23 - Best of Week - Great Blue Heron2022-7-23 - Best of Week - Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron

Ardea herodias

An Award Winning 30" x 20"

HD Matte Metal

For $405.00

I go on hikes on the Towpath in Kingston/Princeton that's between the D&R Canal and Lake Carnegie as often as I can after discovering it in the early days of COVID in 2020.

It's a pleasant, flat, and wide path with people walking, running and biking; and there's often crew boats on Lake Carnegie. And the homes on the other side of Lake Carnegie are certainly impressive.

There are often 1 to as many as 4 Great Blue Herons along the canal or in the lake huntimg.

The trick is seeing/finding them. And, of course, there's no guarantee you'll see even one - that's nature.

If you do come upon one hunting along the coast of the lake, they'll often fly off rather quickly.

This one in the image was up on a tree branch on the other side of the canal where I was evidently not perceived as a threat - balanced one leg on a round branch. Amazing.

This one appears to be a very mature Great Blue Heron - and it certainly knows I'm there.

I wonder what these animals think of us silly humans with these long cylinders in front of our faces?!

Great Blue Heron are incredible animals that look almost pre-historic. 

They stand 3 to 4.5' tall with a wingspan of up to 6.5'!

But they weigh just 4-8 pounds because they have hollow bones.

Yet, they capture and eat whole - in one quick gulp - fish that weigh 1-3 or more pounds.

That's like you or me eating a 50 pound meal in one bite, often with it still alive.

These Pterodactyl-like birds must have incredible digestive systems.

And they often stand on just one leg. I guess you can do that at just 4-8 pounds.

There are more images of Great Blue Herons are in my website gallery -



This image is available as a

30" x 20" HD Matte Metal for $405.00.

It is also available in other sizes, such as

15" x 10" for $150.00

 21" x 14" for $245.00,

45" x 30" for $976.00,

or even as a 60" x 40"for $1,665.00 for a very bold statement!

I welcome the opportunity to help you with your wall art.

Just call 908-240-7484 and I will help you decide.




(David Anderson Ward) D&R Canal Great Blue Heron Lake Carnegie Princeton Towpath https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2023/1/great-blue-heron Thu, 19 Jan 2023 18:40:46 GMT
Gatklettur Basalt Arch https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2023/1/gatklettur-basalt-arch David_Ward_Gatklettur_Basalt_ArchDavid_Ward_Gatklettur_Basalt_Arch 2022-6-8 - Best of Week - Gatkttur Basalt Arch2022-6-8 - Best of Week - Gatkttur Basalt Arch Gatklettur Basalt Arch

An Award Winning 32" x 18" HD Matte Metal

for $425.00

This is very near Arnarstapi on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula in western Iceland.

The entire coastline of Iceland is dramatic and this naturally formed basalt rock arch is very impressive.

We stayed in an Air B&B house less then a half mile away from these awesome sea cliffs. Tremendous.

Gatklettur Basalt Arch is the dominant feature in this amazing seascape of 60' tall sea bluffs; but the views in all directions were amazing no matter where you look.

This is on display as a 32" x 18" HD Matte Metal for $425.00

It's available in other sizes, too; as long as the aspect ratio (height and width) stay intact.

Created as a 3 image panorama, it was cropped down to the 32" x 18" image seen here. The full panorama is available as are the individual images that make this up this panorama; providing lots of options - and all are in my Iceland Gallery on this website


I also have a YouTube channel with a 13.5 minute video/slideshow - with  music - about Iceland.


Or search davidandersonward in the YouTube App. Two other videos will appear...

Canadian Arctic Wildlife and Kenai Fjords & Knik Glacier. All 3 videos are worth watching.

The details in this image are quite amazing and there are ZERO reflections distracting your viewing.

HD Matte Metal is THE superior way to enlarge images.

How can I help you?!



(David Anderson Ward) Arch Arnarstapi Basalt Arch Gatklettur Gatklettur Basalt Arch Iceland Iceland Coast Mountains Rock Arch https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2023/1/gatklettur-basalt-arch Wed, 18 Jan 2023 01:20:25 GMT
Upper Gluggafoss Falls https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2023/1/upper-gluggafoss-falls Upper Gluggafoss FallsUpper Gluggafoss Falls


2022-7-9 - Best of Week - Upper Gluggafoss Falls2022-7-9 - Best of Week - Upper Gluggafoss Falls

Upper Gluggafoss Falls

An Award Winning 36" x 24" HD Matte Metal

for $570.00

On our fourth day in Iceland, we traveled north from our Air B&B house in Vik to a spot where we thought an epic sunrise would happen. Iceland's weather had other ideas. Between the overcast skies and brutal, unrelenting 40 mph wind gusts, no sunrise was visible and we were dejected and freezing cold.

As we traveled back to our Air B&B we saw a sign for Gluggafoss Waterfalls and we said, "Why Not?"

This ended up being one of my favorite locations in Iceland.

Most waterfalls are jammed with tourists which makes photography very difficult.

But Gluggafoss Falls is not on Route 1 - the Ring Road - and it appears few people even know about it.

In fact, only 6 other people came and went as we created our long exposures. It was excellent.

There are two main falls in this gorge.

The lower falls is divided into 4 waterfalls next to each other formed from Basalt.

Gluggafoss FallsGluggafoss Falls

The Upper Gluggafoss Falls is Palagonite (or Tuff Rock) up-river by about 80'. While it's not huge, it is still pretty spectacular with the ice formations and icicles everywhere.

And deep in this gorge there was NO WIND, which was almost joyous.

I shot this upper waterfall a few different ways; buy none were what I really wanted.

I then made three horizontal images, each one for 30 seconds, which were later stitched together in Photoshop during post processing to create this 3 Image Vertical Panorama

With every image shot at 30 seconds it took a while to create.

But I had to know in advance that this method would work.

 I knew I'd probably never return to this spot in Iceland. It had to work - and it did.

This dramatic waterfall image with the pudding-like river water and the powerful triangle created by the ice around the falls is incredible in person at 36" x 24"! 

And I love how the 30 second exposures 'treated' the waterfall itself.

Most photographers shoot waterfalls at 4 to 8 seconds, but I really like what these 30 second images did for this image.

This 36" x 24" HD Matte Metal costs $570.00

It's also available as an 18" x 12" for $180.00

Or as a 27" x 18" for $355.00

Or as a 48" x 32" for $1,110.00

Or, for that special room or lobby, a 60" x 40" for $1,665.00 

How can I help you?!


(David Anderson Ward) Basalt Fljótshlíð in South-Iceland Frozen waterfall Gluggafoss Iceland Merkja River Palagonite Smooth River Upper Gluggafoss Falls Waterfall https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2023/1/upper-gluggafoss-falls Wed, 18 Jan 2023 00:18:35 GMT
Zion - The Watchman https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2023/1/zion---the-watchman David_Ward_'Sunset_on_the_Watchman'David_Ward_'Sunset_on_the_Watchman'

2022-10-24 - UCP - Best of Week - Sunset on The Watchman2022-10-24 - UCP - Best of Week - Sunset on The Watchman


Zion - The Watchman

An Award Winning 30" x 20"

HD Matte Metal for 


While on a 3 day photo tour with Back Country Journeys in Zion National Park in November of 2018, we hiked down to the Virgin River just north of The Watchman - the first major mountain entering Zion National Park from the entrance through Springdale, UT -

To photograph the result of the sun setting on The Watchman.

There was nowhere to get a good sunset shot that evening from where we were, so it was decided to shoot the mountain turning orangey red in the setting sun. It was so beautiful to watch this happen.

We set up our tripods and cameras right along the Virgin River and when the clouds turned this light red and the mountain lit up so well, I knew this would be special.

The yellow fall color on the trees adds to the image.

There is so much to see at Zion National Park and it's absolutely worth a visit - along with the other 5 + Million visitors annually. In the summer months it's tough to even get a parking spot.

But even in early November it was still crowded in certain locations. It's quite amazing, actually.

If you go to Zion, you HAVE to hike The Narrows - one of the most amazing things I've ever done - and try to hike up to Angel's Landing. The Angel's Landing hike is pretty tough if if you are not in decent shape and acclimated to the elevation of 4,500'. But it is SO worth doing.

I have many more images in the Zion gallery on my website at


This image is available as a 30" x 20" HD Matte Metal for $405.00

It's also available as a 15" x 10" for $150.00

OR a 21" 14" for $425.00

OR a 45" x 30" for $976.00

OR, for that special room or lobby, as a 60" x 40" for $1,665.00

How can I help you?!



(David Anderson Ward) Utah Angels Landing Springdale Sunset The Narrows The Watchman Virgin River Zion Zion National Park https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2023/1/zion---the-watchman Wed, 11 Jan 2023 17:58:39 GMT
Frying Pan Creek https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2023/1/frying-pan-creek  

David_Ward_'Fryingpan Creek from Mt Rainer'David_Ward_'Fryingpan Creek from Mt Rainer'

2022-10-24 - UCP - Best of Week - Fryingpan Creek2022-10-24 - UCP - Best of Week - Fryingpan Creek Fryingpan Creek

Mt. Rainier National Park, WA

An Award Winning 30" x 20"

HD Matte Metal for


Driving down the East side of Mt. Rainier in June, 2021 on Rt 410, I came upon a side road that looked like it would take me closer to Mt Rainier. While it didn't do that as far as I went - although traveling further up this side road would have gotten me to Summerland Backcountry Shelter or the White River Campground Ranger Station, depending on going on the left fork in the road or the right fork. I did not go further after photographing Fryingpan Creek.

When I crossed over Fryingpan Creek, I was taken in by the beauty of the scene.

So I parked and carefully climbed down to the creek bed.

When I saw this log with an Inuksuk (pile of rocks) on the end I knew it was perfect.

No doubt made by some tourists.

Fryingpan Creek comes down off Fryingpan Glacier on Mt. Rainier's east slope. The water flow is probably higher in very early spring or after a heavy rainfall - which often happens being that close to the temperate rainforests in Olympic National Park to the northeast.

The mountains in the distance are small peaks leading up to Mt. Rainier, which is out of this image to the right. I believe one is called Banshee Peak.

All I know it was a beautiful day in early June and this was an amazing shooting location.

It's available as a 30" x 20" for $405.00

It's also available as a 15" x 10" for $150.00

Or a 21" x 14" for $245.00

Or for that special room, a 45" x 30" for $976.00

Or even a 60" x 40" for $1,665.00 for an office lobby, restaurant, or large home.

How can I help you?!







(David Anderson Ward) Banshee Peak Fryingpan Creek Fryingpan Glacier Inuksuk Mt. Rainier Washington https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2023/1/frying-pan-creek Wed, 11 Jan 2023 17:28:58 GMT
Blue Anemone https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2023/1/blue-anemone Blue AnemoneBlue Anemone 2022-11-17 - UCP - Best of Week - Blue Anemone2022-11-17 - UCP - Best of Week - Blue Anemone Blue Anemone

An Award Winning 24" x 21" HD Matte Metal

In a 1" Black Custom Wood Frame =

26" x 23" for the Finished Size

For $365.00 Including the Frame

While in Vancouver, BC, my wife and I visited Lord Howe Island.

The gardens there are beautiful.

In one garden I spotted this Blue Anemone and had to make this image.

The details in this image are tremendous and would make a very nice addition to any home or office.

Anemones are in the buttercup family, Ranunculaccae.

They are perennial plants that exist everywhere except in Australia, New Zealand and, of course, no flower grows in Antarctica.

I am just happy to have found this one showing off in Vancouver!

It's available as a 26" x 23" Framed Image for $365.00, including the Frame.

None of the following are framed.

Our frames are always tremendous quality - with quick delivery and great prices

It's also available as a 15" x 10.5" for $145.00 

OR as a 36" x 31.5" for $690.00

OR as a 47.5" x 40" for $1,424.00 - This would be incredible this size.

How can we help you?




(David Anderson Ward) Anemone Blue Anemone Lord Howe Lord Howe Island Vancouver https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2023/1/blue-anemone Mon, 09 Jan 2023 23:45:54 GMT
Green Heron https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2023/1/green-heron  


2022-12-9 - UCP - Best of Week - Green Heron2022-12-9 - UCP - Best of Week - Green Heron Green Heron

Butorides virescens

An award winning 30" x 20" HD Matte Metal

For $405.00.

While hiking on the towpath between Lake Carnegie and the D&R Canal in Princeton, NJ  - which I often do - I noticed this loud bird flying in the branches of the small trees along Lake Carnegie's shoreline. Once I located this bird the challenge was to make an image of it.

That's not so easy as they don't stay still for very long anywhere. When it perched on this open branch for a second or two I knew it would make an interesting image.

I've posted this image on a Wildlife Photography Facebook page and it received over 625 Likes in 4 days from other photographers!

And it received a Best of the Week award from UCP on 12/9/2022.

They actually use tools, too.
 Green Herons 'bait' fish by dropping bread crusts or small insects onto the water's surface. When the fish comes up to grab the 'bait', the Green Heron grabs the fish. Smart birds!

You rarely see Green Herons as they are more nocturnal then diurnal and they never seem to stay still.

But if you do see one, you'll know it.

So it was a very cool to get this image while hiking along the towpath.

Always be prepared as one never knows what may happen in nature.

This is available at 30" x 20" for $405.00 Delivered (Locally)

OR at 15" x 10" for $150.00

OR at 21" x 14" for $245.00

OR at 45" x 30" for $976.00

At this size it would be incredible in the right location.

How can I help you?!




(David Anderson Ward) Butorides virescens D&R Canal Green Heron Lake Carnegie Loud Brid Princeton Towpath https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2023/1/green-heron Mon, 09 Jan 2023 19:37:15 GMT
Ice Sheet Sunrise https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2022/11/ice-sheet-sunrise 10-29-19 @ 8 15 48 AM - 15 Minutes Before Sunrise on Vestrahorn Ice Sheet10-29-19 @ 8 15 48 AM - 15 Minutes Before Sunrise on Vestrahorn Ice Sheet

2022-7-1- Best of Week - Ice Sheet Sunrise2022-7-1- Best of Week - Ice Sheet Sunrise

Ice Sheet Sunrise

A unique, one-of-a-kind, Award Winning

32" x 18" HD Matte Metal

For $425.00

On our last full day in Iceland we stayed in Hofn on the SE coast.

We woke up to a very interesting sky, so we quickly got out to the nearby Vestrahorn Mountains.

We safely went out onto the 3" thick sheet of ice formed on the black sand beach in front of the mountains and set up our tripods and cameras.

It never was above freezing the entire 10 days, so the ice sheet was totally safe as it sits on black sand.

Over the next 20 minutes we saw one of the most incredible sunrises.

It went from these beautiful pastel colors (this is really what it looked like - I actually de-saturated this image a bit!) to a very deep red in a matter of minutes.

This is my favorite image of the group - but each one is very interesting, unique and special and are all on the Iceland gallery on this website.


Even more amazing is what these morphing colors did to the Vestrahorn Mountains behind us. I turned around after we got set-up and the mountains were a soft purple. A few minutes later, they were almost red. Then they turned bright orange as the sun came up over the horizon. I was blown away by what was happening in front and behind me. Below is my favorite image of those mountains -  just as the sun came up over the North Sea.

This is a 2 image panorama as we were too close to the mountains to get it all in one image.

Either image would make beautiful and impactful wall art at any size,

as long as the aspect ratio is maintained. Aspect Ratio? Width (W) x Height (T).

These are available at 32"W x 18"T for $425.00 Delivered (Locally)

OR a 16"W x 9"T for $125.00

OR a 48"T x 27"W - it would amazing this size - for $936.00

OR a 60"W x 33.75"T - in a large space would be incredible - for $1,427.00

At this size, it should really cost $2,140.00!

At 60" x 33.75" it would be incredible in person and it WILL blow people away.

So few people have ever seen any image that large with NO reflections! 10-29-19 @ 8 34 AM - Vestrahorn Mountain at sunrise10-29-19 @ 8 34 AM - Vestrahorn Mountain at sunrise

How can I hep YOU?!


(David Anderson Ward) hofn ice sheet sunrise iceland pastel sunrise. sunrise vestrahorn mountains https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2022/11/ice-sheet-sunrise Sun, 06 Nov 2022 17:51:57 GMT
Merkja River at Gluggafoss Falls https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2022/10/merkja-river-at-gluggafoss-falls David_Ward_Gluggafoss_Falls'_RiverDavid_Ward_Gluggafoss_Falls'_River 2022-7-1- Best of Week - Gluggafoss Falls River2022-7-1- Best of Week - Gluggafoss Falls River Merkja River at Gluggafoss Falls, Iceland

A unique, one-of-a-kind, Award Winning

32"L x 18"T HD Matte Metal Image

For Just $425.00

On our 4th day in Iceland (out of the 10 days we were in Iceland) we drove north from the coast to a location where we hoped to get an epic sunrise. While it was a beautiful spot, we unfortunately had cloudy, overcast skies (and no sunrise) with unrelenting wind gusts up to 40 mph making for a very disappointing and frigid cold morning.

That's Iceland.

On our way back to our Air B&B in Vik, we saw a sign for Gluggafoss Falls, and we all said, "Why not?".

Most of the waterfalls in Iceland are mobbed with tourists, even in late October, which makes photographing them a challenge. Of course, everyone has a right to be at any sight in Iceland!

Gluggafoss was different. It's not right along the Ring Road (Route 1 that circles Iceland) and few people even know about it, apparently. The whole time we were there, we saw maybe 6 other people who came and went.

Gluggafoss Falls has created a gorge which blocked most of the wind making this a wonderful location. It was one of my favorite locations of the trip because of this with just the sheer beauty of it all.

This image is an award winning, 30 second image. This long exposure turned this raging river - coming from the upper falls off to the left of the image to the 4 side-by-side lower falls just to the right - into smooth 'pudding'.

I don't use auto-preview with my camera (it's a battery drain) but I did look at every image I made there since I knew I'd probably never return to this location.

When I saw this image on my camera it was an "Oh Yeah" moment; as I could see it would be a very special and unique image.

When I got the HD Matte Metal I was blown away with the surreal details and the serene feeling it gave.

HD Matte Metal is by far the superior way to enlarge images for wall art with tremendous detail and ZERO reflections. Reflections in this image would ruin it.

Framed prints with glass, even 'museum' glass, and gloss metal or gloss acrylic - which every photo lab has as standard - are nothing more than high priced mirrors interrupting your viewing pleasure.

That's why we offer HD Matte Metal first and foremost - for your best viewing experience.

On display is a 32" x 18' Image for $425.00.

Of course, it can be made 16" x 9" for $125.00

48" x 27" for $937.00,

or even up to 60" x 33.75" for $1,426.00

- just as long as the height-to-width ratio is the same - or it would need to be cropped...

But where/what would you crop out of this image? I wouldn't.

My lab can make it ANY size (up to 60") - even in fractions of an inch - with no issue at all!

And the 60" x 33.75" would be incredible in a larger space and should cost $2,140.00!

How can I help you?

Just give me a call at


For the right size for your unique situation.

(David Anderson Ward) 30 second exposure gluggafoss falls gluggafoss waterfall iceland iceland waterfall iceland waterfalls long exposure merkja river serenity smooth water https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2022/10/merkja-river-at-gluggafoss-falls Tue, 25 Oct 2022 19:03:34 GMT
Multnomah Falls https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2022/9/multnomah-falls Multnomah FallsMultnomah Falls

2022-9-23 - UCP - Best of Week - Multnomah Falls2022-9-23 - UCP - Best of Week - Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls - In the Columbia River Gorge in NW Oregon.

32"T x 18"W

HD Matte Metal

For $422.00

The Columbia  River divides NW Oregon and SW Washington State in the western 300 miles of their shared border. On the Oregon side there are several waterfalls, the Vista House, and Mt. Hood is just a few miles south.

It's an absolutely beautiful setting; and Multnomah Falls is right off the main road.

The most famous and dramatic waterfall in the Columbia River Gorge is Multnomah Falls.

It is the tallest waterfall in Oregon at 620' tall, cascading over 2 basalt cliffs.

The 1914 Benson Bridge - built by Italian Stone Masons and still looks and functions very well -

is visible in this image - with no people on it!

But getting a photo with no one on Benson Bridge is not easy since 2 million people a year visit this national monument! I knew it gets really busy, especially in summer; so I got there by 6:30 AM and I was the first one in the parking lot! A few more cars came in but I was able to set up my tripod at the base of the falls and was able to shoot this waterfall the way I wanted to. And none of the 4 or 5 people there went up the trail until I was done. That was very considerate of them all.

I had seen Multnomah Falls in 2010 and was very impressed. But all I had back then was a Point-&-Shoot camera - today's cell phones blow away old P&S cameras - and ever since I've wanted to shoot this again with a full frame camera. I got my chance in June, 2021. Seeing and photographing Multnomah Falls properly was a major goal of this June, 2021 trip - along with getting to the Hood Canal for my 3 day Bald Eagle workshop.

The park service has created a trail up to the top of Multnomah Falls where they put a sturdy platform to view the falls dropping down 620'! It's a 785' elevation gain with 11 switchbacks over a bit more than a mile long. Along the way, there are various views of the waterfall, great views of the Columbia River, and many flowers and plants I've never seen before, certainly not back in NJ.

Some of my favorite images from this trip were made in the Multnomah Falls National Monument.

There is now a gallery on this website about Multnomah Falls and any image in this gallery, every gallery, would make stunning wall art on HD Matte Metal.


This image has been made into 3 HD Matte Metals so far - one hangs in a home in WA, one hangs in our home, and one is used in my solo exhibits.

Of course, this is available in other sizes,

Like as a 16" x 19" for $125.00

Or as a 48" x 27" for $937.00

Or even as a 60" x 33.75" for $1,426.00

This would be spectacular at this size and it may soon be hanging in a office building's two story lobby.

How can we help you?





(David Anderson Ward) 1914 Benson Bridge Columbia River Gorge Multnomah Falls National Monument https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2022/9/multnomah-falls Tue, 27 Sep 2022 22:50:27 GMT
Iris 'Lone Wolf' https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2022/9/iris-lone-wolf 6-6-20 @ 7 48 34 PM - Iris 'Lone Wolf' - Schreiner - 20196-6-20 @ 7 48 34 PM - Iris 'Lone Wolf' - Schreiner - 2019 2022-9-16 - UCP - Best of Week - Iris 'Lone Wolf'2022-9-16 - UCP - Best of Week - Iris 'Lone Wolf'

Iris 'Lone Wolf' - Iris x germanica

21" x 21" HD Matte Metal for $320.00

This beautiful bearded Iris is one of hundreds on display every year in late May and early June at Presby Gardens in Montclair. www.presbyirisgardens.org

Located at the base of the 7 1/2 acre Mountainside Park in Montclair, the Presby Memorial Iris Gardens contain over 14,000 Irises of approximately 3,000 varieties, and produce over 100,000 blooms over the course of the season, which is typically mid-May through the first week of June.

I usually try to visit in the first week of June when the Peony bushes in front of the house are in bloom, too; and I usually opt for an overcast day to eliminate harsh shadows in my photographs.

I also have a Gallery on this website with over 100 images of the many varieties there. www.davidandersonward.com/


If you even think you like Irises, Presby Gardens has to be seen in person. It's not flashy from the street where you can park, but once in the garden you realize just how incredible all these varieties are up close - and some were introduced 50-100 years ago and are still thriving.

And their Tree Peonies are amazing, too - and they are usually in bloom in early June.

Tree Peony doesn't mean they are trees. They just have woody stems and don't die back to the soil every year like herbaceous Peony do and are about 3' to 4' tall. They are in a planting in front of the house and some others are out by the sign. All are spectacular.

It's worth the drive there to see this small park - one of the largest display of Iris anywhere in the world - and it's right here in New Jersey.

This 'Lone Wolf' variety was introduced in 2019 by Schreiner's and grows abundant blooms 37" tall with lavender standards, velvety purple falls, with lavender veining around the beards and a lighter purple border on the falls. It's absolutely stunning to see this Iris in person and the HD Matte Metal presents this amazingly well.

If you like lavender and dark purple, this would be a stunning piece for your home or office.

Any of the images in my Presby Gardens Gallery are also available as HD Matte Metal.

How can we help? Contact me directly for other sizes and prices!  




(David Anderson Ward) Flowers HD Matte Metal Iris Lone Wolf Metal Montclair NJ Peony Presby Gardens Schreiners https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2022/9/iris-lone-wolf Tue, 27 Sep 2022 16:36:59 GMT
Monarch on Aster https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2022/7/monarch-on-aster Monarch Butterfly on New York AsterMonarch Butterfly on New York Aster

2022-8-2 - UCP - Best of Week - Monarch on NY Aster2022-8-2 - UCP - Best of Week - Monarch on NY Aster

Monarch on Aster

Danaus plexippus on an Aster amellus

25" x 22.5" HD Matte Metal

For $485.00

I've hiked into the beautiful Lord Stirling Stables in Warren, NJ five different times - all with a group led by Benjamin Barkley of the Somerset County Park Commission's Environmental Education Center.

While Lord Stirling Stables IS a Somerset County Park, it is closed to the general public due to safety concerns. Only groups with special permission are allowed into this park because having random people on the trails could spook an unsuspecting horse and throw the rider, a situation no one wants.

The SCPC EEC does several 'walks' a year in this park and they sell out very quickly. One has to be a Somerset County resident to apply, too.

Seeing this park in different seasons has been very special and it's beautiful there.

On October, 15, 2021 I hiked into this park with the EEC and in the expansive forests and meadows I noticed this Monarch Butterfly hovering about. When it landed on the nearby NY Aster I was ready.

The soft yellow in the background is Goldenrod in full bloom. It was a beautiful fall day and all the Goldenrod in full bloom was amazing to see.

This is available as a 25" x 22.5" HD Matte Metal.

It, like every other image, this would look great in any home or office.

But if this size is not what you're looking for, it is available in other sizes as long as the aspect ratio (height to width) stays the same. 

These are the available sizes:

As a 10" x 9" for $125.00

Or as a 15" x 13.5" for $195.00

Or as a 35" x 31.5"for $670.00
Or even as a  40" x 36" - for $1,045.00
This would be incredible at this size!

And yes, we can create these in fractional dimensions - The photo lab we use can & will cut the aluminum any size I request for your special location in your home, office, restaurant or wherever you think best!

How can I help you?



(David Anderson Ward) Aster Lord Stirling Stables Monarch Monarch Butterfly Monarch on Aster New York Aster https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2022/7/monarch-on-aster Tue, 05 Jul 2022 23:16:13 GMT
Magnolia Bloom https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2022/6/magnolia 'Magnolia Bloom''Magnolia Bloom'

2022-8-15 - UCP - Best of Week - Magnolia2022-8-15 - UCP - Best of Week - Magnolia

Magnolia Bloom & Buds

Magnolia × soulangeana

24" x 16" HD Matte Metal for $276.00

We have a beautiful Saucer Magnolia tree growing right in front of our home; and from our bedroom window we have a bird's eye view of the flowers on display every spring.

It's often stunning. But not in 2022. That's nature. 

We had 5 nights in very early April, 2022 when it was around 20 degree every nights which burnt every bloom. My wife and I were very sad to see this happen to this magnificent tree.

Why Saucer Magnolias bloom so early - who knows - it's just what they do. 

However, in 2021 this tree put out a tremendous show!

This image is a fully open bloom as seen from above - something most people never see - along with some buds-to-be. So, from our unique vantage point, I bring this image to you.

In full bloom this tree is spectacular - though a week later the ground is covered in faded flower petals - which quickly disappear. It's really amazing every year to watch this all happen.

This image is available in many sizes - as long as it's in a 3:2 aspect ratio:

30" x 20" for $405.00

15" x 10" for $150.00

45" x 30" for $976.00

Or, for that special room or lobby, a 60" x 40" for $1,665.00

How can I help you?!






(David Anderson Ward) <"Virginia Beauty" Claytonia virginica Early spring blooms Magnolia magnolia x soulangeana Spring Spring Flowers Virginia Spring Beauties https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2022/6/magnolia Thu, 30 Jun 2022 20:40:20 GMT
"Hello There" https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2022/6/-hello-there 'Hello There''Hello There'

2022-8-8 - UCP - Best of Week - 'Hello There' - Female Cardinal2022-8-8 - UCP - Best of Week - 'Hello There' - Female Cardinal


A female Cardinal let's me know - she sees me!

Cardinalis cardinalis

This is an Award Winning 24" x 16"

HD Matte Metal with a 1" Wood Frame

26" x 18" overall dimension

For $353.00 including the frame!

We are very fortunate to have a Pond behind our home and I often take short hikes around it.

In May, 2020 - after COVID entered our lives two months earlier - I did my daily walk around the pond. A female Cardinal was on the east end of the pond flying from branch to branch - and then she flew to the west end of the pond. I thought she was gone. I continued my walk around the pond and as I came to the west side, there she was in a tree on a low branch seemingly waiting for me.

Grey Catbirds will often act like this, but I've never seen a Cardinal act this way.

She knew I was there long before I realized where she was. It was like she was toying with me.

She cavorted around on this branch for a few minutes, then gave me this look -

Was it a "Hello There" or "Who are you and what do you want?", and then flew off.

I've never had an interaction with a Cardinal like that before or since.

That first spring of COVID, Nature responded in some very cool ways.

This image was created as a 24" x 16" HD Matte Metal but can be made at pretty much any size using the same Aspect Ratio (Height x Width).

As an example, a 12" x 8" would work - or at 48" x 30" it would make an amazing statement.

The Custom Wood Frame turns this into a museum piece.

These optional frames are designed specifically for metal images and the company who makes these for us has tremendous service, quick turnaround, and great prices.

I'd be happy to help you find the right size for your home or office.

Just give me a call -



(David Anderson Ward) Cardinal cardinalis cardinalis Female Cardinal HD Matte Metal Hello There Hillsborough Matte Metal Metal Nature and COVID NJ Pond https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2022/6/-hello-there Tue, 28 Jun 2022 16:50:47 GMT
Flying Horned Puffin https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2022/6/flying-horned-puffin Horned Puffin in FlightHorned Puffin in Flight

2022-8-15 - UCP - Best of Week - Puffin in Flight2022-8-15 - UCP - Best of Week - Puffin in Flight

Flying Horned Puffin

Fratercula corniculata

This award winning 32" x 18"

HD Matte Metal is available

For $425.00

In June, 2019 I did a 5 day photo tour in Kenai Fjords National Park out of Seward, Alaska.

It was called "Marine Wildlife of Kenai Fjords" and that was an understatement.

It's difficult to describe how abundant the wildlife is in this remote, food-rich location.

Puffins fly by like a missile at 50 mph with their wings flapping 400 beats a minute!

It's really amazing to have them buzz by you like a bullet.

Puffins are shaped like footballs with wings that are clearly not large enough to create flight for them, yet they are incredible flyers.

They are also expert divers who often bring back several fish at once. Insane!

Capturing these in flight was a challenge. So I set my shutter speed at 1/3200th and watched them fly off and return to the cliffs. I soon discovered they fly in a straight line most of the time - thank goodness.  Once I figured that out I was able to get several great in-flight images. It was addicting!

It's safe to say this was a definite highlight of the tour for me, among many other highlights.

All of which are in the Gallery on my site about Kenai Fjords -


and in my video/slideshow on YouTube - under DavidAndersonWard


This Horned Puffin swooped down from the rocky cliffs and took off like they were cruise missiles falling from a wing of a plane before taking off!

I just followed it off the cliff and bam - I was able to capture it in flight.

This is offered as a  32" x 18" HD Matte Metal for $425.00.

It's also available as a 16" x 9" for $125.00

48" x 27" for $937.00

60" x 33.75" for $1,426.00

It's also available in other sizes and there is enough room in this image to crop if needed for

whatever room you want this in.

I left room in the image so the Puffin had 'room to fly forward' - especially with their speed!

I am happy to work with you to get this exactly as you want it - and my lab will cooperate.




(David Anderson Ward) Chiswell Islands Flying Horned Puffin Horned Puffin Kenai Fjords Kenai Fjords National Park Puffin Puffin In Flight https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2022/6/flying-horned-puffin Tue, 28 Jun 2022 02:16:29 GMT
"Mommy's Home" https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2022/6/-Mommys-Home 'Mommy's Home''Mommy's Home'

2022-8-8 - UCP - Best of Week - 'Mommy's Home' - An Osprey Female Returns2022-8-8 - UCP - Best of Week - 'Mommy's Home' - An Osprey Female Returns

"Mommy's Home!"

An Osprey Returns to her Nest but Junior is not interested!

Pandion haliaetus

This is a 32"W x 25"T HD Matte Metal

For $535.00

Every spring Ospreys return to NJ to fish along the coasts and in rivers and lakes throughout the state.

There are old abandoned buildings in the Fort Hancock area of Sandy Hook National Park that Osprey like to build their enormous nests upon; and typically every spring they return. 

On June 13, 2020 I photographed the sunrise in Asbury Park...


I then drove up the coast to Sandy Hook to see what the Osprey might be up to.

This Osprey couple made a gigantic nest on the chimney of the house across from the church and there was at least one young Osprey in the nest. Not long after I positioned myself on the lawn surrounding this building, the Mama Osprey returned to the nest in this spectacular fashion with who-knows-what in her claws?! The youngster completely ignored her arrival, so it was probably just more nesting material - like this nest needed any more stuff?!

This image was published in 9 Jersey Shore Local Newspapers in 2020!

As displayed, this 32" x 25" image is certainly a dramatic size. But it can be made any size as long as the Aspect Ratio (Height to Width) is maintained as it really cannot be cropped.

One example is 20" x 15.625" - and yes, we can make the metal any size, even using fractions of an inch to maintain the aspect (height/width) ratio, as the lab we use exclusively can and will custom cut the aluminum however I need it cut. 

One option is 15" x 11.71" for $176.00

Or 20" x 15.625" for $251.00

Or 48" x 37.5" for $1,350.00

Or even 51.75" x 40.00" for $1,554.00

51.75" x 40" is the option for that special sized room or lobby. 

That would be amazing and make quite the statement for sure.

I can help you decide what size makes the most sense for your home or office.

Just give me a call.


I am here to help!

(David Anderson Ward) . Fort Hancock HD Matte Metal HD Metal Matte Metal Metal Prints Osprey Osprey NJ Pandion haliaetus Sandy Hook https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2022/6/-Mommys-Home Tue, 28 Jun 2022 00:11:01 GMT
Pirouetting Duck https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2022/6/pirouetting-duck Piruetting DuckPiruetting Duck

2022-8-2 - UCP - Best of Week - Piruetting Duck2022-8-2 - UCP - Best of Week - Piruetting Duck

Pirouetting Duck

Anas platyrhynchos

24" x 16" HD Matte Metal in a 1" Custom Wood Frame.

Total Size is 26" x 18" for $353.00

Behind our home is a small pond with a walking trail around it - on which I try to do a daily short hike.

There is almost always something to photograph in or around the pond, especially early spring flowers.

We sometimes have a mated pair of Mallard Ducks in the pond - although not every year - but in 2020 we did!

The trail is frequently used by many people (and some with dogs), so I'm not surprised with the ducks' reluctance to be in this pond.

There are a few fallen tree limbs and trunks in the pond around the edges. One day this female Mallard got up onto this log and while grooming herself, she did a very nice pirouette - which I was very fortunate to see and capture.

I've never seen any duck before or after replicate this move, so it was a unique and special moment.

This is available as a 24" x 16" HD Matte Metal in a Custom Wood Frame creating a

26" x 18" piece for $353.00 delivered (locally). 

I also have this as a 32" x 18" HD Matte Metal for $425.00, but with no frame.

Of course, this can be made at any size and there is room to crop it a little if needed to make it perfect for you.


(David Anderson Ward) Anas platyrhynchos Duck Ducks Female Mallard Duck Hillsborough Mallard Duck NJ Pirouetting Duck Pond https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2022/6/pirouetting-duck Mon, 27 Jun 2022 21:07:35 GMT
Red Fox https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2022/6/red-fox Red FoxRed Fox

2022-5-24 - UCP - Best of Week - Red Fox2022-5-24 - UCP - Best of Week - Red Fox

Red Fox

Volpes volpes

An Award Winning 25" x 14" HD Matte Metal

For $262.00

While driving around the Fort Hancock area of Sandy Hook, two Foxes ran across the road in front of our vehicle. As we slowly pulled forward this Fox was up on a small hill about 30' from the road. 

We stopped and rolled down the window for better shooting (with a camera, of course) situation, and it did not even flinch or run away. These foxes have become way too habituated to humans for sure. Feeding or baiting any wild animal is an absolute no-no, yet some people do. This alters their behavior and, quite frankly, human food is not good for them (nor for us for that matter).

It's really a shame some people do this.

However, this Fox provided this stellar portrait pose for me and I gladly made this image.

A funny story - one of my daughters got this image as a 25" x 14" HD Matte Metal. The 3D details in this are amazing. After I finished installing this image, her housecat came into the room and immediately crouched down and began stalking the Fox!!! It was amazing and hilarious to watch. When it got about 3' away it finally realized the Fox wasn't real and walked away.

But seeing this cat do this shows just how good my photo lab is.

This would look stunning at this size or any other size with the same aspect ratio (height/width).

A portrait of your favorite dog enlarged on HD Matte Metal would also be stunning.



(David Anderson Ward) Fort Hancock Red Fox Sandy Hook Volpes volpes https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2022/6/red-fox Mon, 27 Jun 2022 17:47:29 GMT
Two Horned Puffins https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2022/6/two-horned-puffins Two PuffinsTwo Puffins

Two Horned Puffins

30" x 24" HD Matte Metal

for $496.00

Puffins are incredible medium-sized birds that many people plan trips just to see them.

In Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska there is an area about 35 miles south of Seward called the Chiswell Islands. Wildlife there is so abundant it's literally overwhelming.

Humpback Whales, Orca, Sea Birds of several species -

including Horned & Tufted Puffins - Stellar Sea Lions, and much more. 

We were between a few islands when 4 Humpbacks appeared, surfacing and diving under showing their massive tails, with sea birds floating, flying and singing all around us and Stellar Sea Lions on Rocks nearby bellowing away.  When the onboard naturalist put a hydra-phone into the water so we could hear the Humpbacks communicating it was MINDS BLOWN!

While none of the 4 Humpbacks breached, that was OK.

We were in their environment and they will choose what they will do, not us. That's nature.

After that incredible wildlife experience we cruised over to where the naturalist knew there was a rookery of Puffins. Everyone on the boat was very excited. Watching these football shaped birds with wings seemingly way too small to fly - yet they fly so incredibly well (at 50 mph with wings beating 400 times a minute!) and swim even better!

Photographing one in flight was a definite highlight for me. Once I got one in flight, it was hard to stop - addicting! I have more Puffin images in the Iceland Gallery on this websitehttps://www.davidandersonward.com/kenai_fjords and

I also have an 11 minute video/slideshow on YouTube


OR just search

davidandersonward on YouTube and there will be 3 videos including

Iceland and Canadian Arctic Wildlife. You might enjoy all 3 videos.

These two gorgeous birds were posing on the cliffs and I was fortunate to see them since Puffins move around constantly. These two were contemplating flying off to get some more fish - which Puffin went first I do not remember as another Puffin grabbed my attention.

There were at least 20 or more Puffins on this cliff flying out, flying in, and doing whatever they do. All the while our 45' boat was just hovering in the cove far enough way to not bother them. These were expert tour guides for sure. It was magical

This image is available as a 30" x 24" HD Matte Metal.

ZERO Reflections with very minimal glare so you can fully enjoy these images.

Gloss Metal or Acrylic and Framed Prints are just high priced mirrors.

This size is $496.00 delivered (locally).

This is also available in other sizes as long as the aspect ratio (height x width) is the same.

15" x 12" for $190.00

OR as a 20" x 16" for $260.00

OR, for that special room, as a 60" x 48" for $1,660.00

This size would be incredible!

We'd love to help you find the image and size perfect for your home or office!





(David Anderson Ward) Alaska Chiswell Islands Horned Puffins Kenai Fjords Kenai Fjords National Park Puffins Seward Tufted Puffins https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2022/6/two-horned-puffins Sat, 25 Jun 2022 19:38:09 GMT
Blue Iceberg https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2022/5/blue-iceberg Blue Iceberg in Jokulsarion Glacier LagoonBlue Iceberg in Jokulsarion Glacier Lagoon

2022-7-9 - Best of Week - Blue Iceberg2022-7-9 - Best of Week - Blue Iceberg


An award winning 36"T x 24"W

HD Matte Metal for $570.00

This amazing Blue Iceberg was one of several dozen icebergs in Jokulsarion Glacier Lagoon on 10/19/21 when my 3 friends and I were there. This was in a different location in this enormous lagoon and larger when we visited Jokulsarion Glacier Lagoon just 2 days earlier. These icebergs constantly change as they break off the glacier and float through this large lagoon before being swept out the North Sea. They melt and change constantly as they move through the lagoon; so this is a UNIQUE, ONE-OF-A-KIND image that is available nowhere else, simply because the Icebergs constantly change as they move and melt.

A common question: "Is the ice really this blue?"

YES - and even more amazing in person. Blue glaciers have been compressed by the enormous weight of the glacier for hundreds of years. The red light of the sun is absorbed and the blue light is reflected back to our eyes (and camera lenses) in all these amazing variations!

This is an HD Matte Metal which provides the tremendous, almost 3D detail with ZERO Reflections regardless of the light source.
This is printed using Dye Sublimation - (THE premium printing method); and a print this size takes about
two hours to complete!

It is then heat transferred to Chromaluxe Aluminum, the finest aluminum to display photos.

This provides an amazing presentation with a no-fade rating of at least 65 years!

And the 3D details in the Ice in this image are incredible! It's really amazing in person.

IF this was a framed print, or gloss metal or acrylic, the reflections and glare would interrupt your view of the image and the shipping and hanging weight would be significantly more - at least double in weight for a framed print, maybe more!

This is a 36"T x 24"W HD Matte Metal for $570.00 delivered (locally).

I can provide this in different sizes as long as the aspect ratio (height/width) stays the same.

IE: 18" x 12" for $200.00

OR 21" x 14" for $256.00

OR 24" x 16" for $298.00

OR 48" x 32" - for a large space - for $1,110.00

I will work with you to get the perfect size for your home or office. 

Whatever size is chosen, this image is sure to blow people away.

Most people have never seen anything like this in person and no one will ever see this Iceberg like this ever again. It's unique.

Just call 908-240-7484 to get the perfect size.

How can I help you?!


(David Anderson Ward) . Blue Ice Blue Iceberg Glacier Lagoon Iceland Jokulsarion Glacier Lagoon Pyramid Iceberg https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2022/5/blue-iceberg Sat, 28 May 2022 00:31:32 GMT
Vestrahorn Mountain Aurora https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2022/4/vestrahorn-mountain-aurora Aurora Borealis over the Vesterhorn MountainsAurora Borealis over the Vesterhorn Mountains   2022-7-2 - Best of Week - Vestrahorn Mountain Aurora2022-7-2 - Best of Week - Vestrahorn Mountain Aurora

Vestrahorn Mountain Aurora

32" x 18" HD Matte Metal for $425.00

Aurora Borealis - many people have seeing this on their ' bucket list', yet few actually do get to see it, mainly because it's not so easy.

The Aurora is usually only visible in the far north - Alaska, northern Canada, Iceland, Greenland, Norway, etc - and typically only in the late fall or winter months. And the skies need to be clear, which is often not the case in these frigid locations. Although, when I went camping on an uninhabited island at the top of Quebec in August, 2017. the last night the Aurora filled the entire sky for 2 hours!

It ends up being luck, serendipity, and patience; with some very serious cooperation from nature.

In late October, 2019, 3 friends and I visited Iceland for 10 days. Everyone said before we went that we were going too early. They were very wrong. Yes, the first 5 nights were overcast and very windy - that's Iceland.

After an intense wind storm on the 5th night. the skies cleared, the winds died down, and we saw the Northern Lights 4 NIGHTS IN A ROW! 

It was incredible!

We spent the afternoon of this day shooting the iconic Vestrahorn Mountains and the surrounding area. We already planned to see if the Aurora presented itself again this night, so we ate our sandwiches in the SUV and waited. Of course, we didn't know for sure if the Aurora would appear again that night - that's Luck and Serendipity. Of course, there's an APP for Aurora alerts, but none of us had it.

While we sat in our vehicle until after sundown, we waited, and waited, and waited - Patience! Then, the sky started to light up in the lower left of this image. As the Aurora started dancing and morphing over the mountains, we quickly got out to the beach and set up our tripods and cameras.

How did the Aurora know to dance over the mountains instead of behind them?...?

We quickly set up where the surf was going in and out to try to capture the reflection of the Aurora. It was like a comedy skit with us taking a shot or two (each one a 30 second image), running up the beach to avoid getting soaked, then running back down and shooting 1 or 2 more images, and repeat this several times. Yes, we got a bit wet anyway. But we had a blast even though it was 18 degrees!

We didn't care because there was no wind - it was actually joyous with no wind.

This is actually two images stitched together in post processing. We were too close to the mountains to capture all of the mountains and the Aurora on both sides in one image, so two images were needed to achieve my vision. But I had to know that this would work in advance and how to shoot these 2 images.

These are Two 30 second images at 14mm, f/1.8, and 400 ISO.

Full disclosure: It doesn't look this bright in person. The long exposures reveal all the brightness and detail, but the camera doesn't make stuff up - it just brings it all out.

This is a unique, impossible to duplicated image since no two Auroras are the same.

This image is presented on HD Matte Metal.  Printed using Dye Sublimation - the most advanced printing method available today, and this image took over an hour to print! It was then heat transferred to Chromaluxe Aluminum, the finest aluminum for photos - which are rated not to fade for 65 years! 

I always use their Matte finish so there are ZERO reflections and very minimal glare.

If this was a typical matted and framed print, or printed on gloss metal or gloss acrylic, the reflections would be impossibly distracting - the result with those is literally a high priced mirror.

My HD Matte Metal is vastly superior in every way to present images of any size.

After searching the entire printing industry, I found a company that does consistently excellent work with great customer service. I've drop-shipped metal images all over the country with the confidence they will look great. Everyone has been blown away with their images - for which I am deeply honored and very grateful. Even their hanging system is absolute genius. No other metal lab even comes close!

I am very grateful to have found this photo lab so I can offer everyone this superior solution.

This Aurora image is also available at

15" x 10" for $150.00

Or at 30" x 20" for $405.00

Or even 60" x 40" for $1,660.00

As displayed in 92 East Main St., Somerville, NJ.

If you live anywhere near Somerville, NJ, this 60" x 40" Aurora is worth seeing in person!


Another option - one time only is this Framed Aurora.

This was printed on Hahnemuhle Photo Paper, the mounted on Foam Core, then sprayed with Desert Mosaic to protect it (no glass needed!) and then professionally framed.

Vestrahorn Mountain Aurora FramedVestrahorn Mountain Aurora Framed This image is 26" x 12" framed and looks great, like a museum piece. Cost is $150.00.

This is on display through 7/31/23 in the Bridgewater Library in the Display Case in front.

We can even provide quality wood frames specifically made for metal images at very reasonable prices. Of course, a frame for a 60" x 40" would not be inexpensive due to the size and shipping.

However, once framed, these will become museum pieces.

Let me know how I can be of service


I am honored & grateful to help you choose the right image and the right size for your home or office.




(David Anderson Ward) Aurora Aurora Borealis Aurora Reflections Hofn Iceland Northern Lights Vestrahorn Mountains https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2022/4/vestrahorn-mountain-aurora Thu, 21 Apr 2022 17:16:27 GMT
FLOWERS https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2021/7/flowers FLOWERS

7 flower images were on display on the 3rd floor gallery that the Edison Art Society has set up in the Edison Municipal Building in the summer of 2021.  

These are all done in HD Matte Metal and each one looks like a painting.

That's what this process does with flower images. It's so cool to see these in person.

These sizes are what looked good for this display but are available any size as long as the ratio stays the same - length and height. And I have many more flower images in my Flower Gallery, Presby Garden Gallery and within several other galleries, too. Any flower image can be enlarged for wall art and the best way to do this is - HD Matte Metal.

And I can also get custom wood frames designed specifically for metal. The prices for these specially designed frames are very reasonable and the quality is excellent every time.

Once any HD Matte Metal is framed they become museum pieces.

Just contact me for any image at any size, framed or not. 

Iris 'Lone Wolf'Iris 'Lone Wolf'

Iris 'Lone Wolf'

Iris x germanica

This beautiful bearded Iris in one of hundreds on display every year in late May and early June at Presby Gardens in Montclair.

This small park along Upper Montclair Avenue has over 10,000 Irises from 1,500 varieties producing well over 100,000 blooms over the course of each season.

If you like Iris, Presby Gardens has to be seen in person.

And their Tree Peonies are amazing, too. They usually bloom in early June.

Tree Peony doesn't mean they are trees. They just have woody stems and don't die back to the soil every year like herbaceous Peony do, They are in a planting in front of the house and some others are out by the sign and all are stunning.

It's worth the drive there to see this small park - one of the largest display of Iris anywhere in the world - and it's right here in New Jersey.

This variety was introduced in 2019 by Schreiner's and grows abundant blooms 37" tall with lavender standards, velvety purple falls, with lavender veining around the beards and a lighter purple border on the falls. It's absolutely stunning to see this Iris in person and the HD Matte Metal presents this amazingly well. If you like lavender and dark purple, this would be a stunning piece for your home or office.

This is a 21" x 21" HD Matte Metal for $320.00.

Virginia Spring BeautyVirginia Spring Beauty Virginia Spring Beauty 

Claytonia virginica

These diminutive flowers are tiny, maybe the size of a nickel. As you walk past these abundant blooms in early spring, they just look like little white dots in among the foliage. But look closely and their true beauty is revealed. Every spring I try to get the best image of these I can. This image of these 3 blooms is one of my favorites to date.

We are fortunate to have a small pond behind our house and these bloom every year on the far side like crazy - which is a good thing as these flowers are a very important early spring pollen sources and they are native to NJ, actually they are native throughout the entire northeast USA.

This is available as a

24" x 16" HD Matte Metal for $276.00.


Red Dahlia & Two BudsRed Dahlia & Two Buds Red Dahlia & 2 Buds

Every year we plant flowering plants and herbs on our deck and this year we purchased a hybrid Dahlia that is blooming like crazy - which is wonderful. This image with the 2 buds emerging shows how abundant this plant is already.

Dahlias are very complex plants with a long history. This is actually a composite flower with central disk florets surrounded by ray florets and each floret is a flower unto itself, not a petal as most horticulturists might think. 

And Dahlias are Octoploids. This means they have 8 sets of homologous chromosomes, whereas most other flowers have two - hence all the species' variations. Nature sure is incredible.

This is displayed as a 24" x 18" HD Matte Metal for $276.00

In person, this Red Dahlia Image looks like a painting.

Phalaenopsis amabilios Orchid ClsuterPhalaenopsis amabilios Orchid Clsuter

White Phalaenopsis Cluster

Phalaenopsis amabilios

This beautiful Orchid Cluster grows in the Duke Farms' Orchid Range. This is a series of traditional style greenhouses built in 1899 and renovated in 2011 to meet LEED Platinum Standards. It's located along the main trail in this incredible 2,700 acre estate in Hillsborough, NJ - which is open to the public and is a model of sustainability - and it's about a 15 minute walk from the parking lot - maybe 20 or more if you stop to admire, rest, or photograph along the way.

Check their website (https://www.dukefarms.org) for more info about times and special events.

Doris Duke first hybridized Phalaenopsis Doris in 1940.

Over 26,000 orchid species descend from this one species! There are up to 1,400 varieties on display at various times of the year in the Orchid Range. It really is an incredible display.

This White Phalaenopsis Cluster is in the middle house on the right. In this house are several Phalaenopsis Orchids Sprays creating a wonderful setting; along with all the other varieties and plants. 

This image is available as an 18" x 24" HD Matte Metal for $335.00.

The details in this are quite amazing, yet it still looks like a painting.

At this size it looks great, but even larger would be incredible.

Pink PeonyPink Peony Pink Peony

Paeonia suffruticosa

Presby Gardens in Montclair also has a wonderful collection of tree peonies that typically come into full bloom in early June; and I try to time my visits there around this early June bloom period to capture Peony and Iris blooms.

I particularly love this image with the light drops of dew on the petals.

This is on display as a 21" x 19" HD Matte Metal for $310.00.

This would be stunning addition to any home or office.

This one also looks like a painting at first - and the details are amazing.

Magnolia BloomMagnolia Bloom Magnolia Bloom

Magnolia x soulangiana

We are fortunate to have a large Saucer Magnolia tree growing in front of out house; and (almost) every spring it's covered in pink buds that open to these pink/white blooms - and then make an enormous mess when all the petals drop. But that's over quickly and then this becomes a beautiful shade tree until fall.

So right out our bedroom window are hundreds of blooms to choose from every April. Trying to find one that faces the window instead of away from it is always a challenge - and, of course, it's their decision where to face, and certainly not mine. Most will face the sun which is opposite the window.

I've shot individual buds under various light, opening buds, and fully open ones. I even shot one that bloomed in mid July - it's a confused tree this year.

This particular bloom revealed itself perfectly one day this spring and I was able to capture it in perfect light.

Available as a 24" x 16" HD Matte Metal for $276.00

It would be a stunning addition to your wall art collection.

Few people have seen Magnolia blooms displayed like this because most people only see these blooms from the ground looking up! This image will surely generate conversation.

Peach RosePeach Rose

Carina Hybrid Tea Rose

Rosa chinensis Variety

I found this beautiful rose among the dozens of Rose varieties on display at the Rudolf W. van der Goot Rose Garden in Colonial Park, Somerset, NJ.

I call this Peach Rose but I'm sure it has a formal name. I just think the soft Pink, Orange, and Yellow combinations of colors in this Rose are just incredibly beautiful; and I love the 2 buds poking out from behind saying, "I'm Next!".

This image REALLY looks like a painting on the HD Matte Metal and would look tremendous in any home or office.

This is on display in Edison as a 21" x 21" HD Matte Metal and costs $320.00

These 7 images are some of my favorite ones taken recently. And there are hundreds more flowers from all over the world. So if you have a favorite flower there's a good chance I have a picture of one. Once you see these HD Matte Metal Flower Images in person, you'll agree HD Matte Metal is clearly the superior choice to display them.

How can I help you?!



(David Anderson Ward) Beauty Bloom Buds Dahlia Flower Flowers Iris Lone Wolf Magnolia Moth Orange Orchid Peony Phalaenopsis Pink Red Rose Saucer Spring Tree Virginia White Yellow https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2021/7/flowers Tue, 13 Jul 2021 19:39:54 GMT
Iceland https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2021/7/iceland Themed Wall - IcelandThemed Wall - Iceland


In late October 2019 I visited Iceland with 3 men from the Hillsborough Digital Photographic Society.

We were in Iceland for 10 days (10/20 through 10/30/2019) and it was absolutely incredible. 10 days only touched the surface as this island is much bigger then it seems and yet we saw and photographed so much.

This themed wall section features 6 of the 118 images on this website's Iceland gallery and I also have a YouTube video/slideshow  on Iceland that's 13:32 long with 5 songs accompanying the slides. Most people find the video very Zen. I hope you can enjoy it, too - especially on a big screen TV!

All 6 images on display are HD Matte Metal. This provides tremendous detail with ZERO reflections and minimal glare. This is, without question, THE superior way to enlarge and enjoy wall art.

The sizes on display were chosen for this solo exhibit. Keep in mind that any piece is available at any size or on any medium; but as displayed they will make a bold statement wherever displayed in your home or office.

Tall Blue IcebergTall Blue Iceberg

'Iceberg in Jokulsarion Lagoon'.

This tall, blue, pyramid iceberg is one of hundreds of icebergs recently calved off the Breiðamerkurjökull Glacier in this almost 7 square mile lagoon - before they float out to the North Sea. It's incredible seeing this for the first time.

We visited this lagoon 3 times in the 10 days we were in Iceland because the photographic compositions were almost limitless. Each time we were there, the icebergs changed - they moved, they became smaller, and some just disappeared altogether as they floated out to sea. It was an amazing thing to see. This iceberg captured my attention more than any of the others. This is a unique image no one else will ever have because this iceberg changed constantly.

And it really was this blue. Why is the iceberg blue? The long wavelengths of light from the sun (the reds) are absorbed by the ice while the blue light is reflected into light we can see. This is especially true with ice that's been under tremendous pressure for hundreds of years! So this iceberg was buried within the glacier for hundreds, if not thousands of years. It's kind of tough to grasp this while looking at it's intense beauty.

This is on display as a 36" x 24" HD Matte Metal for $765.00. This has to be seen in person as the details in this piece are really incredible - almost 3D details! And there are ZERO reflections!

Only our HD Matte Metal provides these key advantages over matted and framed artwork or gloss metal or acrylic. And this solution provides twice the resolution versus Canvas. This is without question the best way to create wall art.

Fire & iceFire & ice 'Fire and Ice'

Many of the icebergs washed out into the North Sea from the Jokulsarion Glacier Lagoon end up being washed back up onto Diamond Beach - so called because all the beached icebergs look like giant, uncut diamonds. There are hundreds of these ice chunks on this black sand beach - some as small as footballs and some as large as cars or larger!

We visited Diamond Beach at sunset one night and for sunrise two days later - and in those two days, all the ice had changed on the beach. On the sunrise visit, the icebergs were much bigger and dramatic. As I walked around looking for cool icebergs to shoot, I noticed this large iceberg of mostly clear ice glowing like it was on fire because of the sun rising behind it (fire - even though the sun is 94 million miles away). I positioned myself between it and the rising sun to capture this magical image.

Most people aren't quite sure what this is image is all about - now you know!

This is on display as a 32" x 18" HD Matte Metal for $540.00.

This is sure to create great conversation wherever it's displayed.

Vestrahorn Ice Sheet SunriseVestrahorn Ice Sheet Sunrise  c

Vestrahorn AuroraVestrahorn Aurora 'Vestrahorn Aurora'.

This image has quite the story behind it.

We visited the iconic Vestrahorn Mountains late in our first afternoon in Hofn, Iceland and got some amazing images late in the day - several of which are on this website's Iceland Gallery.

Then we just hung out in our warm vehicle and waited until it got dark. And waited. And waited.

All the 'experts' said late October was too early to see the Aurora in Iceland. Once the wind died down and the skies cleared on day 5, we saw the Aurora 4 nights in a row! We are so glad we were fortunate enough to see this so well and so often regardless of what all the 'guru's had to say. But as we waited we began to get a tad disappointed that maybe this night it might not happen. Patience.

By far the best Aurora display was this one. Once it began to appear, my friend and I rushed out to position ourselves on the beach hoping to get the Aurora reflected on the water and the wet black sand. We set up where the surf had just washed out, took our exposures, and as the surf rushed in again, we picked up the tripods and ran up the beach until it washed out again. Then we ran down to shoot again. Over and over again in order to get several images. We had a blast doing this - kind of Laurel & Hardy-like I'm sure. And it was 18 degrees. But we didn't care because there was no wind; which made shooting this absolutely joyous - compared to the first 5 days with 20-40 mph relentless, brutal winds.

The Aurora first appeared in the lower left and began morphing and dancing along the tops of the mountains until it became what you see here. It was absolutely magical, stunning, and quite overwhelming to see this all happening in person. 

But the Aurora doesn't know there are mountains there. It's a random atmospheric event.

But to watch it do what it did was incredible. This image is completely unique and will never be duplicated.

Since my 14 mm lens could not capture the full width of the mountains with the Aurora extended beyond them on either side in one shot, I made two images and Photoshop beautifully stitched them together into this two image panorama.

The two images that make up this one image were each shot at 14 mm, f/1.8, for 30 seconds at ISO 400. This is what brought out the beautiful reflections and the 14 mm allowed for the 30 second exposure. The fast 14 mm 1.8 lens allowed for the 400 ISO. And both shot in one session between the incoming surf! Incredible.

This is on display display as a 32" x 18" HD Matte Metal for $630.00.

If you'd like to see a 60" x 40" HD Metal of this image, one was just installed at 92 East Main St., Somerville and can be viewed any work day. It really is something to see in person.

Most people have seeing the Aurora on their 'List'. Having this on display in your home or office is the next best thing.

It will certainly foster conversation wherever it's on display.

Gatklettur Basalt Rock ArchGatklettur Basalt Rock Arch 'Gatklettur Rock Arch'

This is near Arnarstapi on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula in western Iceland.

The entire coastline of Iceland is quite dramatic and this naturally formed rock arch is most impressive.

We stayed in an Air B&B home less then a half mile away from these awesome sea cliffs.

Gatklettur Rock Arch is the dominant feature in this amazing seascape of 60' tall sea bluffs; but the views in all directions are wonderful there no matter where you look.

This is on display as a 32" x 18" HD Matte Metal for $540.00

Created as a 3 image panorama, it was cropped down to the 32" x 18" image seen here. The full panorama is available as are the individual images that make this up this panorama; providing lots of options.

The details in this piece are really amazing and, once again, there are ZERO reflections distracting your viewing.

Gluggafoss Falls' RiverGluggafoss Falls' River 'Merkja River at Gluggafoss Falls'.

This is a 30 second exposure of the raging water flowing from the 60' tall upper waterfall to the left of this image to the lower waterfall just to the right. The 30 seconds smoothed out this water like pudding glass while the 'light' is perfect just before the sun entered this gorge. Capturing this image was a very special moment for me.

The upper falls cuts through relatively soft palagonite rock and the lower 4 falls cascade over basalt rock. It was beautiful.

This is on display as a 32" x 18" HD Matte Metal for $540.00.

The details in this are incredible and everyone seeing this will be blown away once they realize what they're seeing. 


Upper Gluggafoss FallsUpper Gluggafoss Falls

'Upper Gluggafoss Falls'

Most visitors to Iceland mob the most obvious and easy to get to waterfalls, making for very difficult images with all the tourists in the way. Of course, those tourists have every right to be there, too.

We found this little double waterfall while driving back to our Air B&B house near Vik, Iceland one morning. We had traveled inland to a location for a (hopefully) dramatic sunrise, but it was too overcast and brutally windy where we were, with unrelenting 40 mph wind gusts. We left there after trying several spots but it was insanely cold and windy; so we were all a bit disappointed. As we drove back we saw a sign for Gluggafoss Waterfall and we all agreed - why not try it? It ended up being one of my favorite shooting locations; and almost no one even knows about it because it's not right on Rt 1, the 'Ring Road'. While there, we only saw 6 other people who came and went as we all did our long exposures.

Gluggafoss Falls has a lower waterfall that's actually 4 individual waterfalls that flows over a basalt ledge; and an upper falls that flows through palagonite or tuft rock - and there are more waterfalls beyond uphill. At the top of this lower waterfall is a 80' long raging river that connects the upper to the lower falls. I have 8 images on my Iceland Gallery of these falls.

It was blissfully NOT windy in this gorge - a welcome break from the early morning with those brutal 40 mph, gusty winds - and there were many compositions within this gorge. To create this image I took 3 horizontal 30 second images which I later stitched together into this vertical panorama - once again, this is an original, unique image no one else will ever create.

Most waterfall images are shot at 4 to 8 seconds, but I just love how the 30 seconds treated this waterfall and the river. And I love how the rocks and ice formations surrounding the falls create a natural triangle. All the icicles are a bonus!

The details in this are amazing and this would be a stunning image in any setting.

This is on display as a 36" x 24" HD Matte Metal for $765.00.
Few people have ever seen anything like this; and since so few visitors to Iceland even know this waterfall even exists; so you will own a very unique, original image - and on HD Matte Metal, too! 

The images taken at Gluggafoss Falls are some of my favorite from our 10 day trip to Iceland - but there are so many more images on my site including impressive mountains, churches, more waterfalls. glacier lagoons, icebergs on a black sand beach, Aurora Borealis and, of course, the beautiful Icelandic Horses.

Please visit my Gallery or watch the YouTube video for more images of this amazing place.

And let me know if any of these images are of interest for your home or office.





(David Anderson Ward) Air Arch Arnastopi Aurora B&B Beach Borealis Diamond Falls Gatklettur Glacier Gluggafoss Hofn Iceland Icelandic Jokulsarion Lagoon Mountains Rock Sunrise Vestrahorn Vick https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2021/7/iceland Tue, 13 Jul 2021 14:49:04 GMT
Muir Woods https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2021/7/muir-woods Muir Woods' TrailMuir Woods' Trail

2022-9-16 - UCP - Best of Week - Muir Woods2022-9-16 - UCP - Best of Week - Muir Woods

Muir Wood's Trail

30" x 20" HD Satin Metal for $405.00 - Signed &Delivered.

This photo was made while hiking in this beautiful national monument a few years ago. Muir Woods was created in the early 1900's and was the first national monument created from privately owned land. The national park service did a tremendous job setting up this park and has maintained this beautiful park ever since for the 1.2 million people who visit this park annually.

And it's only 16.4 miles north of San Francisco, CA.

I'm surprised it doesn't have more visitors as it's so beautiful and peaceful inside on the trails.

I have dozens of images from inside this Coastal Redwood Forest in this protected valley;  and shooting trees this tall and splendid proved to be quite the challenge. This image of this quiet trail through the redwoods is my favorite from our visit.

If you're ever in San Francisco you should really try to visit this park as there's nothing else quite like it anywhere else that I know of. 

It, like every image, is available in other sizes, larger or smaller - in this aspect ratio of height & width. 

As an example, we have a 24"W x 39"T HD Satin Metal hanging in our living room and it's stunning.

I chose HD Satin Metal for this image as it has a bit more pop to it, but it does have some reflections. However, the reflections are nowhere near as bad as gloss metal or gloss acrylic would be.

And it's all matter of personal taste. Of course, this is available in matte, satin or gloss, framed or on metal or acrylic - whatever you prefer - and I am happy to help you make that choice.

But HD Matte Metal or HD Satin Metal is the superior choice.


I am here to help - so how may I help you?!

(David Anderson Ward) . California Coastal Coastal Redwoods Francisco John Muir Muir Woods National Park Redwoods San Franscisco Woods. https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2021/7/muir-woods Tue, 13 Jul 2021 03:20:01 GMT
BIRDS https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2021/7/birds  

Themed Walls - Birds!Themed Walls - Birds! BIRDS - There were two themed wall sections in my Edison Solo Exhibit on Birds - 

These four were in the front hallway.

Taking birds photos, especially flying birds, can be both frustrating and very rewarding and the more you do it the better you'll become - like most things in life.

If you want to freeze them in flight, bird photography requires a very fast shutter speed and that speed depends on the species. The bird photography gurus typically have lists of what speed for what species. Really? Memorize lists?

And perched birds rarely stay still for long and often fly away. My advice is to chose the fastest shutter speed possible while keeping the ISO as low as possible. The aperture depends on how far you are from the bird. Wildlife ethics says you should not be close - and I agree - so aperture can typically be wide open. I try to shoot at least 1/1600th of a second but often push it to 1/3200 or even 1/5000 of a second if I can. If the lens and camera can handle it, why not give yourself that advantage?

Regardless, shooting any wildlife, but especially flying birds, is a challenge.

But it's a genuine thrill when you get a good image. At least I think so.

If the birds only knew what these people with these long tubes on their faces were doing!

Puffin in Flight

An award winning 32"W x 18"T 

HD Matte Metal for $425.00.

Puffins seem to be everyone's favorite bird and if you're ever on a tour in the far north, Puffins are on everyone's list to see - or so it seems. Capturing one in flight is another thing entirely, however. Why?

These small football shaped birds with wings that appear entirely too small actually fly at 55 mph with their wings beating 400 times a minute! I watched them repeatedly launch off and return to their cliffs and I quickly noticed they fly in straight lines - unlike barn swallows who dart all over the place! 

Once I figured out their patterns of flight I set my shutter speed to 1/3200th and I was able to capture several Puffin in Flight photos. This is one of my favorite images. Getting these shots was one of the highlight of this amazing trip to Kenai Fjords NP where the abundance of wildlife is incredible.

This displayed image is a 32" x 18" HD Matte Metal and costs $425.00. It is available any size up to 60" long; and can be cropped to almost any ratio that works for your unique situation.

I also have custom wood frames specifically designed for Metal at a very reasonable cost.

Framed or with not, these make wonderful, unique, and original wall art for your home or office.


Pirouetting Duck

An award winning 32"W x 18"T

HD Matte Metal for $425.00 

We are very fortunate to have a small pond behind our home and almost every year we have a young Mallard Duck Couple on the pond. So cute they are. One day while hiking around the pond this beautiful female Mallard Duck gets up on this log and pirouettes for me.

How could I not make this image of this gorgeous duck doing something I'd never seen before? 

This can be produced at any size, as long long as the Aspect Ratio is maintained.

I have another HD Matte Metal of this image at 24" x 16" with a custom wood frame for 

$385.00 with the Frame Included!

Bald Eagle Talons Forward

An award winning $30"W x 24"T

HD Matte Metal for $495.00.

In June, 2021 I was in Seattle, WA for 9 days; and the last 3 days I was in Seabeck, WA along the Hood Canal for a Bald Eagle Workshop with Mark Smith. We observed and 'shot' 20+ Great Blue Herons and 20+ Bald Eagles feasting on the spawning fish caught in the exposed oyster beds as the tide quickly receded. It was an absolute feeding mayhem for over almost two hours each day as these birds had easy pickings. And the lined up photographers, me included, got shots like they can get nowhere else.

It was amazing, incredible and WOW to watch.

My question is - how do all those Herons know what time the tide goes out? Every day they line up 20 strong right at the edge of the oyster beds at just the right time without clocks - amazing. And while they KNOW they will be continuously harassed by the Eagles, especially by the juvenile Eagles, they still line up because the fish are that easy and plentiful to catch.

I guess it's worth it for them because they are there every day without fail.

This is a 30" x 24" HD Matte Metal and amazing to see in person. There is no question that HD Matte Metal (and only from the print lab I use) is far and away THE best way to enlarge any wildlife image, especially birds. The details are incredible - almost 3D - and there are ZERO reflections.

I also have a 7 Image Attack Sequence - with all images tack sharp - it was an amazing 3 days - which makes a very cool 40" x 7" panorama style piece for $310.00 - or as a 60" x 10" for $350.00.

This  would make a very strong statement for sure. Bald Eagle Attack SequenceBald Eagle Attack Sequence

In my solo exhibit in the Edison Municipal Building's 3rd floor gallery there were halogen track lights right above the images, 2' x 4' ceiling lights throughout, and 3 very large barrel vault skylights in this front room. If these were framed prints, or gloss metal or glass acrylic, the reflections from all that close lighting and the skylights would make these images pretty much unviewable.

With my HD Matte Metal you can enjoy the entire image with NO annoying distractions from reflections and excess glare. If these were framed prints, the reflections would obliterate the entire pictures. This way any artwork can be fully appreciated.

Mommy's Home - An Osprey Lands

An award winning and published

32"W x 25"T

HD Matte Metal for $535.00

This image was captured at Sandy Hook National Park in June, 2020. These Osprey have built their enormous nest on top of a chimney on one of the abandoned buildings. The morning I was there they were flying about and I was able to capture Mommy Osprey returning to the nest with something in her talons. 'Junior' is obviously not impressed or even interested.

Might Momma be making the nest even bigger OR is there a fish inside that gaggle of vegetation?

We will never know.

This is a unique image and at 32" x 25" on HD Matte Metal it is spectacular in person.

This image was also chosen as the Image Of The Week in 9 Shore Times newspapers this fall of 2021.

And like all the other images this can be provided in just about any size as long as the Aspect Ratio (Height x Length) is maintained.

Please contact me directly at 908-240-7484 so we can work out all the details.

How can I help you?!



(David Anderson Ward) attack bald birds duck ducks eagle female flight flying in mallard nest osprey puffin puffins talons https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2021/7/birds Fri, 09 Jul 2021 19:20:33 GMT
Alaska https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2021/7/alaska Themed Display - AlaskaThemed Display - Alaska In June 2019 I went to Anchorage, AK to go on a 5 day photo shoot in Kenai Fjords National Park.

'Marine Wildlife of Kenai Fjords' was the title of this tour and WOW did it ever live up to it's name.

My website page has many of the images I made on this trip -


I also have an 11 minute video slideshow - with music - on YouTube


Or on your big screen TV search DavidAndersonWard on YouTube and this and two other videos will appear - Canadian Arctic Wildlife and Iceland - with more to come.

We spent the first two mornings in a large lagoon in one of the many fjords in this amazing national park with about 2 dozen resident Orcas feeding on salmon. While none of the Orca breached - which was totally their choice as we had nothing to say about it - they put on a nice show for us.

It's the transient Orcas that feed on mammals and somehow the Sea Otters know the difference.

We saw Sea Otters, Bald Eagles, Humpback Whales, Stellar Sea Lions, Harbor Seals, Orcas, Gulls, Kittiwakes, Cormorants and Puffins and much more, often all at once.

It was almost overwhelming at times as no one ever sees this much wildlife anywhere else.

Everyone should see this beautiful national park in person. But few do because it's remote and has no roads to drive through or boardwalks to walk on. Only 370,000 people visit Kenai Fjords annually - compared with the 5 million people who visit Zion National Park every year.

We also sailed right up to two massive glacier walls at Holgate and Aialik Glaciers. This made everyone breathless both days as there is no way to describe the feeling of being in the presence of a 300' or 500' glacial wall of 10,000 year old ice that carved the fjord we just cruised into. And when chunks the size of small houses calved off - it just blew everyone away. At Holgate Glacier there was a 150' tall waterfall spewing out thousands of gallons a minute from under the glacier.

No one had ever seen anything like this.

And the landscape of these Fjords is just incredible, too.

Kenai Fjords - Aialik GlacierKenai Fjords - Aialik Glacier Aialik Glacier Wall 

An award winning 60" x 12" HD Matte Metal Panorama

For $482.00

It's 300' tall at the center!

The large black rock at the bottom is Glacial Till - rock picked up by7 the glacier as it moves along. 

This is an 14 image panorama taken handheld on a moving 45' boat - and it was raining lightly, too.

I just had to try and capture this as there was no way to get it all in one shot from where we were.

Photoshop did wonders stitching this together; but getting level photos really helped a lot.

Nothing can compare you for seeing this in person. It's a feeling of complete wonderment - and cold - that's breathtaking.

This is a 60" x 12" panorama enlarged on HD Matte Metal for incredible detail and zero reflections. There were track lights about 2' away along with ceiling light fixtures and skylights - yet there are NO reflections.

This HD Matte Metal really is amazing in person and would be unique on any wall in any home or office!

This is available as a 60" x 12" HD Matte Metal for $482.00 delivered (locally).

This is also available at 45" x 9" for $314.00.

Turnagain Arm from Birdview PointTurnagain Arm from Birdview Point Bird Point at Turnagain Arm

An award winning 60" x 16" HD Matte Metal 5 Image Panorama

For $632.00. 

The details in this are incredible (90,000 pixels per square inch!); and again, there are ZERO reflections. The layers of foliage in the foreground with the detail retained in the mountains across Turnagain Arm make this almost 3D and are amazing to see in person. 

We stopped at this picturesque spot on our early morning drive from Anchorage to Seward before our first afternoon boat trip into Resurrection Bay. The sun was attempting to get above the mountain on the left but we could not wait for it.

This is 5 images stitched together in Photoshop. But I had to know this would work in advance.

Each image that make up this panorama are also available as 30" x 20" or as 32" x 18" images , too.

The middle image is especially nice as an individual image.

It's on my website in my Kenai Fjords gallery on my website, too.

This is available as a

60" x 16" HD Matte Metal for $632.00.

It's also available at 30" x 8" for $220.00

Or 45" x 12" for $365.00.

Two Horned PuffinsTwo Horned Puffins

Two Horned Puffins

30"T x 24"W HD Matte Metal

For $482.00

They are trying to make a decision as to who should fly out next to get some lunch. These adorable, football shaped birds mate for life and fly 50 mph with wings beating 400 times a minute.

A definite challenge to capture in flight.

This is a 20" x 30" HD Matte Metal in which these Puffins seem to be in 3D.

This HD Matte Metal solution is without question THE superior way to enlarge any wildlife image - especially birds. No framed print could ever compare in detail, 3D effect, or ZERO reflections.

At 30"T x 24"W this is very impressive to see in person and costs $482.00 delivered (locally).

This is also available in other sizes from 15" x 12" for $175.00

All the way up to 50" x 40" for $1,498.00.

Which would be incredible and stunning in the right situation. 

On Knik GlacierOn Knik Glacier

On Knik Glacier

An award winning 30" x 20"

Matte Acrylic for $595.00

 This image was taken on a doors OFF helicopter trip to, over, and onto Knik Glacier in Palmer, AK; about an hour NE from Anchorage.

Our pilot was a former Navy helicopter pilot who had done two tours in Afghanistan and now flies in Alaska in the summer and Hawaii in the winter - nice. He expertly handled the winds coming off the mountains flanking the glacier and landed the helicopter safely after the 3rd try on this heavily fissured surface - how I am not quite sure, but he did it expertly and safely.

Once we landed, he immediately put Cramp-On Treads on my boots and off I went like a kid in a candy shop. Standing on 300' deep ice 10,000 years old surrounded by 3,000' to 5,000' tall mountains was very humbling and amazing for sure. Indescribable, actually.

When I saw this composition I knew I had to try and capture it. But I also saw the only way to capture this would be to straddle this turquoise blue stream on the surface of the glacier - so that's exactly what I did. This is a handheld image straddling over the creek - there was no time to use a tripod - and the details in the Matte Acrylic are incredible throughout - all the way back to the distant mountains.

Seeing this Matte Acrylic in person, up close, is amazing.

This is a 30" x 20" Matte Acrylic for $595.00 delivered (locally).


Has some unique and amazing landscape images of this very special place.

The video/slideshow on YouTube is 11 minutes with 4 songs - at 


or Search DavidAndersonWard on the YouTube App on your TV and it will appear -

along with my Canadian Arctic Wildlife and Iceland videos.


(David Anderson Ward) Aialik AK Alaska Anchorage Arm Bird Doors Fjords Glacier Helicopter Horned Kenai Knik Marine National Off Palmer Park Point Puffins Seward Turnagain Wildlife https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2021/7/alaska Fri, 09 Jul 2021 00:58:37 GMT
NY Skyline https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2021/7/ny-skyline In 2020, I often traveled (as safely as possible) to Liberty Park, Jersey City, Weehawken, Hoboken, and Brooklyn to take images of the NYC skyline - easily one of the top cities anywhere to make images of.  The first image on display is "Lower Manhattan, over the Brooklyn Pilons" shot from the Brooklyn Waterfront on 10/18/20 at 8:18 PM.

I decided on a 30 second image to smooth out the water to get the gentle reflections of these impressive buildings downtown. The pilons from the past create interesting leading lines; and this was shot at f/22 which created the starry light bursts while providing great depth of field.

This is available as a 32" x 18" HD Matte Metal for only $405.00.

This is available any size like 16" x 9" for $125.00

Or a 48" x 27" for $937.00

Or even a 60" x 33.75" for $1,426.00.

HD Matte Metal? These are Dye Sublimation prints - the highest quality available - heat transferred onto Chromaluxe Aluminum - the finest aluminum for photos. I get the matte finish to eliminate ALL reflections and reduce glare compared with any framed print with glass. There is no comparison. I can even get quality custom wood frames designed specifically for these metal images at a very reasonable cost. Everyone who has purchased one has been blown away, as have I. Nothing else compares.

Two Suns - Lower Manhattan SunriseTwo Suns - Lower Manhattan Sunrise This image is entitled "Two Suns?!?" 

This is an Award Winning 32" x 18" HD Matte Metal Image for $405.00.

This image is a completely unique image not available anywhere else as no one else was on this pier that morning. 

Obviously, we do not have two suns - and this is NOT a Photoshop trick, either!

My friend and and I set up on a residential pier in Jersey City to shoot the sun rising over lower Manhattan in December, 2020. As we waited for the sun to get above the buildings, it started reflecting off buildings in front of us in Manhattan and behind us in Jersey City. It was amazing to watch all around us as the reflections changed constantly. It was a wild, short lived, but very vivid experience. 

Then this 'sun' appeared just to the left of One World Center, then faded back.

OK, what just happened?!

A few minutes later, it came up between several buildings to the south - but that's impossible for it to move that fast on the horizon without rising any higher.

What was happening? Then this second 'sun' faded back, too.

Then both suns came roaring out between these buildings - literally blowing us both away.

Truth be told: The Sun on the left is a very strong reflection off a highly reflective building sitting at a perfect angle on that one morning - and the one on the right is the actual Sun -

We do have only One Sun, obviously! 

This lasted for less than a minute - and then it was gone. Once the sun rose above the buildings it was blinding bright and we were done shooting - at this location anyway.

This phenomenon happens maybe twice a year since the sun comes up at a different spot on the horizon every day and only this one building is reflective enough to create the illusion of a second sun; and be at just the correct angle maybe twice every year. This was absolutely incredible - and I was 'lucky' enough to just happen to be there on that morning at that angle. 

On your wall this will certainly start some interesting conversations!

Two Suns - how is that even possible?! Midtown ManhattanMidtown Manhattan Midtown Reflections

 An Award Winning 60" x 16" Panorama

On HD Matte Metal with 122,500 Pixels per Square Inch 

For $635.00

This panorama image was created by taking 6 images - each at 30 seconds long - and having Photoshop stitch them together in post processing. Taking individual 30 second images correctly so Photoshop could do this successfully is the key; and knowing my camera and Photoshop CAN do this well enabled me to complete my vision.

These reflections are not visible to the human eye with the typical rough waters in the Hudson River.

But the 30 second exposures smooth out the water and lets the reflections appear -

Hence the name "Midtown Reflections".

The detail in this is incredible - it's 122,500 pixels per square inch!

It is available for only $635.00.

Displaying this unique 5' long image would be incredible anywhere.

And I can provide each image in this panorama, too; at 30" x 20" or 32" x 18". 

And this panorama can be done at 30" x 8", too - though not as impressive.

Full Cold Moon & Candy Cane Empire State BuildingFull Cold Moon & Candy Cane Empire State Building

Full Moon over the 'Candy Cane' Empire State Building.

An Award Winning 32" x 21" HD Matte Metal

For $475.00.

This was taken from a pier in Hoboken on 12/29/21 as we knew the Empire State Building would be lit up like a Candy Cane for the Holidays (the Empire State Building posts what color it will be every day). As the moon rose it got colder and colder on the Hudson River waterfront and by the time it got to this spot directly overhead - I could barely feel my fingers. So I captured this image and we left.

Good thing our vehicle was close by!

These are just 4 of the images in my NYC-2020 Gallery on this website.

Any image in this or from any of my other galleries would make a stunning image for any home or office, especially when produced on our industry leading HD Matte Metal!

This is by far THE superior way to enlarge images with tremendous details and ZERO reflections!

How Can I Help You?!



(David Anderson Ward) aluminum brooklyn buck building center chromaluxe city empire exposures full hd hoboken jersey liberty long lower manhattan metal moon ny one park reflections skyline state sun suns two waterfront weehawken world https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2021/7/ny-skyline Thu, 08 Jul 2021 02:34:07 GMT
Warren Library Exhibit https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2021/2/warren-library-exhibit  

Warren Township Library Solo Exhibit Images - February and March, 2021.

Vestrahorn AuroraVestrahorn Aurora

$458.00 - Including the Custom Wood Frame




Midtown ReflectionsMidtown Reflections




Bird Point at Turnagain ArmBird Point at Turnagain Arm




On Knik GlacierOn Knik Glacier





Lower Buttermilk FallsLower Buttermilk Falls $375.00


Peregrine FalconPeregrine Falcon $540.00


Two SunsTwo Suns $325.00



Glen Onoko FallsGlen Onoko Falls



Zion - The NarrowsZion - The Narrows $795.00



3 Singles3 Singles $115.00 Each OR $295.00 for all Three


Cold Moon over ESBCold Moon over ESB




Sunrise Kiloarusik IslandSunrise Kiloarusik Island




Upper Gluggafoss FallsUpper Gluggafoss Falls





The Narrows - Mountains & Virgin RiverThe Narrows - Mountains & Virgin River

$215.00 - Special Show Price 


Ken Lockwood GorgeKen Lockwood Gorge $225.00



Pink HibiscusPink Hibiscus $225.00


Feasting BeeFeasting Bee $245.00



Cliffside Falls in The NarrowsCliffside Falls in The Narrows

$215.00 - Special Show Price


Vancouver Island LighthouseVancouver Island Lighthouse




 If ANY of these pieces are of interest for your home, office or home office, they can be purchased and then picked up on 3/31/21 at the Library as they are being taken down at the end of my solo exhibit...


Any of these images and any image on my website can be ordered at any time, in any size that makes the most sense for your home, office, or business. 

Especially with HD Metal, they can be made any size - up to 60" on the longest dimension

My print lab will custom-cut the Chromaluxe Aluminum to whatever size you want and my framing company will make a wood frame (in over 2 dozen styles) to fit these HD Metal exactly.

Framed, they become museum pieces.

Either call 908-240-7484 or send an email to [email protected]

to order any of the images on this website.

Thank you for your interest.

How can I help you?










(David Anderson Ward) Aurora Bleeding Hearts Columbine Dogwood Empire State Building Framed Prints HD Metal Long Exposures Matte Acrylic Peregrine Falcon Reflections Sunbursts Sunrise The Narrows Turnagain Arm Unique Photos Waterfalls. https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2021/2/warren-library-exhibit Tue, 02 Feb 2021 16:31:13 GMT
Cliff Waterfall in The Narrows https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2021/1/cliff-waterfall-in-the-narrows Zion Narrows' CliffsZion Narrows' CliffsCascading Waterfalls into the Virgin River in The Narrows

'Cliff Waterfall in The Narrows'

32" x 18" Metal

Show Special $215.00!

There are two ways to hike The Narrows.

You can enter from the north - but be prepared to jump/slide down through a series of small waterfalls - pretty strenuous and not for everyone - but amazing I'm sure, too.

OR you can enter the Virgin River - like we did and most people do - at the Temple of Sinawava at the south end and hike into the Virgin River's water rushing at your feet/ankles/legs. 

That took a little getting used to. But we all quickly got used to it and it was OK.

We hiked about a mile or so in taking many photos along the way, and then turned back.

When we did that we had a completely different view of everything as we hiked out and it was like seeing it all for the first time all over again.

We had passed this waterfall on the way in (obviously) but shooting it from this angle with the beautiful cliffs above was different.

More images of The Narrows, including a cool night sky image of the church at Gafton ghost town under a blanket of stars that's hard to even comprehend, are on my website gallery called...


This image is available at 32" x 18" and is on special for this solo exhibit at $215 instead of the $325 that 32" x 18" Metal cost.

This image is available in many other sizes - let me know what size works best for you!

(David Anderson Ward) Back Country Journeys Hike The Narrows Hiking in the Narrows Temple of Sinawava The Narrows The Narrows in Zion Virgin River Zion Zion National Park https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2021/1/cliff-waterfall-in-the-narrows Fri, 22 Jan 2021 15:13:33 GMT
The Narrows Mountains & Virgin River https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2021/1/the-narrows-mountains-virgin-river Zion Narrows - PassageZion Narrows - Passage

'The Narrows - Mountains & the Virgin River'

An award winning 32" x 18" Matte Metal

At a Special Price of $295.00

Hiking IN the Virgin River in The Narrows is one of the most incredible things I've ever done. I highly recommend seeing Zion National Park in person; and if you do, you have to hike The Narrows.

Caveat: The Narrows is not open every day. This is a canyon with no trails other than in the river itself. So if the CFM rate (Cubic Feet per Minute) is 150 CFM or above, The Narrows is closed. And then there's the threat of flash flooding upstream which can be deadly not just because of the rushing water rate, but all the trees, branches and rocks slamming through, too.

When we visited the flow rate was 45 CFM and it was safe to enter and hike in the Virgin River. It was challenging at times so at 75 CFM or faster, it would be a very difficult hike. Zion has large signs along the trail leading up to the river entrance with color coded symbols indicating the viability of hiking in the river that day and they take it VERY seriously, monitoring upstream for flooding and flow rate constantly, and they will never allow anyone to be at risk.

We were provided proper gear for this hike at Zion Outfitters located right at the entrance to the park. They provided special socks, waterproof pants, a thick, strong walking stick (essential) and wet suit shoes. These shoes immediately filled with water once we entered the Virgin River and our bodies warmed that water quickly for a relatively comfortable hike. Excellent! The soles grip better when wet, which was a good thing considering how slippery the algae covered rocks were. Zion Outfitters provided excellent gear for sure, and all of it was essential for a great experience.

Zion in 2018 ruled that photo groups could not use tripods on trails and The Narrows is a trail. They didn't want a group of 6 photographers lined up across a trail blocking other park visitors - understandable. Individuals, however could use tripods - and they did.

We improvised and used our walking sticks as make-shift mono-pods. But that's not the same thing as a sturdy tripod and it made long exposures impossible, which was shame. If I ever return, using a waterproof tripod in The Narrows will make a huge difference.

This scene was relatively early in the hike through The Narrows. Fortunately I had my wide angle lens on my camera to be able to capture this entire scene, from the river foreground to the impressive mountains. This is one of my favorite images from that day and I hope you enjoy it, too.

My Zion - The Narrows Gallery on my website has many images from The Narrows. If viewed on a PC, these can be watched as a full screen slideshow.


This is a 32" x 18" Metal and it's specially priced at $295.00.

It's regularly $395.00 at this size.

Of course, this is available in just about any size up to 60" on the long side.

How can we help you?!

(David Anderson Ward) Back Country Journeys Hike The Narrows Hiking in The Narrows Mountains flanking Virgin River Mountains in The Narrows Temple of Sinewava The Narrows Virgin River Zion Zion in Fall Zion National Park Zion Outfitters https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2021/1/the-narrows-mountains-virgin-river Thu, 21 Jan 2021 17:18:45 GMT
Feasting Bee https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2021/1/feasting-bee Bee on a Cone Flower - Elizabeth Kay Environmental Center, Chester, NJBee on a Cone FlowerBee feasting on a Cone Flower at the Elizabeth Kay Environmental Center in Chester, NJ 'Feasting Bee'

On a Coneflower - Echinacea purpurea var.

30" x 20" Print in a 37" x 27" Frame


While visiting the Elizabeth D. Kay Environmental Center in Chester, NJ for a presentation by the NJ Chapter of the Nature Conservancy in October, 2018, we spent some time in their small but colorful butterfly garden right behind the main building before we hiked around the meadows. It was a beautiful fall day and a very nice, well run program.

Pollinators of all kinds were having a blast feeding away and did not really care about all these humans observing them.

When this bee landed on this Coneflower, it demanded a feeding portrait. I shot this with my 70-200 mm lens from about 10'  to 15' away so as to not disturb the bee. The bee was so intent on feasting it didn't care at all!

The Elizabeth D. Kay Environmental Center, part of the Morris County park system, has many wonderful trails through the wildflower/bluebird meadows and also down along the Black River. It's a beautiful peaceful park few people are aware of.

This image is offered as a 30" x 20' print in a 37" x 27" frame.

This would make a stunning statement in any home or office, especially if you like bee images.

As with every other image on display and on my website or in any of my YouTube Video/Slideshows, they are all available as Framed Prints or HD Metal in whatever size makes the most sense for you.

I'd love to help you with your Wall Art decision!



(David Anderson Ward) bee black river butterfly garden chester chester nj coneflower echinacea purpurea elizabeth d kay environmental center fasting bee nature conservancy pollinator garden https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2021/1/feasting-bee Wed, 20 Jan 2021 20:44:54 GMT
Pink Hibiscus https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2021/1/pink-hibiscus Pink HibiscusPink HibiscusA beautiful Pink Hibiscus with fresh dew Pink Hibiscus

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis var.

21" x 15" Print in a 27" x 21" Frame

For just $195.00

While visiting the amazing Longwood Gardens last October, we, of course, went through the Rose/Hibiscus greenhouse located to the left of the main East Conservatory entrance, right after the Tropical Terrace - which houses my favorite plant - an enormous Rabbit's Foot Fern first planted in 1952. It's now 70 years old and weighs 500 lbs.! I digress...

The Rose House has dozens of Rose and Hibiscus varieties on display year-round. The walkway goes along the front of the greenhouse with rows of Roses and Hibiscus on display up from that walkway. It's typically quite spectacular and smells wonderful, if you like roses and hibiscus flowers. 

Something is always in bloom in this greenhouse.

The hibiscus genus is large, comprising hundreds of varieties all native to warm temperate, sub-tropical and tropical environments all over the world.

Think Florida, Bermuda, the Caribbean, and the Mediterranean.

Few interior collections rival Longwood Garden's collections. This  is also true about their water lily collection (amazing and another favorite of mine) along with many other plant species.

Their seasonal displays are nothing short of incredible - their Orchid, Mum, and Christmas displays are extremely well done every year with perfect execution and incredible attention to detail.

They have quite the horticultural staff and quite the budget, too!

It's one of my favorite places but unfortunately, it's over 2 hours away.

Many more flower images can be enjoyed in my gallery


In fact, the first image in this gallery is Hibiscus, rosa-sinensis 'Erin Rachel' - another stunning variety I've only seen at Longwood Gardens. This variety is located on the east end of the Rose Room.

If you like flower images, and especially if the color pink works in your home or office, this framed image would make wonderful wall art. 

How can we help you?!




(David Anderson Ward) Hibiscus Longwood Gardens Pink Hibiscus https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2021/1/pink-hibiscus Wed, 20 Jan 2021 18:34:45 GMT
Vancouver Island Lighthouse https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2021/1/vancouver-island-lighthouse Vancouver Island LighthouseVancouver Island LighthouseWhile sailing from Vancouver to the southern California coast, we went past Vancouver Island. I noticed this lighthouse nicely framed by conifer trees. The seagull just happened to fly in. Vancouver Island Lighthouse

21" x 15" Black & White Print

27" x 21" Custom Wood Frame

For just $175.00!

While sailing out of Vancouver on a cruise from Vancouver to Los Angeles, we slowly passed by the beautiful Vancouver Island.

As we passed this lighthouse with the layers of mountains, the image became apparent.

The seagull flying right by the lighthouse was a bonus and was not compensated in any way!

The ship was probably doing 10-15 knots - certainly not still in the water.

I shot this at 1/640 of second which worked out well.

There was no opportunity to attempt a long exposure using a tripod, not on a moving boat.

But why Black & White?

This was shot late in the day and the color image is mostly various shades of blue, even the conifer trees. No matter what I tried in post processing, it just never looked right to me.

But when I converted this to black & white, it just worked.

More images of Vancouver - which is a beautiful city in so many ways - can be found in a gallery on my website - www.davidandersonward.com/vancouver

There are some very cool and serene sunset shots off the back of the ship as we returned to Vancouver, as well as some beautiful panoramas of the city of Vancouver. Check it out!

This image is a 21" x 15" print. It was then professionally mounted and framed with an archival matte in a 27" x 21" frame. This would be perfect in any home or office, or your home office.

This can also be provided on HD Matte Metal, which is ideal for wall art. Call for sizes & pricing.

In either medium it is available in many other sizes, too.

How can we help you?!




(David Anderson Ward) Coastal Lighthouse Cruise Layered Mountains Lighthouse Princess Cruises Sailing past Vancouver Island Vancouver Vancouver Island Vancouver Island Lighthouse https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2021/1/vancouver-island-lighthouse Wed, 20 Jan 2021 17:04:30 GMT
Ken Lockwood Gorge https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2021/1/ken-lockwood-gorge Ken Lockwood GorgeKen Lockwood GorgeKen Lockwood Gorge is considered one of the top 10 most beautiful locations in New Jersey. I agree as do many people.


Ken Lockwood Gorge

24" x 16" Print with a 1" Black Custom Frame =

26" x 18" Total Dimension

For $412.00 Including the Custom Wood Frame

I first visited Ken Lockwood Gorge in early October, 2018.

It was late afternoon. the lighting was excellent and there was literally no wind.

This is unusual in this gorge with the fast moving water, so I took advantage of the conditions;.

I did not even own a ND Filter - yet - for my Lumix GH5 and had never tried a long exposure before - hence no ND Filter.

But late on this overcast afternoon, down in this gorge with the still fully foliated trees, I was able to get this moderately long exposure using only camera's settings. I shoot in Manual Mode, so I chose the highest aperture possible - f/22 - the lowest possible ISO the GH5 offered - ISO 100 - and then set the shutter speed for as long as the proper exposure allowed - in this case under these conditions and with that camera - I was able to slow it down to 5 seconds. It was perfect.

The appearance of the small whirlpool in the lower left in this image was very cool. This whirlpool was not visible while standing there. Yet, the 5 second exposure allowed the camera to fully capture it and so much more. The movement of the water from right to left is evident yet smooth while all the surroundings are in focus. Having no wind that day made this possible.

I've made many images in KLG since, but this one remains a favorite of mine. It's most peoples' favorite, too.
A longer exposure may have erased the whirlpool - but I'll never know. 

Unfortunately now, over four years later, the small tree growing in the rock island in the river is dead, (a tough environment for any tree) and several large, dead tree trunks have fallen all around it from several wind storms since 10/2018 along with other debris. It's kind of a mess in this spot now.

So this image can never be created like this ever again!

This is a Unique, One-of-a-Kind image.

This image hangs in our home, my son's home, in a friend's home in Florida (on HD Matte Metal) and I have a Framed HD Matte Metal that I use for exhibits.

Wouldn't this framed, museum-like print look great in your home or office?

More images of Ken Lockwood Gorge and Lake Solitude can be found on my Gallery -


How can I help you?


(David Anderson Ward) 5 Second Exposure Beautiful Scenery Boulders in a river Ken Lockwood Gorge KLG Long Exposure NJ October Raging River River" Smooth Water Tree in a River Whirlpool https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2021/1/ken-lockwood-gorge Wed, 20 Jan 2021 00:00:00 GMT
Peregrine Falcon https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2021/1/peregrine-falcon Peregrine FalconPeregrine FalconPeregrine Falcon - a Stunning Portrait!

2022-7-2 - Best of Week - Peregrine Falcon2022-7-2 - Best of Week - Peregrine Falcon Peregrine Falcon

Falco peregrinus

An award winning 32" x 25"

HD Matte Metal

For $535.00

Once I confirmed there was a nesting pair of Peregrine Falcons at the Stateline Overlook off the Palisades Parkway, I made plans to go up there as soon as I possibly could.

On July 5th, 2020 I was able to do so.

Peregrine Falcons are the fastest birds there are - actually, they are THE fastest animal on the planet! Able to tuck and dive at speeds of 180 to 250 mph with deadly agility and accuracy, they capture their prey - other birds like doves in NYC - in flight before they even knew what hit them!

As accurate as they are, they are only successful 20% of the time. It's not so easy out in the wild.

This falcon pair roost at this location on branches sticking out over the cliffs. One perch has been 'named' the most famous perch in the world. It certainly has been photographed a LOT almost every day of the year by many photographers.

As I drove down the road into the Stateline Overlook parking lot, I noticed 3 or 4r photographers along the road. I parked and then walked back to join them, and we were all treated to this adult Peregrine out on a branch posing, preening, and waiting for that perfect opportunity to go grab some dinner.

These Peregrines seem to be too habituated to humans, knowing full well no relatively clumsy human would dare climb out over the cliffs; and even if anyone was that crazy to try, the falcons could easily just fly away. They just don't seem to care that much about all these photographers snapping away, although they give everyone a 'who you lookin' at' eye-full quite often.

I captured this stunning portrait at 1/2000th of a second and at 600 mm even though I was only about 50' to 70' away from this gorgeous Peregrine Falcon. Why 1/2000th of a second?

First, there was enough soft daylight to allow me to do so even at 7 PM because it was early July. 

I also wanted to be ready in case it decided to fly away.

Of course, it did fly away and far too quickly for me or anyone else to capture it doing so. It just dropped down off the cliff in full tuck position insanely quickly.

However, I did capture several other images, including these two...

Peregrine Juveniles FightingPeregrine Juveniles FightingOne Peregrine Juvenile was calmly on this perch when all of sudden it's sibling came swooping in with some attitude.

'Kids will be Kids'

A Peregrine Falcon Juvenile 'attacking' it's sibling.

Peregrine Falcon OverheadPeregrine Falcon OverheadSeeing these amazing, beautiful birds in flight overhead was amazing.

'Peregrine Falcon Flying Overhead'
More stunning Peregrine Falcon images are in my Gallery on my website:


This stunning Peregrine Falcon Portrait is available as a

32" x 25" HD Matte Metal for $535.00.

This will make a stunning statement in any home or office.

I personally think Peregrines are the most attractive raptors. Bald Eagles are regal for sure and our national bird. Ospreys are master, determined hunters. Hawks are simply amazing and beautiful, too. But Peregrine Falcons just have it all together in my humble opinion.

As with any image, these are available in various sizes for your specific needs. 

The Peregrine Falcon Portrait, at this cropping, is available from as small as

12" X 9" For $134.00

Up to 51.75" x 40" For $1,554.00

At this size people it would be super impressive and it would blown them away for sure.

There is a little room to alter the cropping, if desired, but not by that much.

And yes, you read that correctly, the photo lab I use can and will cut the Chromaluxe Aluminum to whatever dimension I request - no problem. And I can get custom wood frames in any dimension, too.

This HD Matte Metal, framed or not, is THE best way to enlarge images.

How can I help you? Just give me a call at


(David Anderson Ward) Adult Peregrine Falcon Palisades Peregrine Falcon Peregrine Falcon Nesting Pair Peregrine Falcon Pair Peregrine Portrait State Line Overlook https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2021/1/peregrine-falcon Sun, 17 Jan 2021 17:47:25 GMT
Single Flowers https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2021/1/single-flowers Single Flowers

15" x 10" HD Metal

Each Image is $162.00

All 3 Together are $450.00

Bleeding HeartBleeding HeartA single Bleeding Heart

'One Bleeding Heart' - Lamprocapnos spectabilis

In our small front yard we have several blooming perennials. Among them is a gorgeous Bleeding Heart that everyone seems to love. Every year it gets a little bigger and more robust all on it's own - oh the magic of perennials! All we do is lay down a fresh layer of wood chips to blanket the soil. 

Every spring I attempt to get THE image of a bleeding heart in bloom. With a busy background of other plants, that's not so simple. This year I tried capturing small groups of flowers and was able to capture this single bloom with a simple background.

This would make a wonderful Valentine's Day or Mother's Day Gift for that special someone, yes? 

This - and all 3 of these - are available in many other sizes; and each one can also have a custom wood frame.

Whatever you prefer, I am here to help!

Red ColumbineRed ColumbineRed Columbine growing wild along the path to Buttermilk Falls

'Red Columbine' - Aquilegia canadensis

While hiking to Buttermilk Falls this spring (May 15th), a group of small red flowers caught my eye.

Along the path, in amongst a lot of other species of plants, was a vibrant Columbine plant in full bloom.

Trying to find that perfect isolated bloom with a decent background proved to be not so easy; and it was growing under massive forest trees late in the day (5:15 PM), so the lighting was not ideal, either. 

I shot this with my 200-600 mm lens from about 15' away (because that's what was on my camera) at 594 mm!

This image is available in many other sizes - a 30" x 20" would be very cool - and custom wood frames are available at great prices, too.

Red DogwoodRed DogwoodA single Red Dogwood Bloom

'Red Dogwood - Cornus florida var. rubra

While hiking around our neighborhood here in Hillsborough one April afternoon I noticed a Red Dogwood tree growing between a large Pine tree and a building - and it did not look too happy. Yet it was doing it's best to survive. Red Dogwoods are tough plants able to grow in shade or full sun.

There was really no opportunity to shoot the whole tree - a fence, a big pine tree, the building, and a very busy background eliminated that aesthetic possibility. So I zoomed in to capture small groups of blooms. Once again, the lens on my camera at the time was my 200-600 mm and this was shot at 600 mm from about 20' away.

Fortunately, the background behind this one single bloom was very far away and the lens imaged that nicely out of focus and dark for this striking image. This looks more like a cut flower to me, almost like a single Rose in bloom.

Any of these 3 flowers images would make wonderful wall art pieces by themselves.

Having all 3 on a wall as a variation on a Triptych would be incredible in any home, office, or restaurant.

Once again, these are all available in varying sizes, and custom wood frames are available.

Let me know how I can help!


(David Anderson Ward) Bleeding Heart Columbine Dogwood Flowers HD Metal Red Blooms Red Columbine Red Dogwood Red Flowers Single Blooms Single Flowers Tryptech https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2021/1/single-flowers Sun, 17 Jan 2021 17:20:32 GMT
Two Suns? Lower Manhatten Sunrise https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2021/1/two-suns-sunrise Two Suns - NYC SunriseTwo Suns - NYC Sunrise "Two Suns?!?"

Lower Manhattan Sunrise

An Award Winning 32" x 18"

HD Matte Metal

For $425.00

One day in December, 2020, my friend Fred and I went to Jersey City to shoot the sunrise over NYC.

We arrived about a half hour before sunrise.

Lower Manhattan Sunrise SilhouetteLower Manhattan Sunrise SilhouetteA half hour before sunrise NYC was a calm silhouette

As the sun began rising, but before we could actually see it, it started lighting up buildings in NYC and in Jersey City all around us. It was incredible - magical actually - to watch all this happen around us. 

When the sun finally appeared, it seemed to be coming up just north of One World Trade Center.

But was it?

Sun ReflectionSun ReflectionA very reflective building just north of One World Trade Center creates the illusion of a second sun

Then it faded and another bright sunburst appeared between several buildings to the south -

but much too quickly to be the same sun. But, in fact, this was the 'real' sun.

Sun Bursting ThroughSun Bursting ThroughThe rising sun finally appears!

Then that faded and the one in the north appeared again.

THEN both of them appeared as you see in the top image. 


Who knew?

This phenomenon lasted maybe 30 seconds to a minute, tops. 

Then the sun kept rising until it was too intensely bright to continue shooting - at this spot anyway.

I'm guessing this does not happen every day of the year because the sun rises in a different spot on the horizon every day. And it's doubtful that any other building in Manhattan is THIS reflective to create this 'second sun' like this. But, the actual sun has to hit this reflective building at just the right angle to create this illusion of a 'second sun', too. So my guess is this happens only here - from Jersey City - maybe 2 or 4 or 6 days a year at most. But only if you're there before dawn and are present and fully aware. We were pretty much by ourselves on this pier except for 2 or 3 joggers who were not aware of what was happening and no one in the apartments seemed to be looking out from their balconies either.

This image is a 32" x 18" HD Metal Print for $425.00

This can be made in any size, preferably with this 16:9 aspect ratio =

Or as a 16" x 9" for $125.00

Or as a 48" x 27" for $937.00

However, it can also be made ANY size!

The lab we use cuts every piece of Chromaluxe Aluminum on site to whatever size I specify so you can have exactly the size that makes the most sense for your unique situation!

I can also provide custom wood frames for this, or any image, at any size, at a very reasonable cost.

What size makes the most sense for your home, or office, or home office?

Wherever it is displayed it is sure to start some interesting conversations!

More of my images of the NYC skyline and the Statue of Liberty can be found in my Gallery -


How can I help you?! 


(David Anderson Ward) jersey city lower manhattan sunrise manhattan nyc sunrise pier apartments sunburst between buildings sunrise" two suns https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2021/1/two-suns-sunrise Sun, 17 Jan 2021 04:18:11 GMT
Full Moon over Candy Cane Empire State Building https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2021/1/full-moon-over-candy-cane-empire-state-building Full Moon & Candy Cane Empire State BuildingFull Moon & Candy Cane Empire State BldgFull Moon over the Candy Cane illuminated Empire State Building

Full Moon over the Candy Cane Illuminated Empire State Building

32" x 21" HD Matte Metal

For $454.00

On 12/29/20 my friend and I traveled to Hoboken to shoot the full moon over the Candy Cane illuminated Empire State building. It was frigid evening; and with the wind coming off the Hudson River, we both knew the night would be a challenge keeping warm.

We got some images of the full moon coming up over mid-town Manhattan, Hudson Yards with pastel skies after the sun set, and then shots of lower Manhattan basking in the setting sun. 

Full Moon over MidtownFull Moon over MidtownThe rising full moon bisected by a building's tower

Hudson Yards after SunsetHudson Yards after SunsetThe sky turned these cool pastel colors 10 minutes after the sun set behind us.

Lower Manhattan at SunsetLower Manhattan at SunsetLower Manhattan illuminated by the setting sun.

But as the sun approached the Empire State Building, everything came together nicely.

The Empire State Building's lights are now all multi-color LEDs and those colors are easily changed on a tablet. They used to have several technicians dangerously climb out there and change gels on lights, as they had to do for decades. The Empire State Building now publishes the color of the exterior lights every day for that night on their website, which really helps plan things.

As the moon moved up higher in the sky, the Hudson River was illuminated like I've rarely seen it.

Once it had lined up right over the Empire State Building's Tower - Mission Accomplished - and we got back into our vehicle as quickly as we could.

It was great we found a parking space close by. Thank you Hoboken!

This 32" x 21" HD Matte Metal would be perfect in any home or office setting, and of course, it can be done in other sizes - whatever size you desire as long as the Aspect Ratio (Height x Width) is not changed! It could be cropped thinner, but why?!

Let me know what size may work the best for your home or office and I will get you a price.

And every HD Matte Metal can now have a Custom Wood Frame at a very reasonable price, if desired. This creates a museum piece.

More of my images of the NYC Skyline and the Statue of Liberty can be found in my

Galleries on NYC 





(David Anderson Ward) Candy Cane Candy Cane illuminated Empire State Building Empire State Building Full Moon Full Moon Illumination Hoboken Hoboken Waterfront Hudson River Illuminated Hudson River Midtown Manhattan https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2021/1/full-moon-over-candy-cane-empire-state-building Sat, 16 Jan 2021 19:57:46 GMT
Lower Buttermilk Falls https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2021/1/lower-buttermilk-falls Lower Buttermilk FallsLower Buttermilk Falls Lower Buttermilk Falls - Delaware Water Gap

An award winning 30" x 20" HD Matte Metal

For $405.00

Buttermilk Falls is in the Delaware Water Gap and is one the tallest waterfalls in New Jersey.

It's absolutely beautiful in person - if you can get to it.

The road in has many crater sized pot holes and it's amazingly bad - at least it used to be.

It's really too bad the state of NJ or the Delaware Water Gap National Park Service cannot fix this.

Once parked, it's about a mile hike in to see the falls, even though there is a parking lot right across from the falls.

As of 9/25/20 the state of NJ closed the drive in, so it may be a 3 mile hike to the falls! Hopefully the road to the trail is re-opened by now. 

The state built a staircase into the steep hill to the left of the falls and it's worth doing this hike up the mountain beside this tall waterfall. It's quite a unique perspective.

At the top there is a several mile trail around some mountain lakes that's supposed to be quite strenuous.

I did not attempt that - maybe someday I will.

This award winning image is a 30 second exposure at f/18 and 24 mm creating all the incredible detail in this image. On a tripod, of course.

This 30" x 20" HD Matte Metal is a perfect size for most homes or offices and is stunning in person.

Of course, this image can be produced in several sizes true to the aspect ratio (height x width).

12" x 8" for $118.00

to 15" x 10" for $150.00

21" x 14" for $245.00

45" x 30" for $976.00

and 60" x 40" for $1,620.00

Yes, $1,620 is not inexpensive (Actually, it should be $2,210.00 at that size),

but it would be stunning and a significant statement at that size IF the room warrants it.

Let me know what size makes the most sense for you and I will get you a firm quote.

Just call 908-240-7484 and we will help you decide what's best for your unique situation.



(David Anderson Ward) 30 Second Exposure Buttermilk Falls Buttermilk Waterfall long exposure long exposures lower Buttermilk falls moss by a waterfall https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2021/1/lower-buttermilk-falls Sat, 16 Jan 2021 18:14:41 GMT
Sunrise on Kiliarusik Island https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2021/1/sunrise-on-kiliarusik-island Sunrise on Kiliarusik IslandSunrise on Kiliarusik IslandSeeing the sun rise in the Arctic was a very special experience if only because for the first 3 days there was no sunrise because of cloud cover.

Sunrise on Kiliarusik Island

A 30" x 20" Print in a 39" x 27" Frame


In August of 2017, I flew 1,000 miles directly north of Montreal to the very top of Quebec Canada to the Nunavik Territory where there are no roads except within Inuit villages, to go camping on an uninhabited island with 7 people I'd never met before, in search of polar bears, musk ox, bearded seals and icebergs. We saw these in their natural habitat and so much more. It was an incredible experience I will never forget.

Our campsite (5 Cabelas double wall tents, a quickly slapped together outhouse and an un-insulated cabin) was on the north end of this island. Because of the very limited latrine situation, the guides requested the men on the trip not use the outhouse for #1, so we all found our favorite isolated location close by. I was so impressed with the 4 women on this trip, two of which were 73. None complained about the outhouse at all.

I found a path down through the rocky boulders along the north coast where no one could see me. 

On the last day, after a fierce wind storm the day before blew away the cloud cover . It was a beautiful clear day. I woke up early that morning anticipating this and when I got down along the coast I was treated to this scene.

I shot this at 5:50 AM. Capturing this image was a true gift. 

More images from this amazing adventure can be seen on my gallery on this website.


I also have a 9 Minute video/slideshow entitled Canadian Arctic Wildlife on YouTube at


Any of these images, especially my Pop Up Seal, the Polar Bear and Musk Ox images, the Iceberg images, or any of the serene landscape images would all make stunning wall art at any size.

Let me know if this or any other images inspire you and I will get you size and pricing options in either Framed Prints or on HD Metal with or without a frame.



(David Anderson Ward) . arctic Arctic Sunrise Island Sunrise Nunavik Territory sunrise Uninhabited Island https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2021/1/sunrise-on-kiliarusik-island Thu, 14 Jan 2021 20:21:47 GMT
Glen Onoko Falls https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2021/1/glen-onoko-falls  


Glen Onoko Falls - Lower FallsGlen Onoko FallsGlen Onoko Falls in Jim Thorpe, PA


Glen Onoko Falls

This Award Winning 32" x 18" HD Matte Metal

Three Image Vertical Panorama Costs


Glen Onoko Falls is in Jim Thorpe, PA and it is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful trails in Pennsylvania.

But it is also rated as very difficult, even deadly.

Unfortunately, too many people continually tried to hike this challenging trail totally and woefully unprepared for it's difficulty - and 8 people have died since 1977 with many more injured. So the PA Game Commission shut this trail down on May 1st, 2019 as the constant injuries were overwhelming the area's First Responders. As of now, it is closed permanently.

Which is really a shame as this trail is so amazing and beautiful. 

I was fortunate to hike this trail the last day it was open to the public on April 30, 2019. It was pretty crowded with hikers getting one last hike in. It's really too bad PA cannot afford to upgrade this trail so people could do this incredible hike safely; but budgets are what budgets are and it would probably take several $Million to fix it so it's more safe for all hikers.

To get this image, I safely and carefully went out on some massive boulders in this raging river. Once set up I quickly realized I was too close to the waterfall, even with my 24 mm lens, to capture the whole waterfall in one image. And backing up was just not an option! So I took 3, horizontal, half second images and stitched them together in Photoshop to create this stunning vertical panorama.

With the HD Matte Metal, the details are incredible.

More images of Glen Onoko Falls are in the gallery on my website at


The 3rd Image (right after the short video) would also make an amazing HD Matte Metal wall art piece.

Any one of these images would make incredible HD Matte Metal prints any size - Like a 

16" x 9" For $125.00

Or a 48" x 27" for $937.00

Or, for that special room, a 60" x 33.75" for $1,426/00.

Let me know what size makes the most sense for your home, office, or business.

David Anderson Ward Imagery accepts Cash, or Zelle,
or Checks, or Credit Cards, whichever is easiest for you!

How Can I Help You?!



(David Anderson Ward) Glen Onoko Falls Long Exposure PA Waterfalls Vertical Panorama Waterfall Waterfalls https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2021/1/glen-onoko-falls Mon, 11 Jan 2021 18:15:30 GMT
The Narrows https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2021/1/the-narrows Zion National Park - The NarrowsZion National Park - The NarrowsHiking IN the Virgin River IN The Narrows is an incredible experience that is exhilarating, unique, sensory overwhelming, and one of the most amazing things I've ever done.

The Narrows

40" x 22.5" Acrylic - Matte Finish


While I was in Zion National Park in 2018, I had the opportunity to hike in The Narrows. WOW!

The on-land trail ends at the Temple of Sinawava. That is unless you can and are prepared to hike IN the Virgin River. There are no dry land trails past this point.

We were properly geared up thanks to Zion Outfitters near the entrance to Zion National Park. We had waterproof pants, special socks, a sturdy, robust walking stick, and wet suit shoes - these shoes filled with river water immediately, but then our body quickly warmed that water for a unique yet comfortable experience. The soles on these shoes actually grip better when wet; which was a good thing as the rocks were very slippery covered in algae. Good thing we had big walking sticks!

Imagine walking in a shallow river with 45 CFS (cubic feet per second) of water rushing past you while flanked by 2,000' to 3,000' tall cliffs and mountains. It was so surreal and incredible - almost overwhelming.

In 2018, Zion banned tripods on trails with groups - they didn't want any trail blocked with several tripods - which is understandable. But that precluded doing any long exposures, which would've been wonderful in this river. There were individuals in The Narrows with tripods as Zion allowed tripods for individuals. I believe this rule has been modified.

This was one of the most incredible experiences I've ever had. Even though Zion National Park has 5 million visitors every year, only a small percentage experience The Narrows.  That's a shame because it is such a unique experience everyone should have; but that would make this narrow river impossibly crowded. I guess it's just right.

One more thing. The Narrows is subject to deadly flash flooding, so the Park Service monitors this carefully every day. If the flow gets to or above 150 CFS, The Narrows is closed for safety. And they absolutely monitor upstream flood potential constantly. Hiking through 45 CFS was challenging at times, at 70 CFS or higher, it would be very difficult. At 150 CFS or higher, it's potentially deadly with fast moving, deeper water with tree branches and rocks IN the water at high speeds too. And there is nowhere to hide or get out of the way, not with 3,000' foot tall cliffs on both sides. It's exhilerating for sure.

For more images of The Narrows in Zion National Park, please visit my gallery at


This enlargement is an Acrylic Print with a Matte Finish, 40" x 22.5". for $795.00.

This is also available on HD Metal with a matte finish for $594.00.

And in many other sizes depending on your decor and budget.

'Getting the Shot'

As stated earlier, Zion instituted a rule in 2018 that no groups could use tripods on any trail; and the Virgin River through The Narrows is considered a trail. So we all improvised and used our walking sticks as make-shift monopods. This actually helped, even with water rushing by. Of course a sturdy, waterproof tripod would've been superior. Next time!

Getting the Shot - Zion - The NarrowsGetting the Shot - Zion - The Narrows


(David Anderson Ward) . Hiking in The Narrows Temple of Sinawava The Narrows The Narrows in Zion The Narrows in Zion National Park Virgin River Virgin River in Zion Zion Zion National Park https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2021/1/the-narrows Sat, 09 Jan 2021 14:39:57 GMT
Midtown Reflections https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2021/1/midtown-reflections Mid-Town ReflectionsMid-Town ReflectionsThis image was created using 5 overlapping images later stitched into this stunning, detail-rich panorama.

Midtown Reflextions

An award winning 60" x 16" Panorama

on HD Matte Metal for $695.00

This panorama was created by taking 5 images left to right and deliberately overlapping each one.

Each image was a 30 Second exposure using no ND filter because it was at night and the proper camera settings were sufficient. These long exposures allowed the reflections in the water to manifest nicely.

At 60" x 16", this image is 21,000 pixels long x 5,000 pixels tall

= 105,000,000 total pixels = 109,375 pixels per square inch!

This high resolution provides the incredible details throughout the image.

This 60" x 16" panorama would be spectacular in any home or office with a long available space - maybe over a couch or over a staircase in a home; or in a reception lobby or conference room in an office, or a NYC themed restaurant. This is also available at 45" x 12" and 30" x 8" if the 60" long dimension is too long for your situation.

This is shipped from the lab in a wooden crate for maximum protection.

HD Matte Metal! Why? 

Dye Sublimation prints heat transferred to Chromaluxe Aluminum, the finest aluminum for printing. I only provide a matte finish as the standard gloss finish is nothing but an annoying reflective mirror when hung, ruining the viewing experience. However, this lab's matte finish is by far the best in the industry providing incredible, almost 3D details, vibrant, accurate colors, and, best of all, ZERO reflections with very minimal glare. Nothing else and no other photo lab compares and everyone who sees these in person and/or gets one or more is blown away, literally!

A 45" x 12" costs $445.00.

A 30" x 8" costs $325.00.

Let me know which is the right size for your home or office!



(David Anderson Ward) "Long Exposure" "Midtown Manhattan" 30 Second Exposure 30 Second Exposures 30 Second Water Reflections Hudson River Long Exposures Midtown Manhattan Skyline Midtown Reflection Midtown Reflections NYC Skyline Water Reflections Weehawkin https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2021/1/midtown-reflections Thu, 07 Jan 2021 14:31:35 GMT
Bird Point at Turnagain Arm https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2021/1/bird-point-at-turnagain-arm Turnagain Arm from Birdview PointBird Point at Turnagain ArmBird Point at Turnagain Arm is about halfway from Anchorage to Seward, Alaska. A wonderfully beautiful and serene setting on a beautiful morning.

Bird Point at Turnagain Arm

An Award Winning 60" x 16" Panorama on HD Matte Metal

For $632.00

Driving from Anchorage, Alaska to Seward, Alaska - before going out on a 45' boat for the next 5 days in with Back Country Journeys in Kenai Fjords National Park - Which was INCREDIBLE - we stopped at Bird Point at Turnagain Arm (Arms are what Alaskans call inlets or lagoonsone of two narrow branches of water at the north end of Cook Inlet in the Gulf of Alaska.

It was a wonderful clear morning in Alaska and this scene was just so serene and beautiful.

This image is the result of my making 5 images left to right, with each one overlapping the next image for maximum resolution. This was shot with a 47 megapixel Lumix S1R full frame mirrorless camera.

These were later stitched together in Photoshop to create this stunning 60" x 16" panorama.

The resulting image is 90,000 pixels per square inch! The details throughout this panorama are incredible and almost 3D throughout the trees and mountains.

This would be perfect for any long space in a home - a staircase perhaps, or over a long sofa - or in an office setting - in a lobby, a conference room, or any office - or in a restaurant!

Everyone who sees this unique, one-of-a-kind panorama will be blown away, literally.

Other sizes are available, too - like a 30" x 8" for $220.00

OR a 45" x 12" for $365.00

For more amazing Kenai Fjords images. please visit


I also have a video/slideshow on YouTube at 


Ideally viewed on a big screen TV with the lights off and the sound up a bit - and just Zen!

How can I help you?!


(David Anderson Ward) Alaska Alaskan Landscape Alaskan Landscapes Alaskan Lanscape Alaskan Panoramas Anchorage Bird Point at Turnagain Arm Bird Point Panoramas Serene Landscape Serene Water https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2021/1/bird-point-at-turnagain-arm Thu, 07 Jan 2021 01:26:21 GMT
On Knik Glacier https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2020/12/On_Knik_Glacier On Knik GlacierOn Knik Glacier


30" x 20" Matte Acrylic for $649.00 - Show Special for $495.00

I was fortunate to be able to go on a 5 day boat tour of Kenai Fjords National Park in mid-June, 2019.

It was an amazing adventure!

Before that trip, I looked into doing a helicopter tour of a glacier while in Alaska. Since I would be in Alaska anyway - and who knows when I might be back?! So I stayed an extra day and WOW, WOW, WOW!!!

I found Alaska Helicopter Tours who were a professional, first rate operation who even provided transportation from my hotel in Anchorage and back when done. They normally do not do doors-off helicopter tours, but at my request they were happy to do so. Great service.

The doors OFF helicopter flight was INCREDIBLE. Our pilot was exceptional (an Army pilot vet, he did two tours in Afghanistan) who knew exactly how to handle the cross winds off the mountains extremely well, and was a terrific person. He flies in Alaska during the summer and in Hawaii in the winter! How cool is that?!

Flying between the very scenic Chugach Mountains flanking the 3 mile wide Knik River Valley was indescribably beautiful. After we spent some time photographing Dahl Sheep on the mountainside across from the lodge, we then approached the massive and ancient Knik Glacier.

When we got over the glacier (25 miles long and 5 miles wide) it literally took our breath away providing seemingly unending photographic compositions everywhere. Flying in at about 100 mph, I was snapping away everywhere. These images are in my website gallery...


It took 3 attempts to land safely on the heavily fissured surface of the glacier; but the helicopter pilot was an experienced pro and was able to set the helicopter down safely. We never felt like we were in danger!

Once landed, he immediately put cramp-ons on our boots for incredible traction on the 10,000 year old ice. I felt like a little kid in a candy shop roaming around on this 300' deep ancient icefield. Mind blown!

When I noticed this impossibly aqua blue pond and rivulet, I immediately saw the compositional potential.

But the only way to get the shot would be to straddle the creek leading out of the pond. So I did - why not?!

Fortunately another person on this tour captured me taking the photo below of me straddling the surface creek with the helicopter in the background with NO doors on! I was totally safe at all times.

Before we left the surface for our flight back to the Lodge (which included flying over a forested canyon with a horse bend!), we all had a drink from the aqua blue water on the surface.

It was easily THE best water I have ever experienced!

The full visual experience can be viewed on this website -


and in a video-slideshow on YouTube at 


This video/slideshow, which also includes images of 'Marine Wildlife of Kenai Fjords', is just under 11 minutes long, and is accompanied by 4 songs. The ideal viewing experience is on a big screen TV using the YouTube APP and search DavidAndersonWard and there it will be along with Canadian Arctic Wildlife and Iceland videos.

This image is a 30" x 20" Matte Acrylic done by one of the the best labs in world for Acrylics. 

The details are incredible and the image is fully protected by the acrylic finish.

The cost is $649.00 for this stunning, original, one-of-a-kind wall art on Matte Acrylic.

This is considered one of the best ways to display large images.

Another option would be to order this on HD Matte Metal. This also provides incredible, almost 3D detail, accurate and vibrant colors; and, the best part, with their incredible matte finish, there are ZERO reflections. 

In addition, this lab has independent studies proving they will not fade for at least 65 years! Incredible!

The cost in HD Matte Metal for a 30" x 20" would be just $405.00 including shipping.

This also includes their ingenious aluminum rail hanging system on back - the best hanging system I've ever seen. 

Any image in this gallery (or from any gallery on my site) can be ordered on HD Matte Metal, too.

We can also provide Custom Wood Frames for any HD Matte Metal Image, regardless of size or aspect ratio. This turns any HD Matte Metal image into a Museum Quality Piece. No glass is ever needed, which maintains the ZERO reflection advantage of HD Matte Metal over traditional framed prints. 

This is THE BEST WAY to display images as wall art.

David Anderson Ward Imagery accepts credit cards, checks or cash, whichever makes the most sense for you.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about this image. It is very much appreciated.

Just call 908-240-7484 for more info!

Below is a photo another helicopter passenger took of me taking the image above. I saw this composition and realized the ONLY way to make the image was to straddle the impossibly aqua-blue stream on the surface. With the cramp-ons on my boots, it was totally safe.

Stradling the Pool on Knik GlacierStradling the Pool on Knik Glacier

(David Anderson Ward) Alaska' 'Aqua Glacier Water' 'Doors Off Helicopter' 'Glacier Images' 'Glacier Photos' knik glacier 'Standing on a Glacier' https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2020/12/On_Knik_Glacier Sun, 27 Dec 2020 00:54:58 GMT
Canadian Arctic Wildlife https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2020/8/canadian-arctic-wildlife Polar Bears, Musk Ox, Bearded Seals, & Icebergs - and SO much more. Polar bearPolar bear

Musk Ox - StareMusk Ox - Stare Bearded SealBearded Seal
Iceberg Up CloseIceberg Up Close

Canadian Arctic Wildlife

In August, 2017, I had the opportunity to visit the very top of Quebec in Nunavik Territory, to go camping on an uninhabited island with 8 people I had never met before, in a bay with 53' tides in Springtime, in search of polar bears, musk ox, bearded seals, and icebergs.

We saw all this and so much more - an incredible experience.

I first flew to Montreal, then the next morning I flew 1,000 miles directly north to the capital of Nunavik Territory, Kuujuaq on First Air. First Air is owned by the Inuit and is the ONLY way to get to the far north of Canada. There are no roads to get there and the only other way to get there is by boat around Labrador. This would take a long time and the sea between Labrador and Greenland is rather unforgiving. Our plane was packed!

After one night in Kuujuaq, we visited an Inuit Huskie breeder with his $5,000 Purebred Greenland Huskie Puppies. They were so cute.

That afternoon we all flew on a prop plane 45 minutes to the next Inuit village, Tasiujaq.

We still had NO real idea of what we were in for, where exactly we were going, or what it would be like.

We then got into the cabin cruiser we would depend on for the next 5 days for a 4 hour journey up to Kiliarusik Island. At one point the boat slowed down and I asked the captain why. His response was - "The tide is coming in and we are boating uphill!" Surreal.

When we arrived, there was no dock and no beach, just a very rocky, bolder filled coastline. The boat captain calmly and expertly floated alongside the rocky coast and our two guides for the week - Mariala and Murray - secured the boat and helped all of us off without anyone getting wet. We lugged our gear up the rocks (well, Murray did most of that - which was amazing) and saw our campsite for the first time. It was 5 double-walled Cabala tents arranged together, with a small wooden outhouse (a whole other adventure), and the cabin we would eat our meals in and have our meetings (and warm up in) each day. It wasn't that cold, but being out on a treeless island in a large bay, it sure felt cold.

This island also had a small herd of Musk Ox living on it, so venturing away from camp was ill advised without an armed guide accompanying you. No one did.

When they served us dinner the first night, we were all pleasantly surprised at how good it was. I've had worse food on cruise ships and I never expected the food to be as good as it was. We even had a glass of wine with each dinner - isolated in the middle of nowhere at the top of the world! On the Saturday, 2 of the guests had birthdays, and while we all went out on the boat, Murray stayed behind and made a 3 layer layer-cake in a frying pan! It was excellent! Every night they steeped real oatmeal for the morning and we had that and either pancakes or eggs, too. We all made our own sandwiches for lunch; and then we had an excellent sit down dinner together in the cabin - with a glass of wine! Unbelievable.

The guides made it very clear that while they knew where the animals might be, this was not a zoo. They could not guarantee we'd see any wildlife.

The first day we met up with a group of about 15 Musk Ox and sat on an opposite hill and ate our lunches while the Musk Ox casually grazed. In the afternoon. Once the tide cooperated enough for us to safely go out on the boat, we saw 5 polar bears, in the wild, the first day. Incredible and tremendous!

This island and Leaf Bay are north of the tree line - there were NO trees or bushes anywhere. From a distance the islands looked barren, But once on the island, the diversity and abundance of ground cover plants and lichen species was mind boggling. Every morning one of the woman on the trip - Joyce: 73 years old who was with her husband Paul, from Michigan - and I went around near our camp and picked never-been-touched-by-a-human-hand and fully ripened ground-cover blueberries, goose berries, and cranberries; which we added to the oatmeal. Delicious!

The 2nd day we went out in search of Bearded Seals. We slipped into a few coves that seemed like they would be ideal seal habitat - but there were none to be found. After rounding a corner, one of the guides spotted a seal sitting high up on the rocky shore. He slowed the engines and floated in facing that shore and almost immediately 2 other seals appeared in the water checking us out. One humped it's way out of the water to rest on a low boulder and pose for us and one kept rising up and falling to it's left to dive under. Once I realized this behavior, I was able to capture him in one shot and not in burst.

This is one of my favorite wildlife images - who can resist those huge eyes!

We then passed by a cliff the guides knew had a falcon nest. But they hadn't seen any falcons all summer. Within 5 minutes of us pulling up alongside this cliff a beautiful, large Peregrine Falcon swooped in and put on a show for us. Absolutely magical.

The 3rd day on the island was a blowout with a 35 to 55 mph windstorm that was wicked. We hunkered down in the cabin all day - totally unsafe to go out on the boat - and we piled rocks on our tent poles so the tents wouldn't blow away and still be there that night - and it worked!

That wind storm blew out the overcast skies and we had a glorious last full day on Kiliarusik Island.

We decided to do about a 6 mile hike around our half of the island. The guides carried rifles just in case - cause an aggravated Musk Ox can run 35 miles mph and will not stop until you're dead!

I found more arctic flora - like Mare's Tail, Fireweed growing on top of the highest hillside on the island, and about 15 different species of lichen - and from that high point we saw several icebergs in Ungava Bay!

That afternoon we boated out of Leaf Bay into the southern belly of Ungava Bay. The waves tripled in size once in Ungava Bay. The waves in the arctic sea north of Ungava Bay must be insane! We quickly came up alongside this 60' tall by 300' long iceberg grounded on the end of an island. It was absolutely magnificent and awe-inspiring being that close to this enormous, ancient ice. The iceberg images were all taken rocking in a boat in 3' waves. Fun.

That night, after another delicious dinner, we witnessed our first sunset. The golden glow on the horizon went all around us - because we were at the top of the world - well almost. Then, about a half hour after it got fully dark, the ENTIRE sky exploded into northern lights. Not just on the horizon, the entire sky was filled with dancing and morphing Aurora Borealis. It literally took my breath away - and I was lucky to get the few shots I did.

On the way back to Tasiujaq, the tides were coming in and we realized the water coming at us was 3' deeper then the water we were on. This is was so insane and yet very cool to see.

Yet many of my images are some of the most serene water photos I've ever taken. Inexplicable.

Once we flew back to Kuujuaq and before our flights back to Montreal, we had a chance to visit the highest point in town, Satellite Hill, where I shot the 7 image panorama of the valley beyond Kuujuaq and Mary took the picture of me standing by a small Inukshuk.

This was an incredible trip none of us will ever forget.

I didn't think I'd like it up there with NO trees; but it had a serene, haunting, beautiful character to it that cannot be realized without actually experiencing it. 

I hope you can now enjoy my Canadian Arctic Wildlife gallery with a little more insight.


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Vestrahorn Aurora https://www.davidandersonward.com/blog/2020/2/Vestrahorn_Aurora Aurora Borealis over the Vesterhorn MountainsAurora Borealis over the Vesterhorn Mountains

'Vestrahorn Aurora'

30" x 16" HD Metal

Cost = $358.00

With the Custom Wood Frame = $458.00

This unique, one-of-a-kind image often seems to create awe and wonderment in many people.

It also seems people are not quite sure what they are seeing; even though most people say they want to see the Northern Lights 'someday'. Seeing Northern Lights in person truly is an amazing, almost overwhelming experience.

Disclaimer: While it is NOT this visibly bright in person - all the colors and intensity are there for the camera to capture. The camera doesn't make stuff up - the very long exposure just brings all the colors out. 

My friend and I wanted to try to get the reflections in the surf, so we set up our tripods where the surf had just retreated and took 1 or 2 images (each at 30 seconds long), and then rushed back up the black sand beach so we wouldn't get soaked. When the surf went back out again, we ran down and set up our tripods again, shot a couple more images, then ran back up the beach again. We did this several times as the Aurora kept growing, morphing and dancing across the sky. Oh, and it was 18 degrees that night - but we didn't care as we were having such a blast capturing this in so many ways as it kept changing right before our eyes.

This image is actually two 30 second exposures as we were physically too close to these mountains to capture them entirely in one image and the Aurora on each side of the mountains, even with a 14 mm lens. I then stitched them together in Photoshop to create this two image, one-of-a-kind panorama.

The two images that created this image were taken with a Sigma Art Prime 14 mm F/1.8 lens (a very wide & fast lens).

This fast lens enabled the 30 second exposure with no star trails at 14 mm. The ISO was only 400 because of this amazing (but very heavy) F/1.8 lens.

Seeing Aurora Borealis - even in notable locations like Iceland, Churchill, Manitoba, Fairbanks, Alaska, Greenland, or Norway - is never a sure thing as the skies have to be clear of clouds, which is always iffy in all these locations. In Iceland, the first 4 days we had 20 to 40 mph winds with random sleet and minor snow storms - and no Aurora because it was too overcast. Then the skies cleared, the clouds went away, and the winds died down - and we experienced Aurora displays 5 nights in a row! Shooting this Aurora, even at 18 degrees on the 8th night - but with NO wind - was absolutely joyous.

All the 'experts' told us before we left that we would be too early in the season to see any Aurora displays. We are SO glad they were all wrong. And to have 9 days in a row in Iceland with no rain-outs is almost unheard of! We were vert fortunate.

I hope this provides some understanding of what you're seeing in this image. Taking these images in the presence of this amazing natural phenomenon was overwhelmingly breathtaking; and I am beyond grateful to have been able to witness this live and was SO fortunate to be able to capture it like this. The surf reflections worked!

More Iceland and Aurora Images can be found at www.davidandersonward.com/Iceland 

I also have a 14 Minute video-slideshow on YouTube with a 5 song accompaniment. The ideal experience is to view this on a big screen TV, with the lights turned off and the sound up a bit - and just Enjoy and Zen.


This image is also available in other sizes besides the Framed 30" x 16" HD Metal on display.

This can be enlarged as small as 15" x 8" or as large as 60" x 32" - which would be incredible.

I also have a 24" x 13" print on Hahnemule Metallic paper in a 29" x 18" Custom Frame for just $225.00. This print was professionally mounted on foam-core and sprayed with Moab Desert Varnish. This spray treatment eliminates the need for glass as it protects the print from UV, moisture, and scratches. And there are Zero Reflections with this, too.

Let me know what size make sense for you?!

Four more Vestrahorn Mountain Images. While these are only about 2,917' tall, they are beautiful all times of the day.

All these images are available as wall art, too. 10-27-19 @ 3 59 16 PM - Vesterhorn Mountains - just before sunset10-27-19 @ 3 59 16 PM - Vesterhorn Mountains - just before sunset Vestrahorn Mountains at noon. Shot at 14 mm from quite a distance away.

10-27-19 @ 4 22 28 PM - Vestrahorn Mountain Reflections10-27-19 @ 4 22 28 PM - Vestrahorn Mountain Reflections These mountains are well-known for the beautiful reflections in the surf as it recedes over the black sand beach. 10-29-19 @ 8 34 AM - Vestrahorn Mountain at sunrise10-29-19 @ 8 34 AM - Vestrahorn Mountain at sunrise

Vestrahorn Mountains at 8:34 AM while we were standing on the several square mile ice sheet shooting the sunrise in the opposite direction. This was about 20 minutes after the sun rose behind me. These mountains changed color at least 3-4 times as the sun rose. It was mind blowing and so cool to watch this happen.

This is a 3 image panorama, which would make a stunning 42" x 17.7" HD Metal Wall Art piece. Aurora BeginningsAurora Beginnings The Aurora Borealis starting to develop over the Vestrahorn Mountains. This blue sky is other-worldly.


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